There are a lot of rumors about the Canon EOS Rs and its specifications, like a good resolution 75MP edition of its full-frame EOS R mirrorless camera.

These have grown stronger in the wake of the organization's development official release of the Canon EOS 1DX Mark III.

So, precisely what specifications and features can we expect the EOS RS to offer to the high-resolution battle?

This is everything we've learned as of now.

Canon EOS camera

Canon EOS RS rumored key specs

  • 45 mp
  • IBIS
  • IBIS alone can make 5 stops.
  • When used with in-lens stabilisation, 7-8 stops of correction are possible.
  • 14 fps/20fps
  • A scroll wheel has been added to the back of the screen.
  • There is no touch bar.
  • Like previous EOS DSLRs, it has a live view/movie toggle.
  • Great Battery life
  • Looks like LP-E6
  • 8k at 30fps RAW
  • 4k at 120fps
  • 4k at 60 fps
  • The EOS R 80mp full-frame image sensor has a significantly larger chassis and handle.
  • Joysticks in a "modern design"
  • The EOS R has a smaller LCD than the EOS R.
  • The viewfinder is bigger than the EOS R's.
  • Double SD card spaces, as well as a tiltable "viewfinder."
  • More announcements will be given soon.

Will, there become a Canon EOS RS?

Canon is working on a good-quality-resolution full-frame mirrorless camera to rival the 61MP Sony A7R IV. This shouldn't be perplexed with the EOS R5.

Several sources claim an intermediate format-rivaling 100MP EOS R is in the works.

As per these rumors and sources, the camera will include an 80MP sensor and a somewhat larger body than the EOS R, with a larger grip, LCD, and EVF.

The "viewfinder" (we are still unsure whether this refers to the EVF or the LCD) can also be adjusted up and down, and the camera has a "new style" of the joystick (perhaps the Smart Controller from the 1D X Mark III, which is also found on the R3), as well as twin SD card ports.

Canon EOS RS camera

Canon EOS RS news

1. 75 MP sensor

Previously it assumed that EOS would have 83MP, but the latest source reveals that it has a 75MP camera.

To be honest, this is more than enough for intermediate users and offers a very high resolution. Usually, cameras with the exact resolution work at great flow and provide reasonable storage inferences.

For instance, a picture shot with a 61MP Sony A7R IV will take 120MB. However, the upcoming Canon's C-RAW format will consume lesser file space. To add on, according to Canon's source, it will be focused on dynamic range.

This sensor would be "centered on the dynamic range," per a Canon Rumors source, and will be accompanied by a revamped Digic 9 chipset.

2. Improved dynamic range

It is presumed that Canon cameras will improve their dynamic range by a significant margin.

It will offer 13.5 EVI. This will be supported by the digital processor.

3. Double card slot and joystick

Dual memory card slots are essential, as they have been the EOS R's solitary flaw since its inception. So, it's a good add-on. It's also worth noting that the M-Fn touch bar and the top OLED screen look to be gone.

Installing a joystick of a certain kind is intriguing — could Canon be experimenting with a joystick-style touch-sensitive input akin to the M-Fn bar?

The idea of a rotatable EVF is also intriguing, and it makes sense given that the Canon EOS 5DS range was designed for landscape photographers.

Canon camera


Canon has acknowledged that it has been developing an in-body image stabilization system; now, the only mystery is which new versions will get it.

The Sony A7R IV does have a 5-axis setup which also permits its 240.8MP multi-shot mode, and therefore EOS RS appear to be the most plausible. It's unclear if IBIS will be available on the Canon EOS 1DX Mark III.

Canon has historically preferred in-lens stabilization on its shooters. However, the long-awaited inclusion of IBIS would allow for the kind of synergy that Panasonic and Olympus have developed in recent times.

The effectiveness of this relies just on the lenses you select. Still, cameras such as the Olympus OM-D E-M1X may reach 7.5 stops of stabilization at their best, substantially improving the potential for static shooting.

Final verdict of the Canon EOS RS

Although it seems near debut, Canon EOS RS rumors are still in their early stages. It's far from guaranteed that it will be the camera's title.

However, the speculations thus far seem like a camera that will be avidly awaited by a diverse range of photographers, from landscape photographers to architectural fans to print fashion photographers.

The style and functionality are expected to be identical to the EOS R. Still, the addition of twin card slots, a joystick, an utterly flexible Display, and IBIS makes for an excellent combo.

This should help to down the price of the Canon EOS R.

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Canon EOS review

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This is what we know about the Canon EOS RS for now. We're looking forward to seeing what this camera can do.

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How much is the Canon EOS RS?

Although the cost is unknown, according to the sources it could cost something around US$3699 / £2999 / AU$5000.

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