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Ultimate Guide on Film Editing by Rory Nichols

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Rory Nichols

Ultimate Guide for Beginners on Film Editing in Premiere Pro by Rory

Are you a complete beginner in film editing and want to get into it? Have you just opened Premiere Pro and have no idea what to do? Watch Rory’s walkthrough of Premiere Pro on how to create a project from scratch 👉






Premiere Pro Basics


Create new project


Organizing your files


Editing tab


Create new sequence


Color coding footage


Working with footage


Keyboard shortcuts


Timeline overview


Immediate tools


Color correction


Effect controls panel


Media browse & effect panel


Graphics tool


Locating your footage




Big scale project




Meet Rory


What you’ll learn

Make sure you stay organized from the beginning – it is too easy to create chaos with a bigger project.

You do take criticism for a living but remember the criticism is not directed at you personally.

You will be working in a dark room many times, just remember why you get into editing in the first place – to have fun.

Make sure you master one of the programs first – it is better to be a master of one than to know all a little.

Masterclass chapters

In this masterclass, Rory Nichols teaches us how to create a project from scratch in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Premiere Pro basics

In this chapter, Rory will tell the basics of starting with Adobe Premiere Pro, what hardware to use, and what screen to choose for editing.

Create new project

Then Rory will walk you through creating a new project in PP step-by-step.

Organizing files

Moving on, he will show you how to organize your files. Allocate raw footage to sequence bins for better visibility and navigation.

Editing tab

The editing tab can look a little confusing for Premiere Pro beginners, but as it is the main working area for your PP projects, it is crucial to understand how it works.

Project sequence

Continuing, Rory will show you how to work with sequences and create new ones.

Color coding

Color coding your footage is a way of keeping your project organized, so you always know which footages have the same topic.

How to work with footage

In this chapter, Rory will show you how to work with footage on your editing tab in a nice flow.

Keyboard shortcuts

Knowing Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts will instantly speed up your process of editing. Who wouldn't want that, right? Rory will show you the basics PP shortcuts and recommend you some custom keyboard shortcuts to set.


Your instructor will show you how to use keyboard shortcuts when working with the timeline.


The immediate tools for Premiere Pro can be on the left of the timeline panel, and they make your editing efficient.

Color correction

Color correcting fixes the imbalances in the colors so it appears how the eye should see it. Premiere Pro has a user-friendly color grading suite.


The effect panel is the function of editing a video when you want to show the passing of time, add a nice transition at the end of your project, or have other creative ideas.

Graphics panel

If you want to add titles or texts, this is the panel you are looking for. You can use both existing or custom set graphics, and Rory will show you how to do it in this chapter.

Locating media

When you move your already used footage to a new folder, the PP timeline will sense that your footage went offline. It loses its link to the footage. If that happens to you, do not worry; Rory will show you how to locate them again in Premiere Pro.


When finishing your project, the last step is to export it from Premiere Pro. Learn to navigate with Rory.

Big scale project

Editing a short video can be very different from working with big-scale projects. Rory will bring you an example of one of his big projects he edited in Premiere Pro.

About Your Instructor

Photo of the instructor

Rory Nichols

Director and editor

London, United Kingdom

"It is all about challenging yourself. You will be able to figure this out, you just need to throw yourself in a position where you are not 100% comfortable."

Rory Nichols is a freelance director and editor based in London.

He has a background in broadcast and advertising. He has worked on some of the top programs in the UK and with some household brands. He also has an exceptional understanding of storytelling.

Based in London, in the United Kingdom, AFGP works with businesses helping them devise and produce their online video content to drive leads and sales to their business.

Rory Nichols started as a runner and now works as a freelance director and editor and is one half of the London-based production company A Few Good Productions.

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