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Reviewed by Gabriel Miranda

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In partnership with ZHIYUN, Wedio and the community is testing out their new products to get real hands-on experience, and feedback from their followers so they can improve based on real-life testing. Next up is the ZHIYUN Crane M3 Pro.

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Gabriel Miranda

ZHIYUN Crane M3 Pro: The Ultimate Review by Gabriel Miranda

In Gabriel’s ultimate review learn more about the key features, excellent connectivity, mic, integrated LED lights and more 🎉














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This product is focused to carry phones, action cameras, and compact cameras. The maximum payload capacity is up to 2.2kg, but according to Gabriel's experience, it can take a little more, even a full-frame mirrorless camera.


The Crane M3 Pro comes with a backpack and a backpack stripe. It also includes the form for the microphone for noise reduction, a clamp for easy release, a stabilizer, and a tripod. It also contains a micro adapter, a microphone with cables, and an adapter for the phone.


Gabriel tested the Crane M3 Pro by shooting some urban dance-style dancers on the streets of Copenhagen. He used a mirrorless Sony A3s III 700g with a Samyang pancake lens of 18mm, 24mm, and 35mm and a 50m Sony pancake lens.


Gabriel tried all the feature modes on the gimbal. First is "lock mode", which is for a steady long perspective shot.

The "pan follow mode" is for having the motion always in the frame. "P.O.V" is for following the motion to create a dynamic point of view. "Following mode" is for smooth point-of-view, transitions and movements.

"Go mode" is a mix between following and P.O.V mode. "Go mode" is used to capture faster motion and quick transitions. Lastly, the "Vortex mode" is for fun transition effects and unique, creative videos. Watch Gabriel trying out all of the modes on the Crane M3 Pro.

Key features

This gimbal is lightweight and has a good payload capacity. It has an intuitive menu and a nice LCD screen for easy access to the different modes and settings. It also has the option to see the motor balance.

The gear comes with a fast-release plate for easy camera attachment. It has smooth touch on the buttons and the joystick. It also comes with a small LED light and a lock switch.

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Gabriel Miranda

Video creator

Copenhagen, Denmark

“I work with the guerilla shooting style, which is quite fast and on the go without compromising the quality of the content. For this I find the ZHIYUN Crane M3 Pro so useful.”

Gabriel Miranda is a video creator based in CPH and a founder of GMIRANDA VISUAL. His work revolves around photography, especially portraits, videography, and drone flying.

With background studies in Graphic Design, Photography, Multimedia Design, and Videography he focuses on visual content creation for SoMe advertising platforms around the world, including continents such as Asia, America, and Europe.

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