Surf Photography:
Everything you need to know by Maria Fernanda

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Have you ever opened your Instagram explore page, seen some remarkable surfing pictures, and wondered how photographers take such beautiful shots?

As we approach summer, it is the perfect time to learn and train to elevate your surf photography shots. So, before you take your camera, here are our 5 essential tips on how to nail your surf photography shots.

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Maria Fernanda

Surf Photography 101: Detailed Guide by Maria Fernanda

Have you ever opened your Instagram explorer page, seen some remarkable surfing pictures, and wondered how photographers take such beautiful shots? Learn with Maria 🤩






What is surf photography


How to become a surf photographer


How to prep for a shoot


How to get the perfect shot


Best lens for surf photography


Accessories for surf photography


Tips and tricks




Wrap up


Meet Your Instructor


What you’ll learn

To become a surf photographer, you must have a passion for it!

Use weather apps to predict the conditions during the shoot.

If you have a drop of water on the port, it can ruin your whole image.

Shoot with 200 ISO, 2000 shutter speed, and then just shift your focus.

You need to know the sport, and train mentally and physically to be able to excel in photographing it.

Use surf wax, candle wax, sunscreen, or oil to keep the port dry and clean to take the best photos.

Masterclass chapters

What is surf photography?

Surf photography, as Maria would refer to it, is the art of documenting surfing from land or water. There are many differences between surf photography and any other type of photography. Maria will tell you more about it in this chapter.

How to become a surf photographer?

Surf photography involves a lot of sacrifice and commitment. You have to know the sport inside out. You must train for it, especially for water shots. You have to be in shape and ready to swim for hours. You have to be strong both physically and mentally.


Prepping for a shoot

Setting up for a surf photography shoot depends on many things, for example, the day you want to shoot and the waves. Fortunately, there are ways to predict that with some preparation. In this chapter, Maria will tell you how she prepares for a shooting day.

The perfect shot

Define your subject and anticipate what they are about to do. Is it just the wave you want to capture or a specific surfer? At this point in surf photography, knowing the sport comes in handy.


Best lens

The best lens to use will always depend on the type of photography you want to work on. Short lenses are perfect if you want a view of all the surroundings, but if you want to more focus on your subject, you want to focus more on a wide angle. Listen to Maria go into more detail on the perfect lenses for surf photography.


Maria will show you her most used accessories for surf photography. Using a housing for your camera is a must when shooting because you want to be able to swim and move fast in the water. When shooting in big waves, wear a helmet and vest for safety.


Tips and tricks

In this chapter, Maria will share some of her best tips for surf photography. Amongst other things, she will talk about where to place the camera housing and how to swim with the camera.


The biggest inspiration is the ocean and the people she meets through her work. In this chapter, she will share some of her best tips for inspiration for surf photography.

Photo of the instructor

Maria Fernanda

Surf photographer

Mexico City, Mexico

“If you are trying to become a surf photographer you have to have a passion for it!”

Born and raised in Mexico City, Maria holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Since she was a young girl, she has had a passion for being in the water. While in high school, she was a swimmer for the regional team. Whenever she had any spare time, she would escape to the beach and enjoy surfing.

Her other passion for photography started when she finished high school, taking many beautiful pictures around her hometown of Mexico City.

After graduating from college, she traveled to Hawaii, where she learned to combine her love of surfing with her passion for photography. Now she shoots pictures of surfers in the water wherever she goes.

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