Drones have quickly become a must-have in the film industry. Whether you need a B-roll of beautiful scenery or need to film a fast car chase, a drone can come in handy.

And if you are not in the film industry, you can even use it for property inspection.

We have gathered the best FPV drone pilots in London right now, so don't hesitate to shoot them a mail for your next project.

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1. Sam Butcher

Sam Butcher is not only an experienced drone pilot, but he also flies real aircraft. He has a 100% safety record since obtaining his BNUC-S qualification.

Sam used to race with FPV drones as a hobby before using it as a cinematic tool.

He also has experience flying without GPS, which is often necessary when flying a drone inside.

If you want to learn more about Sam, go to his Instagram or website below.

Drone Operator London
Drone Operator London - experienced professional freelance 4K camera drone operator London, UK.

2. JR Catipon

JR Catipon is a licensed FPV Racing Drone Pilot as well as a video editor.

JR has been in several different industries. He films MTB, boxing, motorsport and real estate.

In 2020, he worked with Lewis Hamilton and his team to introduce his racing team, Team X44.

If you want to learn more about JR, check out his Instagram or his company website below.

First-Person View (FPV) Aerial Drone Filming | London | DDP
London First-Person View (FPV) Racing Drone Pilots for Hire. Full-service production company for Film/TV, Branded, Real Estate and Live Sport. Dirty Dishes Productions is innovating and changing the landscape of aerial filming.
drone pilot with FPV goggles

3. Charlie Johnston

Charlie is a freelance filmmaker and a licensed drone operator. He has over six years of experience flying drones commercially.

He has experience with many different drones and can fly both with FPV and without it.

He does both Drone photography, 360-degree filming, hyper-lapse, timelapse and Cinematic FPV filming.

Learn more about him on his Instagram or his website below.

Home - Freelance Camera Operator and Videographer - Charlie Johnston - London
Freelance camera operator and videographer based in London, providing camera operating, drone, timelapse & hyperlapse, 360, and editing services.

4. Ian in London

Ian is a freelancing drone operator who does all sorts of commission drone work.

He also owns and operates a YouTube channel dedicated to Drone content.

Here he shows off his incredible footage and gives tips on anything concerning drones.

Check out his Instagram or website below.

Ian in London Imaging | CAA Licensed Drone Operator | Aerial Photos
Ian in London Imaging. Aerial photography and video from around the World. Drone reviews and tutorials. How to fly your drone to shoot better aerial video and photos. caa licenced drone operator. Ian in London
drone sitting on a tree

5. Neil Marshall

Neil runs his own company called Eagle Drone Solutions. He offers his drone experience to business and prospective homeowners.

With his FPV Drone, he can assess properties. He uses both regular and thermal vision to gather as much data as needed.

He uses this data to give his clients a better idea of the state of the properties.

If you want to learn more, check out his Instagram or company website below.

Home | Drone Property Inspections
Aerial inspections of buildings and structures utilising the lastest drone technology, assessing condition, identifying maintenance issues and accurately measuring surfaces through photogrammetry. Non invasive, safe and afforable means of surveying elevated areas of a property.

6. Andrew Lawrence

Andrew runs a video production company with all types of robust camera equipment.

He uses both Movi, Cablecam, Skate and an FPV Drone. Using this, he can record the gritty stuff and go in terrains that other people wouldn't dream of filming in.

If you want to see his work, check out his Instagram or website below.

Mindscape Films | Andrew Lawrence
Video production | FPV | Drone | MOVI | Skate | Cable cam | Red Bull | Top Gear Mindscape Films is a professional video production company based in the UK. Specialising in FPV, drone, MOVI, and cable cam.

7. Matt Shum

Matt Shum is a filmmaker who produces a large variety of films. He works both with Real Estate, Weddings, Music, Sports and Corporate films.

Therefore it's handy to have a drone to shoot some fantastic b-roll or whatever is needed.

Matt has an FPV Drone and a pilots license for just that occasion.

Check out his work on his Instagram or website below.


Closing thoughts

Now we're at the end of the article, and I hope it helped you find what you need.

Are you a drone operator who wants to expand into photography? Then check out our article on camera equipment for beginners.