We, at Wedio, are creators. We respect and understand the value of photography equipment and video gear. And when we say value, we have in mind both financial and emotional aspects.

We know that the gear you own is not only worth money, but that it also represents a small(er or bigger) part of your personality. And that’s exactly how we feel about gear as well.

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Having these facts in mind, we reflected upon the accessibility of professional equipment and the right way to treat it when it is used by multiple professionals.

We’ve put all things together and developed what we consider a fine experience that would sum up exactly that. Our greater, final aim: lend and rent safely, so we keep great stories alive.

Why do we believe in lending?

We believe there are many good reasons to rent out your gear and we can go on about them for a long time. :) However, we’ll spare you and get directly to the first four that won the top of our list:

1. Earn Money

As a lender within the Wedio community, you earn money in two ways. The direct one, through the passive income you’ll have once your gear is used at its full potential. And the second, indirect way which comes from the promo Wedio does through SEO, SEM, and Social Media. For us it’s paid, for you it’s free — in this way you can reach new potential customers.

2. Expand your network

Wedio is the fastest-growing European community of creators. Each of us values the work we do and the effort put into it. Being a member of the community and lending your gear within it will make you feel closer to your peers and give you the real feeling that you actually contribute to the achievements of other creatives’ dreams.

3. Save time

Being one of us gets things done faster. What we can do is list your gear for free through our Lead-In Program which is available 7 days a week. This service will help you spare precious time and make you earn money out of your gear faster.

However, if you prefer to have control over that, you can just start creating the listing yourself.

4. Think recycling

We like to call lending Creative Recycling. Lending is one smart way to contribute to the circular economy — you reduce pressure on the environment and the security of the supply of raw materials. Simple as that.

Wedio – A Camera Sharing Community | Access Gear In New Ways

Free from financial risk

Let’s say Olivia has a great deal of gear and she’s thinking about lending it — because of all the good reasons above — but the first thing that comes into her mind is what we’re all thinking about: damage. This is where Wedio jumps in and makes the lending process free from any financial risk offering worldwide Insurance coverage.

Each renter goes through a quick process that automatically assures both sides in any rare, unpleasant situation. Now Olivia can focus more on expanding her professional network and interact with other like-minded artists, while making the most of her gear passively, instead of thinking about unlikely accidents.

Wedio Global Coverage – Rent Out Camera Gear With Confidence

Through Wedio's coverage we are introducing world's first Global On-Demand Gear Coverage for film and photo equipment, covering up to €30,000 (220,000 DKK, 25K pounds, 150K Real, or 300K SEK) per rental.

The coverage is free, and it’s automatically included in each rental.

Therefore, your protection when renting out film & photo equipment through Wedio is assured from the start. In other words, this means you won’t risk finding yourself in a financial bind if an unlikely accident should occur.

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What Wedio stands for

Wedio is the fastest-growing European community of creators having:

+€25M in gear value

+12,000 members

+15,000 listings

and growing every hour.

We salute you from our headquarters in Denmark, and for a direct and personal experience we’ve assured Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom with our local highflyers — we call them the Local Heroes and their aim is to help you get things done and make sure you and your gear receive the right treatment. You can get in touch with us whenever you have questions or doubts.

Lend safely in 4 easy steps

This is how it works:

simple rental process wedio

There you have it, no faffing around. Steps to which we add the very important aspect that you have complete freedom over your listings and you are always in your full right to decline a request.

However, right now, we offer to create and prepare your entire profile for free, so you don't have to spend unnecessary time getting started. You can use the Lead-In Program we’ve just launched for you as a lender, and you’ll be able to focus more on your projects while we do the administrative work.

Does it pay off?

We believe it does. But you can make a demo for yourself with our online estimator.

Who are the renters?

The Wedio community members are creators. They are individual filmmakers and photographers, freelancers who work with both video and photo production, individuals working for production companies, and other likewise lensmen.

We go by the law of trust and appreciate a transparent and fair feedback after each transaction that takes place within the Wedio community. The public two-way reviews all of us have access to can only guarantee that we mean business and value mutual respect.

Out of 2,000+ evaluations, there have been only 7 negative and 1,993 positive remarks
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“Working with a small budget in a tight deadline while still creating what it looks like a million dollar project, that’s what it’s all about. The right gear, the right idea, and the right people that’s what lets me focus on my craft.”

Alexander, Founder of IMPULS Film and Wedio community member

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About the instructors

Malcolm Modele

Malcolm Modele

Director, award-winning actor, DOP, and entrepreneur

London, United Kingdom

Malcolm Modele is a director, award-winning actor, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. In 2014 Malcolm set up his film and tv production company called Unity Vision.

Kristian Kettner

Kristian Kettner

Film Creator

Risskov, Denmark

Kristian Kettner is a colorist, workflow specialist, and film creator. He started with wedding videography to being the lead colorist on a feature film.

Gustav Sloth

Gustav Sloth


Aarhus, Denmark

Gustav Idun Sloth is a filmmaker and a co-founder of Movimentum together with Marcus Hasselgaard. They are two creative minds who are passionate about making movies and telling stories.

Josh Gudgeon

Josh Gudgeon

Video Creator

Leeds, Denmark

Josh is a talented filmmaker, photographer, and YouTuber, based in the north of England. He is in a fortunate position, where he and his team own gear, but he remembers what it was like in the beginning.

Danny D

Danny D

Director, Producer & Actor

Maidstone, United Kingdom

Danny D is a talented actor from Maidstone, UK, who is one of the UK’s biggest adult entertainment

Kasper Vejlø Kristensen

Kasper Vejlø Kristensen

Executive Producer & Director

Copenhagen, Denmark

Kasper is a founder, CEO, Executive Producer, Director, and Director of Photography at Eyelight. Eyelight Ltd. is passionate about creating professional, creative, and unique video productions of the highest quality.

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