When making videos for YouTube, a good camera is key. With still more people competing for the top ranking positions with high-quality video content, you need to up your game if you want your YouTube videos to be seen. For this you need the best camera for YouTube.

Best Camera Equipment for YouTube in 2021

When choosing your camera, it is important to find equipment that fits the purpose of your videos, your ambitions and your level of expertise.

Looking to rent a video camera for your YouTube content? In this guide we tell you what you need to know before deciding on the best camera for filming your own YouTube videos:

  • What qualities define the best camera for YouTube?
  • Get started: best budget camera for Youtube
  • Get better: up your game with a more advanced video camera
  • Stay pro: ensure professional quality with the best camera for YouTube recording
  • Why rent your YouTube camera?

What qualities define the best camera for YouTube?

Requirements for a YouTube camera

With both amateur and professional videos gaining more and more popularity on YouTube as well as other platforms, we are exposed to high-quality video content each day. For your videos to be noticed and appreciated, you need to meet the expectations of your audience.

For that you need some basic qualities in your video camera. No matter what kind of content you wish to make, these basics should include:

  • Size that fits the use. If you are a vlogger and need to be able to film anywhere and all the time, you need a small and compact camera that fits in your bag. If you are filming professionally, you might want a bigger camera with more functions.
  • Good audio. While you can save some parts of a bad audio recording at a studio using a better microphone, outdoor takes will be ruined by bad sound recording. For that reason any vlogging camera needs to have good audio equipment.
  • High resolution. In any video on YouTube, the quality of the footage is in focus. People will quickly get annoyed if details are blurred or the lightning is bad. Therefore, high resolution is a must. However, it should be noted that neither resolution nor audio need to be of cinematic quality.

Vlogging camera for home or outdoor adventures? Different cameras for different purposes

Different cameras for different purposes

As we stated above, the best camera for filming Youtube videos is the camera that matches your purpose and level of expertise. If you are making content for your own channel, you might be looking for the best camera for YouTube vlogging.

Then again, the best vlogging camera might also vary depending on your style; are you uploading crazy travel adventures (then you might need an actioncam) or are you filming a diary from home? (then you might need a good DSLR with an extra high resolution).  

If you are working more professionally with making studio videos that will also go on YouTube, you might need a video camera of a whole other quality. In this article we focus on video making specifically for YouTube – if you are interested in renting a cinematic camera instead, you can start here.

Best camera for youtube - smartphone

Can a smartphone be the best YouTube camera?

Yes! You can easily use your smartphone when recording YouTube videos. Most modern smartphones have good quality cameras and can record decent audio.

So, when is a smartphone the best camera for YouTube?

  1. When you are short on money
  2. When you are short on time, and want to get started fast
  3. If you have limited technical skills

However, a smartphone does have a few shortcomings compared to normal cameras. The resolution seldom matches that of the best cameras for YouTube, and the audio is often flawed when the volume is turned up high. They can also have their issues when filming in poorly lit situations.

So, if you want to use your smartphone as your YouTube camera, consider doubling down on the extras:

Get started: Best budget camera for YouTube

Best Budget YouTube Camera Equipment for Beginners in 2021
Best budget camera for YouTube

If you are just getting started vlogging or making videos for YouTube, you might not have found your specific style just yet. Furthermore, you might not know too much about camera technology.

Since you are still experimenting, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a camera you might not even use. To get started you need a beginner-friendly camera that is easy to figure out and will give you good – if not great – video and audio.

Here we have examples of some of the best cheap cameras for YouTube:

Best cameras for youtube
For those who want to
Get started
GoPro HERO8 Black
  • waterproof action camera – bring it for all your adventures
  • hypersmooth 2.0 – multiple levels of video stabilisation
  • Digital lenses – get the best view of whatever you're doing
per day
per month
DJI Osmo Pocket
  • Slow & quick motion – allows you to manipulate time
  • Designed intelligent – access several intelligent functions
  • Handheld – adjust for your every movement
per day
Your Smartphone
  • Easy to adjust – use a tripod or a simple selfiestick
  • Wi-fi and bluetooth connection – transfer your video instantly
  • Easy to use – no research is needed
Sony ZV-1
  • Easy setup – create excellent videos without difficulty
  • Dynamic footage – record videos no matter where you are
  • Fast Hybrid AF-system – change your focus quick and easy
Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III
  • Intuitive touchscreen – tilt the screen and make recording easy
  • Bluetooth connection – fast and easy connection
  • Microphone connection – record with crystal clear sound
Fujifilm YouTube Get Started Kit|
  • Package includes camera, lens, microphone, tripod, memory card
  • Amazing image quality with a great lens
  • Contains all your needed gear ideal for vlogging
Starter YouTuber/ Streamer Package |
  • Package includes 18-35mm lens, microphone, tripod, photo lights and softbox
  • Better image quality with a versatile lens
  • Awesome sound quality including superb lighting

Get better: Up your game with a better vlogging camera

Level Up Your YouTube Game with Advanced Camera Gear in 2021

Level Up Your YouTube Game with Advanced Camera Gear in 2021

Get a better vlogging camera

After spending some time making vlogs or video content, you may have a better idea of the direction you want to take. Maybe your followers are loving your travel vlogs. Or maybe you are successful reviewing books or movies.

No matter what, now is the time to up your game! If you want to keep evolving and growing your channel, you need an even better vlogging camera. You also need one that matches your purpose more specifically.

Here are some examples of good and semi-professional YouTube cameras:

Best camera for youtube
For those who want to
Get better
Panasonic GH5
  • Micro Four Thirds system – an all-round evolution
  • Hybrid camera – excels in video and image capture
  • Bluetooth and wi-fi – for a flexible shooting experience
per day
per month
Sony A7 III
  • Wi-fi connection – for a flexible shooting experience
  • Outstanding image capability - high-speed performance
  • Full frame - back-illuminated image sensor
per day
per month
Sony A6600
  • Fast AF – for continuous recording
  • Steady image stabilisation – to optimise your footage
  • Amazing image quality – captures every detail
per month
Canon 90D
  • Fast continuous shooting – up to 10 fps
  • 32.5 MP APS-C CMOS sensor - provides exquisite details
  • 4k video and dual pixel - video in outstanding quality
per day
Sony RX100 IV
  • Slow & quick motion – allows you to manipulate time
  • 4k movie production – for outstanding quality
  • Memory-associated 1.0 cmos-sensor – it is the master of speed