Why do I need a shot list, you might ask. Trust me, it will save you some time on  set!

Shot list is a simple tool that can have great impact. Shot list is a strategic document that lays out the plan for each single shot during the entire movie or any other project. It communicates your vision in more detail. It not only helps you keep track but unifies the expectations withing the whole crew – and as I've already mentioned, saves a lot of time.

It also helps with planning your scenes and their order. Additionally, for each scene, you'll know the field of view, style, lighting, filter needed, camera, lens, audio or rigging and much more...

If that's exactly what you're looking for, you can download a free template below.

If you're wondering what a shot list is, head over to our blog and read more about what a shot list is. If you're looking for more templates, head over to our free templates section and take whatever you or your team needs for your next production.

Happy to be a part of your filmmaking journey and make it just a bit easier for you.

...keep great stories alive!

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