Los Angeles is full of creative-minded people, and many companies are headquartered there. So in a sea of different brands, your brand needs to stick out.

You can do that by hiring a creative agency to help you with all of the hard stuff like advertising, branding, and designing.

We found some of the most exciting creative agencies in Los Angeles right now.

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1. In good Co

In Good Co is a purpose-driven creative agency, believing that standing for something is the most important thing a brand can do. They have an inclusive team that develops the solutions for the next generation of brand-related issues.

They recently did a project with Elysia, where they worked with their brand identity and strategy. They told the consumers that caring for themselves is actually a good thing. This is one example of the change that In Good Co is trying to bring to the world.

As the name suggests, you're in good company when you're with In Good Co. Learn more about them on their website below.

2. Blend

Blend is a creative agency based in West Hollywood, LA. If you're looking for a creative agency that gives you the entire package, Blend is your friend.

They develop, write and produce branded content for their clients and are there from the beginning of the journey until the end. They're working as OmniChannel, so they know how to approach the different platforms.

They recently did a video campaign for SendACake, creating a short advertisement for multi-platform purposes. The video touches on how easy it has gotten to say thanks, even if you can't find a way to mutter the words yourself.

Check out more of their work on their website below.

3. Intensify

Intensify is a creative agency based in West Hollywood in Los Angeles. They have a recurring goal for all of their collaborations: to generate noticeable growth within 3 months.

This means that they're always working fast to get results for their clients. But don't think for one bit that it hurts the quality of the product - they're just that good!

They mainly work with eCommerce sales, social media growth, and lead generation. They go through their exact process with their clients, so there is never any doubt about the work being done.

Learn more about what they do on their website below.

4. C/C/G

C/C/G is a creative agency based in Santa Monica, LA. They have over 12 years of experience in the industry.

They help brands keep up with the consumers' ever-rising expectations of what they can deliver and represent. Consumers have never been more involved, and it has never been harder to meet their expectations.

C/C/G takes the pressure of the brands on their shoulder to deliver data-driven strategies and creative productions for their clients. They recently worked with Ty to find a way to bring the brand's plush toys back to the mind of the consumers who grew up with them.

They helped build a new generation of plush toy users through the parent's nostalgia and a clever digital media campaign.

Check out their other work on their website below.

5. Hammer Creative

Hammer is number five on our list of creative agencies in Los Angeles. Hammer Creative is based in Hollywood and was founded over 30 years ago. So it's safe to say that it is one of the more experienced companies in LA.

Most of their work is done with video game production companies. They have worked with all of the big ones, including CD Projekt Red, Bandai Namco, Bethesda Riot Games, and Square Enix.

They recently worked with Arkane Studios with game trailers for their newest game Deathloop. Here they directed several videos like trailers, promotional videos, and more. Their Déjà Vu trailer perfectly blends the story and gameplay with a James Bond-esque animation.

Learn more about their work on their website below.

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6. Eyestorm

Eyestorm Creative is an advertising agency based in Los Angeles. They were founded 16 years ago, and they mainly work with marketing in the gaming industry.

Their client list reads Supercell, Tencent, and Disney, so they're trusted by some of the biggest companies in the industry.

They recently worked with Supercell for their popular game Clash Royale, creating interactive advertisements and creative projects.

The partnership lasted for 24 months and generated more than 300 million views in total. It helped see an increase of installs of 72%, and they had incredible stats on every video on YouTube.

Learn all about their work on their website below.

7. Dreamentia

Dreamentia Creative Laboratories is an advertising agency based in Downtown LA. It was founded in 2003 and now has over 17 years of experience in the industry.

While their main office is in Los Angeles, they have employees located all over America working with different tasks. They try not to overcomplicate things and follow the "KISS" principle.

They worked with Suppose U Drive, a fleet leasing, rental & maintenance company. They helped the 70+-year-old company modernize the brand through online advertising and a website and logo makeover.

Learn more about them on their website below.

8. One Eighteen

One Eighteen is an LA creative agency mainly focused on challenger brands. They chose this focus because they enjoy challenging the conventional areas of society.

They always try to keep up with the latest tools within branding, getting equipped to fight the norms. They perform all parts of a branding campaign, supplying the complete package to their clients.

They recently did a campaign for Shakespeare Vodka, where they differentiated them through clever branding. They tried focusing more on the consumer's lifestyle and referenced Shakespeare in their slogan "Write Your Own Story."

Check out their work on their website below.

9. Rival

Rival is a design agency based in Los Angeles. They were founded at the end of 2014, and they have since been killing it with their designs.

Their goal is to help brands express themselves with a unique visual voice and not be another in a cluster of brands. They are passionate and experienced and achieve success through research and imagination.

They recently worked with Shimano for their Never Stop Riding campaign. They designed the campaign and did the motion design for their advertising videos. The campaign resulted in an increase of 189% in test rides.

Learn more about them on their website below.

10. Clever Creative

Clever Creative is a female-led creative agency with over 15 years of experience in the industry. It is purposely kept small, but the quality is nothing but excellent.

They approach branding as a way for companies to connect with real people and subscribe to the thought that brands should be more human.

They recently did art direction, strategy and made the website for the organization Girl Up. They created a more engaging website with an updated UI and UX. They also helped strategize with the organization and help them on the right track.

Check out their website below.

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11. Flux Branding

Flux Branding is a branding agency based in Los Angeles. Their studio is located in the Arts District of LA. They work with clients in the cannabis, entertainment, automotive, and real estate industry.

They love to work with areas they haven't explored yet, but that doesn't mean they can't just their prior experience to make the best product possible.

They recently worked with Downtown Center Business Improvement District on the website for Downtown LA. They optimized the UX and UI and made the website more approachable.

Learn more about Flux on their website below.

12. Wingman Media

Last but not least, on our list of creative agencies in Los Angeles, we have Wingman Media. Wingman Media is a Media Buying and Planning Agency.

This means they're planning the timeslots and different digital media for their clients' campaigns. In other words, as soon as you have a campaign ready, Wingman is the agency to contact to actually roll it out.

They primarily work with companies in niche markets or companies with large value items such as cars, engagement rings, or mortgages. You don't have to worry about the hassle of finding whether 2pm on a Thursday or if Sunday night football is the best timeslot. Wingman is your co-pilot all the way through.

Check them out on their website below.


13. Dunclyde

Dunclyde is a creative agency founded in Scotland, based between Glasgow and Los Angeles. You can only hope that the Glasgow office can visit the sunny LA office once in a while.

Dunclyde loves designing, and they don't just think about the visual part but also the functional part of designs.

They recently worked with Wired Media Solutions to make their website ooze the premium vibes they needed. They made a more interactive website that looks and feels more professional.

Learn more on their website below.

14. Niftic

Niftic is a creative agency focusing on providing more positive interactions in the world. Their main goal for their clients is to turn their customers into fans.

They are passionate about what they do and are down to earth. Their clients get direct access to at least one founder whenever they work with Niftic.

They recently worked with Advanced Aviation to give them a brand refresh and make a digital experience of their website. They also made flyers, posters, and physical advertising to promote the private aviation company.

Check out their work on their website below

15. Fifty & Five

Fifty & Five is number 15 on our list of creative agencies in Los Angeles.

They're a boutique agency that uses data-driven strategies to develop their creative projects. They apply a social-first approach, meaning all parts of a campaign are done with social media in mind.

They recently worked with Libbey, a company creating wine glasses. They made online videos for their social media platforms.

Learn more about them on their website below.

Closing thoughts

We have reached the end of the article, and I hope you agree with the list. Hopefully, you've learned about some new companies, and you are ready to take action.

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