Having a professional photographer at your wedding is vital for preserving the memories. You do not want your drunk uncle Harry to be in charge of that. Having a wedding photographer is definitely worth it.

In this article, we have gathered the best wedding photographers right now. We want to celebrate their incredible work, creating memories for a lifetime.

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1. Corbin Gurkin

Corbin Gurkin is a destination wedding photographer. She started her artistic career with drawing and painting but later pursued photography at the Tisch School of the Arts.

Gurkin has covered weddings all over the world in countries like Thailand, France, Ireland and Italy.

Her photography is very intimate and focuses on the subjects of the day. She also focuses on the decorations and overall vibe of the wedding.

If you want to learn more, check out her website below.


2. Donatella Barbera

Donatella Barbera is a wedding photographer based in Firenze, Italy.

She has photographed diverse couples for years and does not turn anyone down based on religion or traditions she is not aware of.

She approaches the wedding as a photojournalist approaches their subjects. With a curious mind, she tries to capture the authentic moments of the wedding.

She also captures emotional photographs that make her clients relive the day when going through the photo album.

Check out her website below.

Donatella Barbera weddings photographer
I’m professional photographer specialising in weddings, based in Tuscany, Italy and available worldwide.

3. Rambo Estrada

Rambo Estrade is a wedding photographer based in Tauranga, New Zealand.

He is on several lists of best wedding photographers, and now he is also featured here.

He has, as of writing this, covered over 180 weddings throughout his career. Estrada approaches weddings as a documentarian and tries to go as unnoticed as possible.

The only time he interferes with the subjects is when the portraits are taken. Other than that, he encourages his clients to ignore his presence.

What advice would you give to couples that are planning a wedding and are seeking a photographer?

Make sure you look through many full wedding galleries. You have to look beyond a curated Instagram feed to really get a feel for a photographers overall style. Meet with your photographer (or video chat), you’re going to be hanging out with them for a whole day, so you want to make sure you’re going to get along.

What is your expert advice to aspiring wedding photographers?

Get as many second shooting gigs as you can. You’ll pick up so much from observing experienced photographers at work.

What is your photography style?

Creative documentary.

How much do you charge per hour?

$545 NZD

Where are you based?

Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.

Learn about him on his website below.

Tauranga Wedding Photographer | Rambo Estrada | Bay of Plenty NZ
Awarded top 30 worldwide wedding photographer. Tauranga wedding photographer based in the Bay of Plenty New Zealand, documenting adventures worldwide.

4. Zhuo Ya

Zhuo Ya is a New Zealand photographer who specialises in wedding and portrait photography.

His wedding portraits stick out for their creativity. He has a talent for taking pre-wedding photos around New Zealand. With the beautiful nature as a background, the stage is set for an incredible set of photographs.

Zhuo takes pictures in the wasteland, the forest, mountain lakes and even glaciers. A lot of his photos are taken at the golden hour or at night time. It makes the pictures look magical.

What advice would you give to couples that are planning a wedding and are seeking a photographer?

Before you start looking for a studio, understand what you are looking for first and then go for the photographer(s) that can fillfull the requirements. Things that may consider are:Does the photographer's style meet my vision? Does the team have a good reputation? Can they supply outfits and makeup? Are they willing to travel?  
They are plenty of things for them to think about.

What is your advice to aspiring wedding photographers?

I'm going to sound like a broken record for this, but really, just keep practicing. It takes time to find your style and that's okay. Keep trying. Trial and error can be your best friend. Allow yourself to fail; it will be your way forward. Also, understand the fact that no matter how good your composition, use of lighting or post-production is, there will always be people who love your work and people who don’t. The photography world is very subjective and perfect doesn't exist.

What is your photography style?

Every image is like a painting. It should be elegant, riches in colour and should able to convey emotion and story.

How much do you charge per hour?

We charge based on by per shoot/project. We can see more infomation on our website at: www.zhuo-ya.com/.

Where are you based?

Christchurch, New Zealand.

If you want to know more, check out his website.

5. KT Merry

KT Merry is an American wedding and editorial photographer. She runs her business with her husband, and they make an excellent duo.

