If you're looking for someone to help you produce your next video, you just landed on the right page. New York City is a crowded place, with a million different companies.

That's why we've gathered the absolute best video production companies in New York City. Now you can stop your search and start scrolling until you find one that fits your needs.

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1. LNC Productions

LNC Productions is a video production company based in New York City. They work with every part of the video production process. from concept development to post-production.

They don't rush their productions but base their concept on research and creative thinking. Their meticulous planning and development make for a smooth shoot and an incredible quality product.

They have previously worked with brands like Amazon, Walmart, ESPN, and Electronic Arts. They recently worked with Amazon on their Audible app. They made an explainer video for new users, explaining how to get around the app as simple as possible. The video ensured growth in downloads and a reduction in customer acquisition.

Learn more about their work on their website below.

2. Sorrentino Media

Sorrentino Media is a video production company located near the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. They have two production studios fully-fledged out in video gear. It is ideal for shooting explainer videos, interviews, or anything a client needs.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, they went the extra mile and created their Remote Video Production package. It has allowed them to get around to people's offices, homes, or wherever they feel safe filming. Furthermore, Sorrentino Media has an experienced team, so they don't need to send a whole army to get the job done.

In 2021 alone, they have worked with clients like John Mulaney, the American Cancer Society, Neiman Marcus, and The Manhattan Institute. They have produced interview videos, advertisements, explainer videos, and more!

Check out more on their website below.

3. Click Play

Click Play Films works with video and animation production. They are trusted in the industry based on their client list. They have produced content for Facebook, Sony, Netflix, and Domino's.

Their headquarters are in NYC, but they also have offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, and Boston. It allows them to reach far and wide and regularly learn from each other and grow together.

Click Play follows three principles: Creativity, Integrity, and Innovation. This means that while they're always trying to innovate the content, they will never compromise with the brands they're working with.

In 2020 they worked with Avalon to promote their shampoo. Their video put emphasis on a healthy lifestyle combined with healthy hair products.

Learn more about them on their website below.

4. Indigo Productions

Indigo Productions works with everything imaginable in video production. They produce social media- and corporate videos, commercials, and virtual events.

They always take away key learnings from their projects and improve their workflow. They're used to working with local crews and can shoot globally, should it be needed.

They have worked with clients like Sony, Viacom, Kellogg's, Duracell, and Vice. One of their popular advertisements is with the bike manufacturer YT. They produced a video with Cristopher Walken, connecting friendship with the YT brand Jeffsy mountain bike.

They also worked with the Museum of Jewish Heritage to make a promotional video for their exhibition. They did a montage combined with timelapse clips of a german freight car from the Holocaust.

Learn more about them on their website below.

5. SUP

SUP is number five on our list of video production companies in NYC. Their name is actually Sleeves Up Productions, but it works both ways! It's nice like that.

They have over 10 years of experience in the field, and they know how to work with both scripted and unscripted content. They are quick-thinking and can truly work on their feet. They're also a member of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Congress, supporting the LGBT+ community whenever they can!

In 2016 they produced the video, We Are Orlando, about demonstrations for human rights in New York City. The video follows LGBT+ supporters who met on the West Village, Manhattan, to demonstrate against the horrible attacks in Orlando.

If you want to learn more about SUP and what they stand for, check out their website below.

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6. PluckStudio

PluckStudio is a video production company that makes content from their hearts. They work with all types of brands, fortune 500 companies, and startups alike.

PluckStudio has years of experience and expertise and always works with the newest technology. Furthermore, they believe a good story is what really brings home a video, and you guessed it, they're great storytellers as well.

While they're based in New York City, they also have an office in Los Angeles. They recently teamed up to make a commercial for Nova Jacket. It helped them show the different climates the jacket works in. It shows why production companies should consider expanding to other locations if possible.

Check out their website below.

7. 2Bridges Productions

2Bridges Production is a video production company based in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, NY. Their mantra is that they're "storytellers fir and videographers second." meaning that the story is the most vital part of their content.

