Learn some of the best tips about film production and how to become a film producer with Sophie. You will also learn the different stages and roles in film production.

Film Production 101:
Become a Film Producer with Sophie Haines

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Sophie Haines

Film Production 101: How to Become a Film Producer by Sophie Haines | Wedio

“It never sounds like an appealing job, but it is a very rewarding one. You will oversee everything and anything from having an idea to producing a tangible product.” – Sophie Haines






What is a film producer?


How to become a film producer?


Different roles


Biggest learnings


What makes a great producer?


Film production stages












Tips & tricks




Meet Sophie


What you’ll learn

You need to be a well-rounded likable person.

You need to be able to work under pressure.

You are responsible for the whole process, and you are in a leadership role.

You need to be creative and exercise both sides of your brain.

You need to be cautious but quietly confident.

You need to be comfortable with making decisions on the spot.

Masterclass Chapters

In this masterclass, Sophie Haines explains what it means to be a film producer and walks through the different stages of film production.

What is a film producer?

First of all, she explains what a film producer is. She firstly explains the different stages that come into play when making a film. She says that a movie producer ensures that the movie production is on budget, time, and brief.

How to become a film producer?

There are lots of ways to become a film producer. It all depends on the niche from where you are. For Sophie, she was working in production management and social advertising.

Different roles

Sophie then explains the different roles of a film producer. There are a lot of them within the production department, such as the runner, the coordinator, etc.

Biggest learnings

As a producer, your role is to facilitate the production. Remember that the crew isn’t working for you. The shooting is teamwork.

What makes a great producer?

For Sophie, starting as a runner is easier. She explains that a producer has to think about the whole project from start to finish. To do that, you need to understand every department.

Film production stages

There are always five different stages of film production, and Sophie explains them all.


She starts by talking about the development of the movie. The script needs to be finished, the finance has to be sorted out and the partners have to be on board.


Then the pre-production part comes in. Your job is to work with the crew, sort out the accommodation, the location, etc.


Then comes the shooting. The hard work begins here. If you prepared everything accordingly, you do not need to work as hard as the pre-production.


“Post-production is where the magic happens,” says Sophie. You see the movie coming to life and the final product.


Finally, we have the distribution stage. Sophie tells us that it is more paperwork than anything else essentially.

Tips & tricks

Before wrapping up, Sophie gives some tips and tricks, starting with: you cannot fix everything in post. Therefore, you should be careful during the production stage.

About Your Instructor

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Sophie Haines

Film producer

London, United Kingdom

"With great power comes great responsibility, and that applies a lot to my job."

AFGP was founded in 2019 by Sophie Haines & Rory Nichols, who both have a combined ten years of experience in the film and advertising industries.

Their experience has included working on multimillion-pound marketing campaigns in business and film for household brands & names. They also worked as leading social media campaigns strategically and creatively.

As content creators and marketers, Sophie & Rory wanted to bring their wealth of knowledge to small businesses to help them develop marketing strategies usually only available to large multinational businesses.

Sophie’s experience falls predominantly on the strategic side, while Rory has extensive experience developing and producing creative concepts. Since 2019, AFGP has worked with small businesses and large businesses alike to create video content for their websites and social media.

Based in London, in the United Kingdom, AFGP works with businesses helping them produce their online video content to drive leads and sales to their business.

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