TikTok can be a confusing platform for newcomers, especially with these weird new words and acronyms.

Want to start your journey to becoming a TikTok sensation? Then you got to learn what the FYP is and how to use it to your advantage.

Don't know where to start? Learn the basics of how you use TikTok.

What does ‘FYP’ stand for?

To answer the question, you’ve been waiting for: ‘FYP’ means ‘for you page’. And it acts as a curated homepage for the TikTok platform – think the explore page on Instagram or your homepage on Youtube.

If someone happens to comment ‘fyp’ on one of your videos, this means that it found its way onto their for you page.

What does ‘FYP” do?

Your FYP works on a curated algorithm to show you videos that it thinks you may enjoy based on your previous actions and interactions on the platform.

The FYP aims to show you videos and creators that you may love and engage with. In this way, everyone’s FYP is entirely different. You may get the same videos as your friend once in a while, but that just shows that you have the same humour and interests!

Why has ‘FYP’ turned into a hashtag? #fyp

Before TikTok shared the secrets on how the FYP algorithm worked, people used FYP as a hashtag to try and boost their videos onto more users’ FYPs.

Users commonly use hashtags such as #fyp, #foryou, and #4youpage to try and increase their views and engagement on the platform.

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3 Tips on how to get on the TikTok homepage using #fyp

1. Use #fyp on your videos! (or any hashtags, for that matter)

This is the simplest and easiest way to encourage engagement with your videos. Using popular tags like #fyp will make it more likely that your video circulates. If you use other hashtags relating to the content of your video, it will likely find those who are interested in your content.

2. Encourage engagement

If you want views and comments, you can try to encourage users’ engagement with your videos. This can be asking for a certain amount of likes in return for something (for example, Mr Beast recently asked for 10 million likes in return for a real-life Squid Game) or asking questions for people to comment answers.

3. Don’t get disheartened!

Even though accounts with more extensive follower bases gain more views and engagement, this doesn’t determine whether a video will surface on people’s FYPs.

This possibility is curated by the algorithm and is mostly randomized or custom to your interests. So who knows, maybe one of your videos might blow up!

What's next? Learn how to use TikTok

Now that you’ve learned the most basic term on TikTok, it’s time to start learning how to use the platform. Check out our page on how to use TikTok for our guide and tips.

Maybe you’d like to showcase your filmmaking skills on TikTok, or you’d like to put some high-quality videos on the platform? Take a look at our page on filmmaking to get started.

FYP meaning FAQ

What is the meaning of fyp?

‘FYP’ literally means ‘for you page’: It’s TikTok’s equivalent of a curated home page or explore page that shows videos you might like.

What is the meaning of fyp in Tik Tok?

FYP means the For You Page. It's like Homepage on other Social media. FYP shows you recommended videos based on your watch and like history.

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