Considering getting into the world of lifestyle photography? If you're a complete beginner (or not), you can find some great tips in this masterclass!

Lifestyle Photography:
Best Tips by Dan Flinter

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Daniel Flinter

Lifestyle Photography 101:
Tips by Dan Flinter

Thinking about getting into the world of lifestyle photography? If you’re a complete beginner or not you can find some great tips in Dan’s video above!






What is lifestyle photography?


Project prep


Process & changes


Location inspiration




Camera settings


Camera gear




Skills needed




Current & future work


Tips & tricks




Meet Dan


What you’ll learn

Help yourself with sketches to make your idea come alive.

Shoot during the golden hour for beautiful lighting.

Be prepared for everything and anything!

Use battery grip for longer shoots not to worry about the battery.

Always shoot manual to remain fully in control.

Use carousels on Instagram in creative ways to present your work.

Reflect light & achieve cinematic lighting by diffusing light on a negative field.

Masterclass Chapters

In this Masterclass, Dan Flinter teaches us all about lifestyle photography.

What is lifestyle photography?

To start this video, he gives us his definition of lifestyle photography. It's making something the best it can be and getting people interested.

Project prep

Dan shares his best tips when it comes to project prep. For him, getting inspired by the Internet is a good thing. Spend time on Instagram and Pinterest. See what's out there, and create your style.

Process & changes

He describes his processes by talking about his approach to Instagram carousels.


Locations inspiration (in the UK)

Then Dan shares with us his best shooting location in the UK. It includes Wales, North England, Scotland, and many more.

Best lighting

According to Dan, to get the best lighting experience, shooting at golden hour is always the best.

Camera settings

When it comes to camera settings, Dan always uses the manual. It gives you control over everything: the aperture, the exposure, the shutter, etc.

Camera gear

He then lists which gear and camera he uses now. He reveals that he uses lots of cameras at the same time. He is using the Canon EOS 60D, Canon 50 f/1.8, etc.


Editing process

For the edit, he mainly uses the same editing style. He mainly uses Photoshop when it comes to trimming unwanted elements. He also uses some presets on Instagram.

Skills needed

Dan then shares with us the basic skills needed to become a photographer. It includes having a good eye to see things differently, knowing the basics of photography, etc.


For Dan, what inspires him is people pursuing their passion and making a living out of it.

Current and future work

Right now, Dan is working for a new client. He edits and shoots videos for a tech company. And at the moment, he doesn't have any defined plans.

Tips & tricks

Before ending, Dan shares some tips and tricks he has learned over the years. He starts by reminding us not to delete any pictures. He then recommends using the surroundings to frame the subject.

About Your Instructor

Photo of the instructor

Dan Flinter

Lifestyle photographer

Bristol, United Kingdom

“Surround yourself with people who are somewhat better than you to continue to grow. Never think you have learnt everything you need to."

Dan is a Bristol-based photographer and a graphic designer with skills in logo design and advertising. He focuses on lifestyle, commercial, product, and travel photography.

Dan grew up around art and culture, which influenced his work heavily. These gave him a unique style to offer clients to make them stand out.

The rich environment shows in his design work and has become the ultimate strength in his photography, allowing him to imagine things differently.

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