Whether you're just starting on Youtube or are a huge Youtuber- we all run out of ideas at some point. Here are 72 different ideas for your Youtube channel- read on and get creating!

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Ideas for YouTube

72 ideas for your youtube videos

1. Introductional videos

These videos make great pinned videos for your channel page so you can introduce yourself and your content to your audience. Keep it short, sweet, and exciting!

2. Introduce friends & family

If you have a wide or devoted following, these videos always go down a hit. Try getting your Mom, siblings, or partner on your channel so your subscribers can learn more about you!

3. Explainer videos

Explainer videos are short videos usually less than two minutes. These are used to introduce a company, product, concept, app, etc. Keep it clear and concise for top engagement.

4. Tour videos

Behind-the-scenes tours are always a hit. Tour your house, office, your bedroom- the options are endless!

5. Unboxing videos

Unboxing in YouTube video

Viewers of all ages will love these- you can unbox the packages you received in the mail or even give it an ASMR twist!

6. Mythbusting videos

There will always be a demographic on Youtube who lives and die for these videos. Take your wildest conspiracy theories and myths and put them to the test.

7. Product reviews

Sometimes writing a review isn't enough, and it's way more valuable to have a video. Youtube is often people's first port of call for reviews, so don't hesitate to put your opinions out there.

8. Q&A

Get on Twitter, Instagram, or your community page and answer questions you get from your viewers. This is an easy one that will effortlessly attract attention.

9. What's on my phone

Have some nifty organizational tips to share or a great app you just discovered? What's on my phone videos never get boring.

10. What's in my bag

What's in my bag YouTube video idea

This is a standard video for lifestyle and beauty vloggers, but by no means is it limited there. Viewers are naturally nosey- quell their curiosity with this video.

11. A day in the life of…

This is where you take your viewers along with you throughout your day as a behind-the-scenes snippet to your channel.

12. Culture videos

This can mean showing the culture of your organization or business- The fun bits that make your business stand out. It can also mean showcasing your own culture through video.

13. Behind the scenes

Take your viewers behind the scenes and show them how you make your videos. This can range from days in life to camera setups.

14. Movie review

Whether you're a film buff or enjoy the cinema, movie reviews are always welcome on Youtube. You can say what you enjoyed about the film or go in-depth with your wildest conspiracy theory.

15. Game review

Gaming is massive on Youtube. Play into this popularity by reviewing your favorite games on your channel!

16. Music videos

These don't have to be professional, nor do you have to be a good singer. Some hugely successful videos have been parodies or lip-syncing.

17. Testimonial

Testimonial YouTube video idea

If you're making videos for a business, testimonials should be part of your video strategy. They help to build trust within your company and with your audience.

18. Sketches

A great way to channel this into your videos is through skits and sketches if you're into comedy. Videos that make people laugh often get shared and go viral.

19. Prank videos

These are also hugely popular on Youtube, and there are loads of prank channels to give you ideas of what to do. Don't let it get out of hand!

20. DIY videos

DIY videos were and still are the backbone of Youtube. You can show how to make pretty much anything- from cute room decor to building your PC.

21. How-to tutorials

Along the same vein as DIY videos, How-to videos are a great idea. You can combine them with comedy- like HowToBasic on Youtube.

22. Cooking videos

I don't know about you, but I find video cooking tutorials so much easier to follow than written ones. Video yourself making your favorite comfort meal or Grandma's classic cookies!

23. Product tutorials

These kinds of videos are beneficial for electronics or devices. If you have a product that is tricky to get the hang of- make a video about it!

24. Workout videos

Video idea for YouTube with workout

Workout videos are always a hit. Have a shredding routine you'd like to share? Or perhaps Yoga from bed? Video it!

25. Webinars

If you're recording a meeting or presentation, upload it to Youtube for others to watch! Discussions like these are great resources for learning.

26. Infographic videos

Infographic videos are one of the essentials for visual learners. Using video and images is an effective way to convey information to your viewers!

27. Challenge videos

Again- these are always a hit. There are plenty of challenges on Youtube already to get you started- everything from the cinnamon challenge to the $20 makeup challenge!

28. Bloopers

Another behind-the-scenes sneak peek! Bloopers are fun to watch back and provide your viewers with nostalgia and entertainment.

29. Magic tricks

Magic tricks on YouTube

Try blowing your viewers' minds with some magic tricks! You may even go viral!

30. Lip syncing

This is a fun way to combine music videos with apps like musical.ly. If you can't sing or don't want to, try lip-syncing to your favorite songs!

31. Time-lapse videos

Many vloggers use time-lapses in their videos between shots, but they make great stand-alone videos too.

32. Fan videos

Share it if you have a fan theory about a celebrity or film! You may find lots of others who share your views and have more to say.

33. Mashup

This is when you take multiple clips and mash them into one video.

34. Collection videos

If you have a collection of something, don't be afraid to share it. Break out that giant shoe or Lego collection for the world to see!

