We can all agree that music is much more than a mere compilation of coordinated sounds.

The right music at the right time will control the narrative of your video. It can make your audience feel enthusiastic, melancholy, motivated, or relaxed.

In this guide, discover how to add music to your video on different devices and explore the 9 best sources to find the music!

Curious about the power of soundtracks and background music in filmmaking? Learn about it in our ultimate filmmaking guide.

How to add music to a video

First, open your preferred video editor. Second, upload the video to which you wish to add music. Then, import the media you need, such as the audio files.

Your media is likely on a library now, so drag it to your timeline (it is easier to create new tracks for it to keep elements separate).

At this point, it is time for adjustments. These include adapting where your audio lands, improving its quality, and altering its volume (to avoid outshining a narration, for example).

Here is where you can express your creativity the most. When you are pleased with the result, export and save.

add music to video apps iphone mac windows

How to add music to a video on iPhone

You can use several free apps to add music to your videos on your iPhone, including ones you probably use on your desktop (such as iMovie). For variety purposes, let us say you are using InShot:

  • Download and open the app;
  • Select Video and then New;
  • Choose the clip(s) from your library;
  • Click on the Music option, and select Tracks.

Here, you can use:

  • Voice-over option
  • Featured tracks
  • Downloaded tracks (by choosing Imported music)
  • Extract audio from the video
  • Edit and adjust the audio to align it with the video
  • Export and save
add music video editing audio sound

How to add music to a video on Mac

When using a Mac, chances are you will be editing on iMovie.

  • Before going to the editor, download your audio to iTunes;
  • Open iMovie;
  • Tap on Create New Project;
  • Upload your video;
  • Drag the video to the project timeline;
  • Click on Audio in the menu bar at the top;
  • Select iTunes and search for the audio you wish to use;
  • Drag it to the project timeline (note that this will automatically add the full soundtrack);
  • Adjust your audio to your preference (such as its length, for example);
  • Once you are satisfied, click on export.

How to add music to a video on Windows

Unlike Mac, Windows does not come with a particular editing tool. In that sense, you will need to look for either an online option or one compatible with this software, such as Adobe Premiere Rush.

Here is how you add music to your video with most tools:

  • Download and install the editor on your Windows laptop/PC;
  • Import the video you want to add music to;
  • Click on the Add media button;
  • In the media browser, select the destination of your audio from the dropdown menu;
  • Choose the music you want to add and drag it to the project timeline;
  • Align the audio with the video and make further adjustments;
  • Once you are done, export the video and save it in the folder of your choice.
add music to video for free apps

How to add music to a video for free

Distinct software and devices offer different tools. Still, there are a lot of free options. Here are some:

  • iMovie: iOS, mobile, desktop
  • Clips app: iOS, mobile
  • InShot: iOS, Android, mobile
  • Quick: iOS, Android, mobile
  • VEED: Web (but only optimized for desktop so far)
  • PowerDirector Essential: iOS, Android, Windows, mobile, desktop
  • Funimate: iOS, Android, Windows, mobile, desktop

How to choose the right music for your video

If you are an artist of any kind, chances are you have already heard this, but if not, here goes a little secret: there are no rules.

Still, if you don't wish to unleash your creative beast, some options may be more effective than others.

Choose if the music is suited to be a leading or secondary role

First, determine if your music has a leading or secondary role. If your project conveys a lot of information, avoid music with overly prominent features that distract from your message.

On the other hand, if you only transmit broad concepts, you can explore music that stimulates emotions.

Select a music genre that fits your audience

Second, use a musical genre that fits your audience. For instance, I do not remember meeting a kid with Mozart posters on his bedroom wall.

Furthermore, do not forget about the budget. If it is large, you can get custom music made. If limited, stick for ones with a creative commons license.

Maintain synergy between sound and picture

Lastly, never forget your music must tell the same story as your visuals. In that sense, consider the feelings you want to convey. Some songs have cheerful tones, while others lead to sadness or empathy.

For example, business-related videos often work best with upbeat music, while dramatic melodies suit impactful documentaries best.

music video editing apps sources where to find

Where can I find music for my video?

