To make an instant freeze. To immortalize a moment that is gone the very next second. To catch a person in a particular state, at a particular age, after all, we are not getting any younger. That’s what photography is about. Well, at least that’s how some pathos essay on photography can start. You can also throw in the etymology of the word, which is a combination of the Greek words φωτός and γραφή.

But that’s necessary only if you’re writing an essay on your own. In case you’re determined to become a photographer, you can delegate your academic papers to an essay writing service, while you master your craft. But when it comes to creative professions like being a photographer, you cannot rely solely on your talent. There are several steps that you need to go through in order to become a photographer.

  • You need to pick a niche that suits you the best
  • Learn how to operate a camera
  • Take a lot of photos
  • Build a portfolio
  • Do a lot of research on photography

Yes, those are the things that also can be in your paper ordered from some essay service. But let’s get back to the photography per se. Now, think about what all the steps mentioned above require. That’s right, you can’t do that without equipment. You may know all tips and tricks theoretically, but what’s the use of them without practice?

To practice and build your portfolio, you need equipment. And equipment for photography is not limited to cameras. Yet, most of the items that you need are camera-related. But we’re beating around the bush. We have some suggestions for your photographer starter pack, which we offer you to check out without any further ado.


Yes, the obvious item in your photographer starter pack is a camera. In case you’re already into photography, you most likely have one. But as an amateur photographer who only dreams of turning your attempts into a regular hobby or a profession, you might as well be using your smartphone. But you need a camera if your intentions are serious.

While it’s a legend that authors who provide essay writing help need to write with a pen to be a pro, professional photographers still need to use a real camera. Regardless of the advances of smartphone cameras, you need to know how to operate a real one. And a real one doesn’t necessarily mean an analog photo camera. You can use a digital one.

DSLR (Digital Single Lense Reflex) cameras are going away. Multiple manufacturers ceased to produce them, with several going to stop the production within the next few years. Now, mirrorless cameras are in vogue. But you can use a DSLR one for your first steps. It would be best if you opt for a camera that allows changing lenses, as that’s our next stop.


Lenses are crucial items in photography. The lens you choose has the most impact on the way your picture will look. A tip that not every essay writer online knows when crafting your paper on photography is that the camera is less important than the lenses. You can achieve much more by focusing on high-quality lenses rather than a model of your camera. Still, there’s no need to opt for the most expensive one.

There are two types of additional lenses that will come in handy on your path to becoming a photographer. The first type is prime lenses that have a default setting for a single focal length. They are quite inexpensive, and they offer great capture of an image. However, there’s a downside to using them. You need to change them whenever you need to modify the focal length. So, it’s going to slow your process, especially if you’re going to shoot live events.

The second type is zoom lenses. Unlike their prime counterpart, zoom lenses allow modifying focal length without changing the lenses themselves. They would come in handy when you want to take photos during sporting events or when observing wildlife. But they are more expensive in comparison to prime lenses.


After you get the camera and lenses, the next essential item you should purchase is a tripod. While you may enjoy running around with your camera and making shots relying on your hands, a tripod is a must if you truly want to figure out your niche. You may think that your hands are unlikely to fail you, but keeping them steady for long exposure shots may turn out to be quite difficult.

But a tripod is not just a simple substitute for your hands. It allows you to make images that would otherwise be impossible to make. Aside from stability, shooting with a tripod allows a more consistent framing. Thanks to this device you can take pictures in low light. As you can see, it’s much more than just preventing your hands from getting tired.

There’s one tricky thing about tripods — their price range. You can find them for prices from $35 to $1000. Even though it’s your starter pack, you should still avoid purchasing the cheapest ones. They hardly work even when you just got them and they become completely useless after a few uses. It doesn’t mean that you should buy the most expensive one, but a tripod costing more than $100 will serve you well.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous items that we left out of the article. Flashes, reflectors, camera bags, polarizing filters, photo editing software, and memory cards. But there’s a reason why we omitted them. They will come in handy much later. If you are thinking about becoming a photographer, you need the big three mentioned in the article.

So, look for a camera, lenses, and tripods, and start making your first photos. And don’t forget to do your research on photography and its history. You may find the best dissertation writing service to craft a paper on the subject, simply because you’re not planning to become some essaypro. However, delving into the history of photography on your own can help you find the niche and useful ideas.

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