Discover professional wedding photographer and cinematographer – Nikola Auterska’s best tips on how you get started with wedding photography.

Wedding Photography:
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Wedding Photography:
Complete Guide by Nikola Auterska

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What is wedding photography?


Types of wedding photography


How much to charge?


Wedding photography prep


Wedding photography location


Wedding photography lighting


Camera settings for wedding photography


Best equipment for wedding photography


Post-processing wedding photography


Finding inspiration


Breaking the rules


Final tips & tricks




Meet Nikola


What you’ll learn

Accept you only get one chance (at every wedding).

Pack extra batteries and plenty of memory storage.

Make a shot list to ensure you capture everything.

Bring a flash for every wedding to put on your camera.

Prepare a mood board for easy picture inspiration on hand.

Pack snacks for you and your assistant to eat during the day.

Scout a good picture location – somewhere with plenty of natural light.

Avoid losing your work by backing your files up twice on separate drives.

Masterclass Chapters

Nikola Auterska starts her masterclass by presenting herself, her work, and what wedding photography is.

Types of wedding photography

She reminds us that there are different types of wedding photography. Everyone has a different style, with some people preferring a documentary feel.

How much to charge

When it comes to charging, it always is expensive, and for a reason. Going through the pictures and editing them takes a lot of time. It takes around four weeks.


Wedding photography prep

Nikola insists on the importance of preparation. Arriving at the event not prepared is something to avoid. She recommends doing some practice takes and even some practice editing.

Wedding photography location

For the location, she prefers shooting with natural light. Making sure with the couple that there are some windows in the changing rooms, or at least nearby, is a great trick.

Wedding photography lighting

Nikola doesn’t like shooting with a flash at a wedding. But having a LED panel or a lighting system usually does the trick.


Camera settings for wedding photography

With camera settings, Nikola reminds us that it is different for each person and camera. For her, testing is the only way to know which settings work the best for said scene.

Best camera for wedding photography (& other equipment)

She then lists which cameras, lenses, and equipment she uses. She always uses two cameras: one with an 85mm lens and a second one with a zoom lens.

Post-processing wedding photography

For the editing, she advises us to back up all the time, at least twice. Then she gives us some tips on how she does her editing.


Finding inspiration

She takes inspiration from other photographers who have been in the business longer than her.

Breaking the rules

Before breaking the rules, she reminds us that mastering them is essential. Thinking outside the box could create some wonders, but you should perfect your skills first.

Final tips & tricks

Before wrapping up, she gives us some final tips, starting with the most important one: bringing snacks.

About Your Instructor

Photo of the instructor

Nikola Auterska

Cinematographer and photographer

Birmingham, United Kingdom

"You only get one chance at everything, so you have to make it count."

Nikola Auterska is originally from Czechia but now lives in the UK.

Her titles include cinematographer, with a focus on short films, wedding photographer, and camera assistant.

She is a London-based Cinematography MA graduate from the Goldsmiths University of London.

As a freelance cinematographer and camera assistant, she creates content for fashion films, social media, and promotions. She also works with narrative short films and experimental films as her passion projects.

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