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Canon EOS 5d Mk IV


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The Canon EOS 5D MK IV was released in 2016 and has been in the arsenal of many photographers since then.

The camera had several improvements from its predecessor, such as a touchscreen and an improved image sensor.



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Its an absolute workhorse

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Abholung ging super schnell und war super freundlich

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Beautiful Canon colour science

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Nichts, es war alles tadellos

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Is it worth it?


With its addition of Wi-Fi, GPS, and touchscreen, the Canon 5D Mark IV features are ideal for enthusiasts, and pro photographers seeking an all-rounder that handles well. Wedding, fashion, and family photographers are well catered for, as are those that shoot a little of everything, and often. A superstar in a studio environment pumping out brilliant quality images with no noise and great colour.


Beginners may be better off starting with an entry-level DSLR with a more basic level interface and wallet-friendly price. Enthusiasts and pro videographers might be drawn to cameras that can shoot 4K at full frame with no crop. This is not a camera for videographers as it doesn’t offer the flexibility or file sizes that would make their jobs easier.


Great touchscreen

Impressive color accuracy

4K Video 30 fps

Comfortable design

Amazing High ISO performance

Large ISO range

Wi-Fi built-in

Good Autofocus

GPS built-in

Good battery life


4K video is cropped by 1.64x

Dual memory card slots do not use the same format

HDMI output limited to Full HD

Autofocus can be a bit tricky to get used to






30,4 MP



Monitor Size



EF mount

File format(photo)


File format(video)


Maximum video resolution


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Canon EOS 5d Mk IV Best Features

Beginner friendly design

The EOS 5D MK IV feels very familiar compared to its old versions, therefore, should be easy to pick up for anyone who has previously owned a 5D camera, being pretty beginner-friendly for anyone picking up a 5D or a Canon camera for the first time.

The grip and thumb rest feel more or less the same as in the previous version. It's pretty neat and feels alright in the hands.

Responsive LCD touchscreen

It has a full LCD touchscreen which is incredibly responsive and great to use. If you want an overall easier-to-use camera, getting one with a touchscreen would be a good idea!

The camera itself has ten customizable buttons. So if you're a fan of that, it is a great feature. You can also just keep it as is.

Decent weather sealing

It has relatively good weather sealing that will suffice for most casual weather settings. However, if you want to shoot during a rainstorm, you should consider packing it just in case.

The camera still has no built-in flash, which is annoying for some. But if you already have a previous model, you probably already have an external flash at hand.

Quick sorting with included rating system

The camera also has a rating system that allows you to rate pictures directly on your camera to quickly sort them out when you transfer them to your editing software.

The 5D Mark IV also has built-in Wi-Fi, which is excellent for quick transfers to other devices. You can also use it to remote control the camera if you need to go wireless!

Precise zooming and good playback with touchscreen

The camera is quiet compared to other cameras, which is excellent for those who care about not being too noisy. The touchscreen allows for a more comfortable playback and a better precise zooming function.

One of the camera's downsides is that it doesn't allow you to use an external recorder for your 4K video. It only has Full HD support. So if you're used to using one for your video project, this can be a huge hindrance.

The camera includes Canon's Dual Pixel RAW feature, which allows for minor adjustments after the focus is taken, improving the autofocus, bokeh, and such.

Image sensor

The image sensor of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV counts a superb 30.4 MP. This is quite an improvement from the previous edition's 22,3 MP sensor.

The color performance on the camera is more accurate than other cameras. If you have a preset saturation setting in your editing software, you might have to tweak it a bit.

The camera works great for outside shooting with great colors and dynamic range.

Improved AF sensor with phase-detection

The camera also features improved autofocus sensors, which work miles better than the old system.

The camera also features phase-detection AF, common for similar models in the same price range.

Unfortunately, there are no built-in image stabilization features. Concluding, if there is not a tripod or something similar, shaky hands could break the quality.


The camera's performance is quite good, and it feels like an upgrade from the last version.

The camera has a good ISO Performance, which works excellently at high ISO levels. Usually, the High ISO levels in this type of camera aren't that great. But on the EOS 5D MK IV, the pictures look great on all levels of ISO.

This also means that the camera has excellent performance in low light. This is fantastic news for all the night owls who prefer shooting during the evening/night.

Lacking features for professional filmmakers

Canon's EOS 5D Mark IV has a 4K function, which could be interesting for filmmakers. However, since there's no HDMI output for 4K, it could prove difficult for professional filmmakers.

The screen also doesn't feature any tilt feature, making the filming experience more challenging. The 4K video performance is impressive if you can overcome these flaws.

A camera is an excellent asset in your gearbox, but far from the only one. Explore what else there is of essential camera equipment.

Final verdict: Who should get the Canon EOS 5D MK IV?

The camera's outstanding performance makes this an excellent purchase for professional photographers.

However, due to the lack of image stabilization, taking pictures outside of a studio session could be difficult if you're used to photographing freehand.

The EOS 5D Mark IV is best suited for photographers shooting in studios – whether for food photography, fashion photography, or portrait photography.

The Mark IV is incredible in a studio environment with an outstanding performance. Especially for that price.

What creators like

Its an absolute workhorse

Abholung ging super schnell und war super freundlich. Die Kamera war in einem sehr guten Zustand und es hat viel Spaß gemacht damit meine Fotos zu schießen.

Beautiful Canon colour science. The dual card slot means you get that reassuring backup file.

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What creators don't like

Nichts, es war alles tadellos

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Canon EOS 5D MK IV worth it in 2023?

Yes, if you're a studio photographer.

Is the Canon EOS 5D MK IV a good camera?

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is a good camera, especially in studio settings.

Why is the Canon EOS 5D MK IV so popular?

The High ISO performance and color accuracy are among the reasons the EOS 5D Mark IV is so popular.

How long can Canon 5D Mark IV record?

As with other DSLRs, the maximum length of footage than can be recorded without interruption is 29mins and 59 seconds.

What is Canon 5D Mark IV best for?

For still photography, the 5D Mark IV is undoubtedly a highly versatile camera that's capable of shooting a variety of subject matter in all sorts of lighting conditions. On the video side, the 5D Mark IV comes as one of the most fully-featured Canon DSLRs for videographers.

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Review by London Lens Hire and 17 other community members

London Lens Hire

London, GB



Copenhagen, DK



London, GB


It’s a bit on the old side



London, GB

In great condition!


Alex Newton

London, GB

Beautiful Canon colour science. The dual card slot means you get that reassuring backup file.






London, GB



London, GB



Berlin, DE

Abholung ging super schnell und war super freundlich. Die Kamera war in einem sehr guten Zustand und es hat viel Spaß gemacht damit meine Fotos zu schießen.

Nichts, es war alles tadellos



London, GB


Anders Brogaard

København, DK


Isabella May

København, DK

The camera was in great condition, it shot well, as expected and I had no problems at all.



København NV, DK



wembley, GB

Its an absolute workhorse






Thisted, DK


Christian Kirkeby

København V, DK


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