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Sony FX30


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If you fell for the Sony FX3, then you’re going to like the news: this October Sony releases its newest cinema camera, FX30, which beats all other competing models of the brand.

In short - the same features as in FX3 but for half the price! Let’s explore what the new model has prepared for the creators - keep reading this article to discover the Sony FX30’s key features, strong points, and our verdict.

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Ability to use LUTs in-camera and Excellent Autofocus

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Expensive and less common CF Express Type A Cards

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Is it worth it?


If you are a video maker, vlogger, or even a full-on filmmaker, the Sony FX30 won’t disappoint. It’s currently considered one of the best cameras for those keen to make their productions more cinematic. Straight-from-camera video creators will also find this camera appealing, as it would let them expand their shooting and editing capabilities.


Although the FX30 features a 26MP sensor, this camera is video-first. If you’re a photographer and are looking for an option that delivers captivating stills, it’s better to look another way and choose a camera that is focused on images rather than video.


Cinema camera features and design

Cinema Line LUTs and log modes

Premium build quality

Affordable price for a cinema camera

Excellent autofocus

Multiple mounting points



IBIS could be better

No 6K option

A 3-inch rear screen can be too small for some