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Overall rating


What creators like

Compact and easy to take with you on shoots

Very easy to setup – turn it on & it’s ready to go

The monitor is great for high and low shots

What creators don't like

Tricky to set up, not acting the way I wanted it to

There's a learning curve – hard for beginners

Camera’s view finder is not good while outdoors

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Is it worth it?


The ZHIYUN WEEBILL 3 is compact and easy to transport around. This goes hand in hand with its lightweight design. The WEEBILL 3 Combo also comes with a quick-release plate and several other accessories that bump the weight a little, but still a reasonable amount for a handheld gimbal.


The joystick on the gimbal is mounted on the right side, which means that if you're a leftie, it might feel awkward. Unfortunately, there's no fix for this other than trying to get used to it, and it's a problem for every gimbal on the market. Left-handed people, we feel for you!



2.4 lb / 1.1 kg

Maximum payload

7.3 lb / 3.3 kg


13.8 x 8.9 x 5.9" / 350mm x 225mm x 150 mm

Dimensions (Folded)

13.5 x 8.1 x 2.9" / 342 x 207 x 73 mm

Battery runtime

21 hours

Battery charging time

2 hours

OLED Touchscreen




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Malcolm Modele

ZHIYUN Weebill 3 Combo: Complete Review by Malcolm Modele

Malcolm brings you a detailed overview of the Weebill 3. Learn about the key features, camera compatibility, prices, functionality and if it's really worth the money 💸






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After getting my hands on it, I was very impressed. It's versatile, the monitor is great for high and low shots and the odd shape makes it considerably more comfortable.




It’s compact and easy to take with you on shoots. Could slip it into a backpack quite safely. Very easy to setup and you just turn it on and it’s ready to go.




Smoothness of videos, after you get used to it, it’s good!

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Community critique




Little complicated to set up, not acting the way I wanted to. Hard to twist manually, and camera’s view finder is not good while outdoors.




Initially i was a bit sceptical about the Weebill 2, the monitor seemed like a gimmick and the shape seemed odd.




Maximum payload of the Weebil won't hold your pro cinema setup with heavier camera and a lens.

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Best features


Design and handling

Instead of having a large LCD screen, with the WEEBILL 3, ZHIYUN settled for a smaller 0.96" OLED touch screen. ZHIYUN moved away from the inverted L shape to a regular L-shaped handle. This gives you a way better grip. The WEEBILL 3 Combo Kit also comes with a wrist pad, and is lighter than the previous version.


Built-in feature: Microphone

The WEEBILL 3 comes with a built-in microphone – great for those who want to save on extra equipment. The microphone cannot add a wind sock or anything similar. While it won't replace a professional microphone, it's great for keeping a low budget, your travel light, or just for forgetful filmmakers that didn't quite remember the entire kit!


Built-in feature: Light

The built-in light uses a double color temperature adjustable from 2600K to 5400K at up to 1000 lumens. Not only is it versatile, but it also has the brightness to be a solid replacement for your other fill light. The built-in light is a massive help to any independent videographer. It is also just ideal for keeping your video gear kit light.


Built-in feature: Stabilization

The WEEBILL 3 has a built-in 10th generation algorithm that helps remove shakes in footage based on the data it absorbs. It makes your camera stabilize better than ever before. And it is not just precise; it is also fast. It is reliable and has everything you need while you're moving around while shooting.



The WEEBILL 3 comes with a three-axis lock system. If you need it to save the settings, it'll do that, even if you fold it away. This makes it so much easier in transportation that you don't have to worry about setting it up every time you bring it somewhere. The WEEBILL 3 is designed to carry a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. You can simply mount it by adjusting the various lock switches on the gimbal.



The gimbal comes with a quick-release plate system, which is a dual quick-release plate system. It's great for switching equipment on the gimbal and if you need to change batteries on your camera. The gimbal can do 360 degrees of panning, 330 degrees of tilt, and 340 degrees of roll. Meaning that the gimbal leaves the creative limitations to your imagination, with complete control of the movement. It also allows smooth cinematic shots.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the ZHYIUN Weebill 3 combo kit?

$529 or 500€.

How much does the ZHIYUN Weebill 3 weigh?

The WEEBILL 3 weighs 2.4 lb / 1.1 kg and is lighter than the Weebill 2.

How long does the battery hold on the WEEBILL 3?

21 hours and you need only 2 hours for charging.

What is the payload of WEEBILL 3?

ZHIYUN doesn't state the upper payload limit but it can hold up to 7.3 lb / 3.3 kg.

What is in the WEEBILL 3 Combo package?

WEEBILL 3 Stabilizer, Tripod, Quick Release Plate, Fill Light Filter. Lens Support, USB Charging Cable, Wrist Rest, Extendable Sling Grip, and a Backpack for Weebill 3.

What is in the WEEBILL 3 Combo package?

WEEBILL 3 Stabilizer, Tripod, Quick Release Plate, Fill Light Filter. Lens Support, USB Charging Cable, Wrist Rest, Extendable Sling Grip, and a Backpack for Weebill 3.

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Quick Release Plate

Fill Light Filter

Lens Support

USB Charging Cable

Wrist Rest

Extendable Sling Grip


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ZHIYUN WEEBILL 3 Combo Kit: Price and availability

The ZHIYUN WEEBILL 3 Combo Kit costs 529$ / 500 € and is available at most camera retailers.

ZHIYUN WEEBILL 3 vs. WEEBILL 2: Essential differences


  • WEEBILL 3 weighs 2.4 lbs
  • WEEBILL 2 weighs 3.15 lbs

Battery Life

  • WEEBILL 3 has a runtime of 21 hours
  • WEEBILL 2 has a runtime of 9 hours

ZHIYUN WEEBILL 3: Pros and cons


  • Overall great quality gimbal
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Compatible with a wide variety of cameras
  • Wireless control
  • A ton of excellent features


  • The display is a bit too small

A gimbal is an excellent asset in your gearbox but far from the only one. Explore what else there is of essential camera equipment.

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Review by Malcolm Modele and 2 other community members

Malcolm Modele

Malcolm Modele

Actor, director, filmmaker

London, United Kingdom

“Malcolm Modele is a director, award-winning actor, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. In 2014 Malcolm set up his film and tv production company called Unity Vision.”

Feroze Bilal

Feroze Bilal

Video creator, filmmaker, editor

London, United Kingdom

“Feroze Bilal”

Peter Bak

Peter Bak

Videographer & editor

Copenhagen, Denmark

“Peter Bak is a videographer, editor, and founder of Budowski Film. Budowski Film has extensive experience in teaching filming and camera technique.”

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