Imagine this, you have just released your new video, everything is going great.

All of a sudden, you get a message. An individual who appears in your video has said that they do not consent to be in it. They want it removed immediately.

That is just one of a ton of scenarios that could happen when shooting videos of people. That's why it is always a great thing to have all the authorisation and documents ready.

We have made it easier for you to proceed with your video production.

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What is a video release form?

It is a document that can be used for a person to grant permission to videos in which they appear for the benefit of a third party.

You typically use a video release form for things like:

  • Videos (of any type)
  • Online Courses
  • Movies
  • Commercials
  • News videos

Making use of a video release form is convenient in any situation regarding videos.

If you are in doubt, always try to get the signature. It makes sure that no legal trouble will come to haunt you during or after the project.

filming another person

How does it work?

A video release form works by getting the signature from the participants in any given project. Any individual whose image or likeness is used in the video should be given a document to sign.

A video release form has to include the following:


If any payment is included in the agreement, this should be checked off.

Doing so will make sure that everyone is satisfied when it comes to a possible payment.

Altering rights

If the person agrees to have their image or likeness edited or otherwise modified.

You will usually need to do a lot of editing, and it is great to have this as a part of the release form.

This will ensure that you can be fully creative during the post-production and not worry about anything.

Time limit

You have to decide whether the release form will only last for a limited time or otherwise indefinitely. This is all decided among the relevant individuals and will differ in terms of what the project is.

Release clause

You have to outline the specific releases that you want to include in the video release form.

That means every agreement about the footage that you decide between you and the individual.

This makes any legal complications easier if the contract has been breached.


You can choose to limit the platforms or accept the usage on any platform. It depends on what project it is.

Typically you would agree that any platform is fair game.

contract signing

What does this mean for me?

Due to ever-changing GDPR rules, it is wise to utilise a release form.

Essentially you need a release form whenever you use footage of an individual or otherwise make use of their likeness.

If you're not able to get permission from each individual in your footage, it would be a good thing to either crop them out or blur their faces.

If the individual is under the age of 18, you will need the permission and signature of a parent or legal guardian.

NOTE: This might differ from different geographical locations.

Always do your research when it comes to working with minors.

I hope this article helped you understand the importance of having a video release form.

If you are doing video production professionally, you probably need a ton of different documents.

So if you need a talent release form or a film budget, don't fear! We have gathered all of our film production templates here.

Video Release Form FAQ:

What is a video release form?

A video release form is a document through which an individual can grant permission to their image rights.
This is given to a third party who may then benefit from the video and audio footage

Do I need a video release form?

If you are working with video recordings of people, you will need a video release form.
This is to ensure that no one's privacy is breached.

What should be included in a video release form?

  • Compensation
  • Altering rights
  • Time limit
  • Release clause
  • Media/Platform

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