Videographers are the people you need whenever you need a video produced. They can be your video editor, cameraman, producer and everything you need.

Los Angeles is a city full of filmmakers and videographers, feeding off of the same creative energy.

We have gathered some of the best videographers in Los Angeles to celebrate their work.

If you're interested in being a videographer or a camera operator,  start by learning the basics of videography.

1. Barry Conrad

Barry Conrad is an award-winning videographer from Los Angeles. He is known as the "most called on Cameraman in Hollywood". His work in TV is unparalleled, having covered anything from the Academy Awards to American Idol.

He films everything from top tier interviews to broadcasts. He has previously filmed people like Ronald Reagan, Steven Spielberg and Bill Gates.

In 1985 he won an Emmy award for his camera operator role at the Cosmo Hotel Demolition. There he documented the controlled implosion of the hotel for KOA-TV.

Learn more about him on his website below

2. Jon Ying

Jon Ying is a videographer and a video editor based in Los Angeles. He has previously been a cameraman on advertisements, at weddings and events.

He has also worked as an editor for a YouTube channel, a Life Guard and an English Teacher overseas. Did anyone say renaissance man? Ying has done work for Doritos, Dan Bilzerian and Extreme Home Makeover.

His resume speaks for itself. So does the fact that so many high profiled clients have used him as a camera operator.

Learn more about Jon on his website below.

3. Greg Perrow

Greg Perrow is an experienced photographer and videographer based in Los Angeles. It is safe to say that he is experienced behind a camera.

Perrow has experience acting, so he also knows what it is like on the other side of the camera. He knows the techniques for people who may not be experienced and can direct accordingly.

He does videography for companies and people for events, weddings, lifestyle and more.

He has previously shot gender reveal parties and art exhibits.

Learn all about him on his website below.

4. Jay Ford

Jay Ford is a videographer and director based in Los Angeles.

He has experience with travel videos as well as lifestyle videos. He knows how to capture the mood and emotions and take his audience on a journey.

He has previously worked with clients like Nike, Complex, Vogue and Urban Outfitters. He also makes wedding films for couples who want to eternalise their big day.

Check out his company website below.


5. Rocky Jo

Rocky Jo is a video producer and videographer based in Los Angeles.

Jo is experienced in filming both advertisements and short-form social media content. It doesn't matter if it is for TV or for YouTube. He has done it all.

He has worked with many different companies like Toyota, Gatorade, NBA and NFL. Outside of his videography, he also makes films and writes scripts for various projects.

Learn all about him on his website below.

6. Ian Smith

Ian Smith is a videographer with more than 20 years of experience. He has his own video production company called Avian Productions.

He has previously worked with Larry King, Vice and William Shatner. He directed the online talk show Larry King Now and filmed interviews with famous people from all over.

He also directed a short documentary for Vice, about two friends who remade Raiders of the Lost Ark. It follows the friends and the filming of their final scene as well as the premiere.

Check out his company website below.

7. Dennis Alberti

Dennis Alberti is an Italian videographer based in Los Angeles. He used to live and work in Rome for different TV- and video production companies.

He has worked as a videographer for an Italian Donald Trump documentary in 2016 and for the World Roller Skate in 2017 in China. He is both a camera operator and a drone operator, so he can capture whatever is necessary.

Outside of his video work, he is the talent manager for the pizza YouTuber Vito Iacopelli. He is also the Vice President of a singing competition for kids.

Learn more about him on his website below.

8. Devin J. Dilmore

Devin J. Dilmore is another of the versatile videographers in Los Angeles. He knows how to operate a camera, how to edit, produce and direct.

He has worked on TV shows, commercials, music videos and more. He has worked with brands like Google, Asylum Films, Guitar Center and NBC.

He has short music videos for Pearl and Gridlock, as well as a mini-documentary on Joel Whitehead.

Learn all about him on his website below.

Closing thoughts:

Those were the eight best wedding videographers in Los Angeles. I hope you enjoyed the article and perhaps even found your next videographer.

If you want to give videography a shot yourself, try learning the basics of filmmaking first.

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