Are you a complete beginner in film editing and want to get into it?

Watch Rory’s best tips about film editing to learn more about what film editing is, what is the best software to get started with, and basic techniques to start a project from scratch.

Film Editing 101:
Ultimate Beginner's Guide with Rory Nichols

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Rory Nichols

Film Editing 101: Ultimate Guide on Film Editing for Complete Beginners by Rory Nichols | Wedio

Are you a complete beginner in film editing and want to get into it? Watch Rory’s best tips about film editing to learn more about what is film editing, what is the best software to get started with, and basic techniques to start a project from scratch 👉






What is editing?


Editor’s job description


Finding a job


Editor’s salary


Editing language


Key editing techniques


Sound editing & sound mixing


Editing tools


What makes a great editor?


Premiere Pro basics


Keyboard shortcuts


Timeline overview


Immediate tools


Big scale project


Importance of editing


Tips & tricks




Meet Rory


What you’ll learn

Make sure you stay organized from the beginning – it is too easy to create chaos with a bigger project.

You will be working in a dark room many times, just remember why you get into editing in the first place – to have fun.

You do take criticism for a living but remember the criticism is not directed at you personally.

Make sure you master one of the programs first – it is better to be master in one than to know all a little.

Masterclass Chapters

In his masterclass, Rory Nichols teaches us all about film editing and how you can become a better editor.

What is film editing?

To begin, Rory defines what film editing is. It is essentially taking all the footage from the shoot and placing it on a timeline in a coherent structure.

Film editor’s job description

He continues by explaining what the job of a film editor is. He starts by creating a project. Then he sorts and structures all the footage off in bins.

Finding a job

Finding a job in the industry as a film editor is complicated. But to find one, you need to own one essential skill: being a personal person. You will work quite alone.

Editor’s salary

Rory tells us that the salary of a film editor depends on where you are. It depends on your company's business. It is an average salary but climbs up with the experience.

Editing language

Rory defines then some words that you will learn and hear throughout your day as a film editor. Such as assembly, rushes, etc.

Key editing techniques

Rory gives us some tips about editing techniques that you need to know. He starts by saying this: stay organized. Editing can be messy. Especially dealing with this quantity of footage.

Sound editing & sound mixing

Rory then explains the differences and the importance between sound editing and sound mixing.

Editing tools

Rory then lists the biggest and most popular editing tools: AVID Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro X.

What makes a great editor?

For him, a great editor needs to be quite challenging towards himself. You will be going through tough situations. And this is when your real work will shine through.

Premiere Pro basics

Rory then gives us some tips on the software Premiere Pro. He starts by giving us some keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts

He starts by showing us where to custom the keyboard shortcuts. For him, this is super useful, as it allows you to work faster.

Timeline overview

He then shows us how he works with the timeline, using his shortcuts.

Immediate tools

Then, he shows us some of the intermediate tools he uses. They include the ripple edit tool, the selection tool, etc.

Big scale project

When it comes to a big scale project, the organization gets even larger. Rory shows us one of his big projects and how he approached editing.

Importance of editing

Rory explains and details the importance of editing. He says that without it, there wouldn’t be any films.

Tips & tricks

Before wrapping up, Rory gives us some final tips and tricks he uses. The first one is: have fun with it. Sometimes it might not be as easy as the last time, but having fun is a goal you should try to reach.

About Your Instructor

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Rory Nichols

Director and editor

London, United Kingdom

"It is all about challenging yourself. You will be able to figure this out, you just need to throw yourself in a position where you are not 100% comfortable."

Rory Nichols is a freelance director and editor based in London.

He has a background in broadcast and advertising. He has worked on some of the UK’s top programs and with some household brands. He also has an exceptional understanding of storytelling.

Based in London, in the United Kingdom, AFGP works with businesses helping them devise, and produce their online video content to drive leads and sales to their business.

Rory Nichols started as a runner and now works as a freelance director and editor and is one half of the London-based production company A Few Good Productions.

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