Premium Beat

Key features:

  • Extensive music library (21,000 songs)
  • Songs are categorized into 27 main genres (and more subgenres)
  • Over 280 free sound effects
  • Licensing is project-based and permanent (when you download a song, you can use it as many times as you like in one particular project)


  • Single-song model: download any of their songs for $49 (standard) or $199 (premium)
  • Or monthly subscription: $65/month, billed monthly (limited to 5 tracks per month)


TechSmith provides different tools to record your screen and edit videos. One of the most popular is Camtasia.

Key features:

  • Computer screen recording
  • Video templates and themes (good for branding purposes)
  • PowerPoint integration
  • Over 100 transitions
  • Green screen
  • Interactive (allows adding quizzes, for example)


  • From £200 to £270 (depending on promotions available)
  • Education and Government pricing available.

YouTube audio library

Key features:

  • Exists in the Creator Studio section of your YouTube account
  • 150 Royalty-Free Tracks available as 320 Kbps MP3 files
  • Tracks can be used outside of YouTube (but most contact the artist beforehand)
  • Tracks can also be used for commercial purposes
  • Simple user interface
  • Check copyright policies for music that is not available for free
  • Several parameters to find the most appropriate music
  • You MUST include the full credits in your video description


  • Free (but make sure you follow the rules)
music sources premium beat techsmith artlist


Key features:

  • Thousands of free music
  • Music for commercial projects, video games, film, and video
  • You have to give credit to the musicians
  • Easy user interface


  • Free

Free Music Archive

Key features:

  • Thousands of options for free
  • Authorization to upload and edit music is granted on an invitation basis
  • Users can "tip" artists via donations


  • Free

Tune pocket

Key features:

  • 10,000+ royalty-free music tracks and sounds
  • For personal and commercial projects
  • Licensing is simple


  • Business membership: $199 per year billed annually (16$ per month)
  • Personal membership: $99 per year billed annually (8.25$ per month)
  • Pay as you go: $39 to download any 5 audio files. Buy once, use forever.
add music to video free apps guide how to step by step


Key features:

  • Royalty-free music tracks and sound effects
  • Beautiful and easy to use website
  • Music is divided into collections (for example valentines day, perfect for TikTok, inspired by Squid Game, and more), artists and albums


  • Enterprise: Tailored licensing and plans for organizations
  • Personal membership: $9.99 per month billed yearly or monthly (covers all your social media channels)
  • Unlimited: $16.60 billed yearly (covers everything from personal to commercial projects)

Purple planet music

Key features:

  • Royalty-free music collections
  • A multitude of natural-feel tracks recorded using real instruments
  • Music is written and performed by the two Purple Planet founders.


  • Free downloads: files converted to 192kbps mp3 (you must give credit)
  • Purchased license: Standard ($8) or Broadcast ($40) for full-quality 16-bit WAV files
music to video add how apps free sources list

Audio jungle

Key features:

  • 1,837,068 tracks and sounds from a community of musicians and sound engineers
  • Individual songs, music kits, music packs, sound effects, audio logos, and musical idents


The pricing refers to Envato Elements, the platform AudioJungle belongs to, and whose subscription includes several digital assets:

  • Every month there are new free items
  • Individual plan: €14.50/month
  • Teams: From €9.45/month per member
  • Enterprise: Custom licensing for organizations, agencies, and teams of six or more
  • 30% off for students

Learn more post-production techniques

Music is just a piece of the puzzle. If you want to create an impactful video, you’ll need to wrap your head around every step of the post-production process.

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How to add music to a video?

Use a video editing app - upload the video to which you wish to add music, import the audio files, and make the necessary adjustments.

How to add music to a video on iPhone?

You can use iMovies for adding music, and other video apps like InShot. Here’s how to do it with the latter:
- Select "video" and then "new";
- Choose the clip(s) from your library;
- Click on the “music” option, and select “tracks”;
- Edit and adjust the audio to align it with the video;
- Export and save.

How do you add background music to a video?

The same way as you add any music to a video - through a video editing app either on mobile or on desktop.

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