With 1.4 billion monthly active users, TikTok quickly became an appealing platform for those seeking stardom.

If you're a beginner, learn how to use TikTok or aim higher, and read on to find out how to get TikTok famous.

Here are our best 6 tips for rising to TikTok fame:

1. Find your niche on TikTok

Puppy in costume - TIkTok gold!

To build a personal brand and a reliable following, you'll have to find the thing that makes you, well, you.

What unique interests or expertise can you provide? Try to be as specific as possible, as the competition on the platform is harsh. Let's say you love dogs, fashion, and musicals. Combine them! Create videos dressing up your dogs as if they're part of Rent or Hamilton.

The most common types of content that go viral on TikTok are in the following categories:

  • Comedy, like skits, sketches, and memes,
  • Performing arts, including dancing, singing, acting, and more,
  • Beauty, in the form of fashion, make-up, and hair videos.

Don't let this limit you, though! Create content around your genuine passions, and your videos will find the right viewer.

2. Get creative with your TikToks

Creative mess

Popular TikToks can be quirky, real, or relatable. There's one thing that they're never: boring.

Think outside the box and dare to take risks with your videos. Do you want to learn how to get TikTok famous? Don't play it safe.

Explore and experiment with ideas, even if they haven't been done before. TikTok's audience has seen it all, so don't be afraid as coming across as "too weird".

3. Post TikToks consistently

Schedule your TikTok content

Posting on TikTok frequently is the way to make it big. TikTok's algorithm doesn't penalize creators for posting too often. It does measure lots of metrics, though! Learn more about how the algorithm works in our article about how to use TikTok.

Posting at least once a day, and possibly more, gives you access to a wider audience base, gets you more impressions, and can help you get more TikTok followers.

Don't sacrifice post-quality, however. Spend 30 minutes to an hour a day on creating TikToks, or have a few specific days where you prepare a bit longer for the few upcoming days.

TikTok dance trends

TikTok trends come and go, but internet fame is forever. Just kidding!

But riding TikTok trends increases your chance of getting on the Discover tab and keeps your content relevant. Don't forget to use hashtags. They play a crucial part in getting discovered. That's how to get TikTok famous.

Keep an eye out for trending challenges and sounds, and participate as long as they relate to your niche. If your account is about drone cinematography, for example, you don't have to do the #onechipchallenge.

5. Collab with creators or brands

Dueting or reacting to other TikToks gets valuable impressions on your videos. Don't just piggyback off of others' content though, try to put your own spin on every reaction.

TikTok is a fun, community-driven place, so there's nothing wrong with jumping in on videos. That's what the app is for!

Make sure you enable reactions and duets when posting your own TikToks too. You never know who stumbles upon it and gets inspired by you.

6. Share and promote your TikToks on every platform

Other social media apps

Are you thinking about creating content outside of TikTok too? Cross-promote your socials!

When it comes to fame, more is always better. Reach out to your followers on Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, or even Facebook. Refer to all your socials on every profile, and post whenever you make new TikToks to drive your followers to the platform.

If you want to become famous on YouTube too, learn more about how to become a YouTuber today.

You should know: TikTok Creator Fund

Counting your TikTok money

If you're aiming for TikTok fame, you should know about the relatively new TikTok Creator Fund.

The TikTok Creator Fund is TikTok's way of rewarding high-performing creators financially. To be clear, the fund is not a grant or an ad revenue-sharing program. The amount of money you can receive varies based on different factors, including views and engagement.

Once you meet the requirements below, you can apply within the app, under the "Creator tools" in settings.

When you get accepted, you'll gain access to the Creator Fund Dashboard, where you'll see how much money you've made and how you can withdraw it to your PayPal or Zelle.

TikTok Creator Fund can be a great way to make money by being famous on the app!


To join the TikTok Creator Fund, you must be:

  • At least 18 years old,
  • A legal resident of the US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, or Spain,
  • Have a minimum of 10.000 followers,
  • Have 100.000 video views in the last 30 days,
  • Adhere to the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

Closing thoughts

Live Work Create

TikTok is a fun app full of creativity, life, and energy. Why not join the creator movement?

You've learned about how to get TikTok famous. I can't wait to find you on 'Discover'!

If you're still getting started, read about how to use TikTok or how to get more TikTok followers. Are you into creating longer format video? Learn about filmmaking.

What is the fastest way to get TikTok famous?

The fastest way to get TikTok famous is to find your niche and brand, join in on TikTok trends, and post TikToks consistently.

Is it easy to get TikTok famous?

The beauty of social media is that everyone can get discovered. Be consistent in posting high-quality videos, and you're chance at getting lucky gets better every day.

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