Drone Flying 101:
Quick Drone Guide for Beginners by Ása Steinars

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Drones. The hottest trend for a while now 🔥

If you think about getting one for yourself, check out this mini masterclass with the best quick tips on drones by one of the best women in the industry: Ása Steinars.

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Ása Steinars

Drone Flying 101: 5-Minute Guide for Beginners by Ása Steinars

Drones are the hottest trend going on for a while now 🔥 If you’re thinking about getting one for yourself, check out this mini masterclass with the best quick tips on drones by one of the best women in the industry Ása Steinars.






Choosing a drone


How to fly a drone


Tips & tricks




Meet Ása


What you’ll learn

The bigger the drone is the better it’s gonna handle the wind.

Practice a lot before actually flying outside and in tight spaces.

Battery lasts shortly so make sure to adjust settings before the flight.

Use point-of-interest to select a subject to circle around.

Fly into the wind for an easier way back home.

Use ND filters for a more professional look.

Masterclass Chapters

In this mini-masterclass, Ása Steinars teaches us about Drone Flying. She will give us recommendations on choosing a drone, teach us how to fly one, and then give us some final tips and tricks.


Choosing a drone

When choosing a drone, Ása recommends choosing the DJI Mavic 2 Pro as it handles the windy conditions well.

How to fly a drone

Getting into drone flying is easy, reminds Ása. All drones now come with software to make their control easier. She also encourages us to practice a lot.


Tips & tricks

Checking local flight restrictions is crucial as it changes often. Checking the weather is also very important before planning your trip.

When planning your shoot, learn more about other camera equipment needed for a bang project!

About Your Instructor

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Ása Steinars

Nature videographer


"Go fly, and have fun!"

Ása is a nature photographer, videographer, drone flyer, and adventure content creator from Iceland.

She started creating very early and photographing since being 10-11 years old. She grew up in the north, surrounded by extreme landscapes and forever-changing weather. It has given her a tight bond to nature and its forces.

She is happiest when outdoors, exploring, and taking on new challenges and would never enjoy life working from an office. Her lifestyle revolves around adventures, where the industry lacks women within the niche.

Whenever she travels, skies, or hikes mountains, she creates with a camera in hand.

She also helped build Iceland’s biggest marketing agency which gives her a great understanding of what clients need.

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