Merry is known for her wedding photographs taken in magnificent surroundings. She does both pre-wedding and engagement portraits of the couple.

One of the services that she offers is destination weddings. Here the weddings are held in a magical setting. It makes the big day even better and ensures that the photographs KT captures are unforgettable.

If you want to learn more, go to her website below.

Luxury Destination Wedding & Editorial Photography - KT Merry
Luxury Destination Wedding and Editorial Photography rooted in adventure, purpose and soul. We are perpetual explorers, seeking to make the world a better place.
wedding slice cake

6. Jay Hsiang

Jay Hsiang is an American destination wedding photographer. Hsiang is a storyteller and manages to capture all moments of the big day.

He does both pre-wedding shoots and wedding coverage. He is a destination wedding photographer meaning he travels for weddings in many places.

He has done shoots in many places in the USA, London, Hokkaido and Iceland. Jay does both videography and photography.

Check out his work on his website below.

World’s Top 10 Wedding Photographer | Engagement & Pre-Wedding Photography | Los Angeles | New York
Looking for the best Los Angeles wedding photographer? Jay Hsiang is an award-winning wedding photographer based in the Los Angeles Art District area. Recently name the World’s top 10 wedding photographer by One Eyeland and Top 2 in the USA

7. Olga Levien

Olga Levien is a New Zealand photographer based in Auckland.

While she mainly does her work in New Zealand, she is not afraid to travel anywhere for the perfect photoshoot.

She typically spends time with the couples trying to understand them and their personalities better. In this way, she can capture unique and spectacular photographs.

Her photographic style draws from her experience with fine art and documentary photography. This mashes well into her unique wedding photography.

What advice would you give to couples that are planning a wedding and are seeking a photographer?

My main advice is to trust your intuition to find a photographer – an artist whose style you like and a person who you gel with. It’s important to be on the same page and feel how we roll.

What is your advice to aspiring wedding photographers?

Determination, practice and a bit of luck! Just go for it and new opportunities will find you!

What is your photography style?

I love to find the beauty in details and harmony in moments <3

How much do you charge per hour?

They are all custom quotes.

Where are you based?

Auckland, New Zealand.

Check out her work on her website below.

Auckland documentary wedding photographer | New Zealand elopement photography
West Auckland best recommended wedding photographers - Olga Levien and Lens photography. Natural candid pre-wedding award-winning photographer {Auckland City, Matakana, Kumeu, Riverhead, Waimauku}. Specialising in documentary and creative {artistic, emotional, real} weddings, eng

8. Damiano Salvadori

Damiano Salvadori is an Italian wedding photographer. While he is based in Tuscany, he also travels for clients if they need him to.

Damiano puts all his focus on his photography and does not work with video himself. Instead, he has some collaborators he works with if a video is needed.

He likes to express emotions through his photography and capture the couples at their best on the big day.

If you want to learn more, check out his website below.

Damiano Salvadori: Wedding Photographer in Certaldo Florence Tuscany Italy
Italy Destination Wedding Photographer based in Certaldo, a medieval village in Tuscany near Florence. Available in Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Venice, Siena, Cinque Terre, Val d’Orcia and all over the world.

9. Isabelle Hattink

Isabelle Hattink is a Dutch photographer based in Rotterdam.

When she takes pictures at a wedding, she uses a photojournalistic style to create an everlasting narrative.

She captures both the perfect but also the imperfect moments of the wedding. Because that is, after all, what makes it real. She has plenty of experience and knows how to blend in and not interfere with the wedding.

pre wedding photography

Check out her company website below.

HOME - Wedding Photography Isabelle Hattink
Wedding photography Isabelle Hattink

10. Andrew Joseph

Andrew Joseph is an American wedding photographer based in St. Louis.

He does both pre-wedding portraits as well as wedding photography. He loves spending time capturing the perfect moments of the couple.

His photography has a beautiful composition, and he is experienced at finding architecturally incredible settings.

If you are interested in learning more, check out his website below.