35. Shopping haul

Hauls are perfect for nosey viewers on Youtube. Show what you got on your latest shopping spree or at the supermarket!

36. Favorite movies

Share your top 10 favorite movies and why you love them.

37. Favorite books

Booktube is a great place to share recommendations. Share your top books of all time or the year for others to find their next read!

38. Favorite YouTube videos

Do something good for your fellow content creators and give them a shoutout!

39. Favorite songs

Share your favorite songs, artists, and genres and why you love them.

40. Favorite artists

Music artists or painters, whatever you'd like to share!

41. Favorite gaming apps

Share your favorite games or apps to help your viewers decide on their next game!

42. Favorite (...)

Favorites are generally a hit on Youtube. Share your favorites of anything, or you can make monthly favorites videos showing what you loved that month!

43. Promo videos

Are you releasing a product, or have you got early access to something? Share the word!

44. Home/decor videos

Home decor YouTube video ideas

Visual decor videos are helpful and popular for those moving or wishing to revamp their spaces. If you have any tips and tricks, share them!

45. Travel videos

If you have traveled recently or are looking to do so soon, there are tons of videos you can make: Anything from shots of your trip to What's in my carry-on videos.

46. Morning routine

Routine videos are great for looking back on or sharing inspiration with your viewers. If you have a routine that works well for you- it may work for others as well!

47. Bucket list videos

Turning your bucket list into a video helps keep you accountable and provides a source for recording your experiences.

48. Meme videos

Whether you create a meme for fun to share or you'd like to make a compilation of your favorites- these always attract an audience on YouTube.

49. Oddly satisfying videos

These and ASMR videos are easy to do and don't require much gear either- grab your wired earphones to use as your mic and get going!

50. Opinion videos

Have an opinion on politics or the latest Marvel film? Share it!

51. First reaction videos

Many viewers love these kinds of videos- you can react to music videos, releases, anything.

52. Event recap

These videos are useful for every genre- they can be used in educational videos for background info or to detail the latest beauty community scandal.

53. Live to stream

You can live stream pretty much anything you want! These are particularly popular for gaming or Q&A sessions.

54. Contests

Contests on YouTube

Similar to challenge videos, contests are a great way to get your friends, family, or viewers involved in your channel!

55. A pilot for a series

Are you into filmmaking? Why not make a series! Every series needs a first episode- get filming!

56. Sing a song

If you love singing, then Youtube is a great place to share your talents and get discovered. Share a cover of your favorite song or even one you've written!

57. Gaming news

There is always tons of news in the gaming world at all times; if you happen to be caught up- share it! Others will appreciate the catch-up.

58. Gaming history

Old games or timelines prove to be interesting to watch and to research!

59. Unreleased games

The anticipation surrounding any unreleased game should gain a lot of views- especially if it's part of a series.

60. Philosophical concepts

Philosophy can be mind-boggling- if you're wise enough to understand these concepts, then Youtube is a great place to share.

61. Conspiracy theories

Viewers LOVE conspiracy theories- especially ones that have decent ground to them. No matter how wild your theory is- you'll find your community on Youtube.

62. Controversy concepts

There are always controversial things to discuss in today's day and age. Try everything from political opinions to UFOs.

63. Scientific concepts

Scientific concepts on YouTube

This can be everything from educational videos to investigating paranormal activity.

64. Math tutorials

Unless you're a genius, you will have struggled with math at some point. From elementary concepts to unsolvable equations- share as much as you can!

65. Tech news and rumors

There will always be rumors about unreleased games and tech products. Videos documenting these rumors and newsreels will always garner attention.

66. Giveaways

Giveaways always encourage engagement. If you want to give back to your community, then a giveaway is the way to go!

67. Throwback videos

Throwbacks are nostalgic for you and your viewers. You can react to your old videos or try and recreate them- the options are endless!

68. Compare products

These work well in beauty and lifestyle videos, as viewers are always looking for dupes of more expensive products.

69. A fail compilation

Like bloopers, fail videos always gain a laugh! Compile all of these shots into one video for you and your viewers to reminisce on.

70. Fashion videos

You can make fashion videos for every scenario. Try a back-to-school lookbook or one for Christmas morning.

71. Weird experiments

Again, viewers will always be curious about videos like these. Have a wacky experiment you'd like to try? Video it for Youtube!

72. Motivational videos

Motivational videos are heartwarming and engaging in many ways. They can be helpful for you and your viewers to gain inspiration for a new year or new chapter of life.

Get started with YouTube

Get started with YouTube

Now that you have got tons of video ideas: get creating! Head over to our page on Youtube to start your content-creating journey.

What are the most popular youtube topics?

Everything has its own niche on Youtube. Some of the most popular channels involve gaming, music, and beauty and lifestyle.

What are good youtube video ideas?

There are endless good Youtube video ideas. Start with something easy and accessible like a QA or introduction to ease yourself into the process.

How to come up with youtube video ideas?

Some of the best inspiration comes from the platform itself. Watch some of your favorite YouTubers and inspiration will come.

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