It is no surprise when I tell you that they're great at building brands through videos. They work with their clients from pre-production to post-production.

They have worked with clients like Bloomberg, Barclays Center & Madison Square Garden. They recently teamed up with Qatar Airways to film their new Airbus A350. The video showcases the massive airplane as it touches down in New York for the first time.

Learn all about them on their website below.

8. Transcendent Enterprise

Transcendent Enterprise is a full-service video production company based in the heart of New York City. They accept nothing more than excellence with the videos they deliver. Transcendent is honest with their clients and tell them if they disagree with their vision. They are the experts, after all.

They have a client list that can make the best companies in New York envious. Outside of working with NYU and eBay, they have also worked with the New York Knicks.

For the Knicks, Transcendent filmed the renovation of Heavy D Park in Mount Vernon. The video features legends such as Walt Clyde Frazer, John Starks, and Larry Johnson, who supported the project.

Check out their work on their website below.

9. Kinetic Studios

Kinetic Studios is number ten on our list of video production companies in NYC. They're an award-winning production company, having won awards like the Telly Award, Hermes Creative Gold, and AVA Digital Gold.

They have their own studio in Manhattan's Seaport, where they perform all types of activities like casting, editing, animation, scripting, and more. They have worked with clients like Universal Music Group, People Magazine, and Wendy's.

In 2016 they produced a TV-Special about the Roundabout Theatre Company, which aired on NBC. The special features Neil Patrick Harris as a host, telling the history of the legendary Broadway institution.

Learn all about them on their website below.

10. Sinema Films

Sinema Films is a video production company based in New York City, with an office in LA too. They love creating advertisements and telling stories about brands. They're a close-knit team, and their synergy can be felt in their workflow.

They create anything from animations to live-action films, whatever their clients need. And speaking of clients, they have worked with brands like Chanel, Suzuki, Skoda, and Head & Shoulders.

They made an advertisement for the energy drink Hell. The video was made for YouTube, and they also made a long version featuring Bruce Willis. They are versatile in their video production and can produce several videos that fit perfectly for the various platforms.

Learn all about them on their website below.

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11. Nyc Video Pros

NYC Video Pros are just what their name says: professional video producers. They are based in the heart of New York City and have versatile work ethics. They can record in their own studio, at their client's offices, and even cover events.

It is founded and run by Jason Cohen, who has been working with video production for over 15 years. They have worked with clients like Puratos, Hollander, Mount Sinai & New York City Bar.

They have extensive experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. NYC Video Pros are excellent at finding the target audience and catering to them.

Check out more on their website below.

12. Image Media Lab

Image Media Lab is based in Koreatown in NYC and focuses on corporate and business videos. Their prices vary from 1,000$ to 10,000$, depending on the size of the shoot.

With over 1000 videos produced, they are experienced at helping brands with recognition and customer retention. They work with any sized company, and with their low prices, they can help small businesses get their message across.

They help with commercials, product demos, corporate interviews, documentaries, and testimonials. They can do anything that companies need to be done. Their team consists of four people, so you know that you will get their full attention when hiring them!

Learn all about them on their website below.

13. Casual Films

Casual Films is an award-winning video production company specializing in content for businesses.

They mainly make content like advertisements, recruitment, explainer and training videos. They have worked with major companies like BMW, BuzzFeed, GoDaddy, and Rolls Royce.

They recently helped produce the Success Story video series for the web-hosting company GoDaddy. Here they told the success story of small businesses around the USA.

Casual Films are devoted to promoting inclusion and diversity, and their team is majorly women. Their hope is to educate others to follow their lead and be more inclusive in their recruitment. They also run The Casual Academy, a program for young people from diverse backgrounds to get filmmaking experience.

Learn more about them on their website below.


Closing thoughts

I hope this list helped your search for a video production company that suits you. Hopefully, you can get your project going as soon as possible!

Or maybe you just got inspired for your own video production company - that's fine too! But before you start that, you need to know how to actually make videos. If you want to get into video production yourself, you can start by learning the basics of filmmaking.

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