Each Wedio member has her or his own reason for renting out, be it earning extra money or meeting new professionals that share the same passion for filmmaking and photography. In any of the situations, your first step towards standing out and having your first rental request is creating appealing listings — and this counts for both individual items and packages.

So if you’ve already listed your gear and haven’t received any rental requests yet, or if you’d like to create your first listings now, check out the tips below to make your gear look as awesome as it actually is.

  1. Create a comprehensive Wedio member profile;
  2. Use high-quality pictures;
  3. Make your gear’s descriptions descriptive; :)
  4. Set a fair price;
  5. List both individual items and good to-go packages.
  6. Add multiple locations

And you’re almost done. Now let’s crack on with each of them.

1. Create a comprehensive Wedio member profile

Your member profile is the space where you present yourself to the Wedio community. This is where you can make your work known to your peers and highlight your equipment.

Make the most out of it by mentioning your assets and your equipment’s usability. Remember that Wedio community is also a place to connect and build a stronger network.

Profile tips:

  • describe yourself a bit;
  • upload a picture of you;
  • get ID & VAT Verified;
  • include links from your professional social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, IMDB, Reel, website).

2. Use high quality pictures

As a visual professional, you already know that quality is decisive in this field of activity. Therefore, we recommend that you use a bit of time taking likeable pictures that would normally catch your eye if you were on the other side of the deal.

A minimum of two pictures of the gear is recommended and we’d definitely vote for your own pics of the equipment (and say “better forget about it” to stock images). People are most likely to trust and request the gear if they can see the actual equipment they’ll be getting.

Image tips:

  • use the landscape format for ideal framing;
  • choose the most representative picture as a cover.
As a nice to have extra, you can:
  • add how-to videos that will show renters how to handle the gear;
  • add video product reviews of the gear;
  • add photos or videos created with the specified equipment.

3. Make your gear descriptions descriptive

Help renters know exactly what your gear is capable of and for which situations it’s best suited. Remember to be clear and follow the next points:

  • create a complete list of your gear;
  • write the specifications of your equipment;
  • mention the purpose of the individual items or packages.

Item tips:

  • mention the condition and flag if there is any fault with the gear;
  • use a specific title — think in keywords that you’d search for yourself.

4. Set a fair price

Make a fair evaluation of your gear and, apart from the price you require for it per day, do write a discount price if the gear is required for a longer period of time.

If your need help with pricing, you can check our recommendations and guidance, or you can just give us a call.

For an in-depth look, check out some other pricing strategies.

5. List both individual items and good to go packages

Yes, we know you have a great deal of gear, and that it takes forever to create individual item listings. However, we definitely recommend to consider having BOTH individual items and packages on your profile. Saving your time is what we focus on with the Lead-In Program we offer for free. This service is available seven days a week, and with it we can help you create your listings without any cost. Otherwise, you can just create the listing yourself.

6. Add Multiple Locations

This new feature is designed to help you tackle visibility challenges within our search engine, significantly enhancing rental opportunities. Ready to see your gear appear in more searches and bookings? Let's dive into how you can make the most out of this new feature. Read more.

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