Wedio teamed up with Jasper Enujuba for an exclusive masterclass about photography directing. In it, you will discover what a director of photography is and what is their job!

Director of Photography:
What Is It and What Do They Do?

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Jasper Enujuba

Director of Photography: What Is It, and What Do They Do? By Jasper Enujuba

Who is the Director of Photography, what does one do, and how to become one? Let’s ask the DOP – Jasper Enujuba.






How to become a DOP


What does DOP do




Qualities required


Cinematic styles


Finding inspiration


Best & worst experience






Meet Jasper


What you’ll learn

Don’t be afraid to use your instincts and intuition.

Learn the color science and understand the textures.

Be tech savvy, and understand the different cameras, and lenses.

Justify the narrative and learn to be able to communicate the narrative.

Understand the lighting.

Have a good eye for aesthetics.

About this Masterclass

Masterclass Chapters

The director of photography Jasper Enujuba introduces us to the world of cinematography. He teaches us what skills and qualities you'd need to become a DOP, and some tips and tricks to improve the quality of our work.

How to become a cinematographer?

Jasper begins by telling us how to become a cinematographer. For him, there isn't necessarily one way to become a DOP. You start by being a trainee and slowly move your way up to become a DOP. He then goes on to tell us how he did it.

What does a DOP do?

Jasper explains the way a DOP works. He arrives and works with the crew. Then talks with the director to know his approach. And then this cycle repeats itself.

Pre-production process

In the pre-production process, the cinematographer will try to understand what the director wants, what he is trying to achieve, or which emotions he conveys.

Qualities of a cinematographer

Jasper then shares the qualities he thinks make a great cinematographer. For him, having a great sense of aesthetics is primordial, as understanding lighting and how it works, etc.

Cinematic styles

Initially, his work was very dark, and as time went on, he found his style. People have described his work as being more of a portrait cinematographer. For him, showing the character's expressions is very important.

Finding inspiration

Jasper doesn't necessarily look up to any cinematographer. Still, he met some people who influenced his work, for example, Abdellatif Kechiche, a french director.

Best & worst experiences

His best shooting experience was when he had to work with Adidas on a project. He had previously never shot something for a sports ad.

He then says that he doesn't have had a bad experience yet.

About Your Instructor

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Jasper Enujuba


London, United Kingdom

"My paintings and drawings were a fundation for my cinematography today"

Jasper Enujuba is a director of photography with a sensibility for film and television.

Jasper studied at the London Film Academy or Anglia Ruskin University. He is interested in Arts, Commercials, Corporate, Documentary Films, and Feature or Short Films. He is experienced in Arts, Commercials, Corporate, Documentary films, Shorts, and Reality TV.

Throughout multiple years in the industry, Jasper has developed the aesthetic vision that grants characters the room they need to reveal their inner depths on the trusted intimacy of his screen.

He is a dedicated cinematographer embracing the narrative, the characters, and their emotions. He utilizes these ingredients to express a cinematic language unique to each project.

Every decision he makes is for the sole purpose of justifying the essence of the story and fulfilling the director’s vision. He’s driven by innovation in approach.

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