ZHIYUN Crane M3 Pro
Reviewed by Petros Ioannou

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In partnership with ZHIYUN, Wedio and the community is testing out their new gear to get real hands-on experience, and feedback from their followers so they can improve based on real-life testing. Next up is the ZHIYUN Crane M3 Pro.

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Petros Ioannou

ZHIYUN Crane M3 Pro: The Ultimate Review by Petros Ioannou

In Petros’s ultimate review learn more about the key features, pros and cons, excellent connectivity, mic, integrated LED lights and more 🎉










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According to Petros' experience, this gimbal is everything he wanted in a small package to carry around, small, lightweight, and powerful. But how does this small gimbal compare to previous bigger models?


The Crane M3 Pro Touchscreen comes with options and modes, helping in different shoots, to stabilize, follow, lock, or balance your gimbal.

The visual indicator of the balance is a great feature that Zhiyun added to the Crane M3 Pro, a gimbal that works for beginners as much as it does for the pros.


Pros & Cons

It's small and lightweight and has locking arms, perfect for travel and run and gun shoots. The menu is user-friendly and has a balance feature.

It comes with a nice light leather case, a LED, and a microphone most for interviews or vlogs. From 25£ rent a day, and 35£ for a subscription, the Crane M3 Pro is well worth it and would be a great addition to any content creator's arsenal.

Final Words

Perfect travel gimbal, pack light but pack gear to get great shots, run and gun shoots, and interviews. You can use it with a Gopro and your smartphone with excellent functions and great stability.

About Your Instructor

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Petros Ioannou

Filmmaker, director, producer, actor

London, United Kingdom

“Very specialized and surprisingly discreet gimbal aimed at content creators, smartphone and GoPro shooters, mirrorless cameras, run and gun video productions, vloggers, interviewers, etc.”

Petros Ioannou is a filmmaker, director, producer, actor, and founder of Leon Films. Leon Films is committed to telling original stories through varying mediums, where its first original series was "My Life as a Video Game".

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