Are you perhaps starting as a cinematographer?

A great way to get into the industry is music video production! Learn how to get the best out of it with Eypee!

Music Video Production 101:
How to Make a Music Video by Eypee Kaamiño

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Eypee Kaamiño

How to Make a Music Video: Guide by Eypee Kaamiño | Wedio

Are you perhaps starting out as a cinematographer? A great way to get into the industry is music video production! Learn how to get the best out of it with Eypee 🙈






Music video types




Location scouting & lighting


Camera gear & settings






Tips & tricks




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What you’ll learn

Planning is important but allows for spontaneity on set.

Shoot twice the speed to have a slo-mo shot with mouth synced with the audio.

Let your creativity flow on the day of a shoot.

During location scouting watch out for lighting.

Do not follow others – create your own rules.

The visuals only support the audio in the music video.

Masterclass Chapters

In this masterclass, Eypee Kaamiño teaches us all about music video production. He will go through the different types, how to choose a location and which gears he uses.

Music video types

When it comes to music types, there is a lot of them. Some of them focus on the visual aspects, others on the performance or a storyline.


In the pre-production process, you write the script and the storyboards. You go through everything you need to prepare, picking the actors and the location, etc.

Location scouting & lighting

When picking a location, sometimes going through an agent who knows the region is a time saver. However, they cost a lot of money. Asking a friend or someone from your circle is always better.

Camera gear & settings

Eypee then lists us which equipment he uses. He says that he doesn't want to give us any rules, as shooting a music video should be artistic and personal.


During the production, a lot is going on. The first piece of advice he gives is to be fit, as carrying the equipment will be tiring at some point.


For the post-production process, Eypee reminds us that it doesn't matter which software you use, as long as you are happy with the product.

Tips & tricks

Before wrapping up, Eypee gives us some tips and tricks he learned over the years. The first one is: if you want to create a hectic mood, use tight lenses.

About Your Instructor

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Eypee Kaamiño


Berlin, Germany

„Some people plan out their every move, but I just go with the flow to improve.“

Eypee Kaamiño is a videographer for documentaries and tourism.

His background is working in the music industry in which producing music and music videos were the main jobs.

He soon founded a video company in Berlin and worked in the corporate world of start-ups for a while.

After that, he decided to become a freelancer to tackle more projects abroad.

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