St. Louis Wedding Photographer - Andrew Joseph Photography
Top St. Louis Wedding Photographer Creating breathtaking, artsy, and timeless wedding images Photography is a work of art that knows no limits. Andrew Joseph is an award-winning photographer known for his creative artistic capabilities. If you are looking for a photographer who can capture dramatic…

11. Bas Uijlings

Bas Uijlings is a Dutch photographer based in Amersfoort. Despite being based in The Netherlands, he is available worldwide if needed.

He has captured weddings in the United States, Europe and Africa. He has done photoshoots in every climate and weather imaginable.

He has many years of experience and is always a top professional. He shows up dressed up and capture the natural moments of the day.

His photography is “For Sophisticated And Luxurious Couples” and always asks the couple: "How do you want to remember your wedding day?"

What advice would you give to couples that are planning a wedding and are seeking a photographer?

Before planning for a budget first determine how you want to remember your day. When you have wonderful images you will remember your wedding day in all of its glory. All the details you have selected carefully will work together to create a wonderful story of your special day together.

What is your advice to aspiring wedding photographers?

If you dream of becoming a wedding photographer, make sure you make it happen. It’s a tough job, but so fulfilling! Both physically and mentally it can be tough. Especially in the first 5 years when everything is new and exciting it can also be exhausting. Make sure you are capable of capturing high speed events, know how to shoot manual and learn how to use flash. You need to know this by heart before trying to shoot a wedding event. Try to find a wedding where you can capture the day with the presence of a professional. This way you are able to try, learn and be confronted with your learning points.

What is your photography style?

Our photography can be described as 'the truth, captured in the best possible way’. We want to show moments in the best possible way to make it easy for our couples to go back in time and remember their day of special moments abroad. That’s the reason we don’t follow trends and deliver our images in vivid colours and black and white, edited in our unique quality and style.

How much do you charge per hour?

We always offer custom quotes to our couples based on their wishes. We do have several wedding packages available to our customers to make the booking process as easy as possible. Please visit our website for more information: https://www.buwedding.com or https://www.basuijlings.com.

Where are you based?

We are based out of The Netherlands and work everywhere around the globe. Would you like to challenge us?

Learn more about him on his website below.

Wedding Photography & Film - Bas Uijlings Wedding Photography & Film
Bas Uijlings Wedding Photography and Film - For Sophisticated And Luxurious Couples Planning a Destination Wedding. >> Available Worldwide

12. Todd Laffler

Todd Laffler is an American wedding photographer based in New Jersey.

He has worked as a wedding photographer for over 15 years, and he always strives to capture real moments.

His focus is telling the story of his clients in a way that translates into pictures. Doing so will preserve the memories for generations to come.

Check out his website below.

The best wedding photographer in New Jersey... and beyond!

13. Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony is an American photographer based in Los Angeles. He describes his style as colourful, contemporary and cinematic.

He has a knack for storytelling, and he has travelled to many countries for his photoshoots.

He also has experience with different types of weddings. He has worked with various cultural weddings, such as American and Indian weddings.

If he sounds interesting, then check out his website below.

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer | Michael Anthony Photography - Michael Anthony Photography
Michael Anthony Photography is a Los Angeles Wedding Photographer serving the areas surrounding LA, providing couples with cinematic wedding photography.

14. Victor Lax

Victor Lax is a Spanish wedding photographer. He does not consider himself as using any specific style.

His work is versatile, and he always tries to base his work on a case by case basis. That way, he makes sure he captures the images that fit his clients wedding the best.

He focuses on blending in and not disturbing any part of the big day. But just because you won't see him, it doesn't mean that he is not working hard.

Check out his work on his website below.

Best Spain Wedding Photographers - Victor & Erika Wedding Photography
Victor & Erika are one of the best Spanish wedding photographers. They are based in Spain and love photograph weddings in Barcelona, Mallorca y Madrid.

15. Elizabeth Messina

Elizabeth Messina is a photographer who focuses on lifestyle and wedding photography.

Her photographs are very intimate and capture the everyday life of her clients. When she does wedding shoots, it is informal and realistic.

She wants to capture the essence of her clients and follow the wishes and dreams they have.

If you want to learn more about her, go to her website here.

Closing Thoughts

We have now gone through the work of 15 admirable wedding photographers. I hope you enjoyed the list and maybe even found your future wedding photographer.

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