Timelapse Photography:
A Complete Guide to Get You Started by Alessi

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Have you been wondering how to make timelapse photography? Then this masterclass is for you! Get through the process together with Alessi.

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Timelapse Photography for Beginners: Learn with Alessi

Have you been wondering how to do timelapse photography? Don't worry because we're here to help you to get through the process together with Alessi 🤩






What is timelapse photography?


Timelapse workflow


Tips & tricks


Biggest mistakes


Timelapse production


Timelapse post-production




Wrap up


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What you’ll learn

Use manual lenses.

Charge the batteries.

Always shoot in manual and RAW.

Don't touch the camera during the shoot.

Set your intervals right, check the weather, and don't shoot JPGs.

Plan your shoot and scout the location before (and don't forget about the weather).

Masterclass chapters

What is time-lapse photography?

Timelapse is a long period that is then sped up. It might be a 2 hours clip sped into a 1-minute video.

There are a few different ways to do timelapse photography. You can use an iPhone, a video camera, or a DSLR. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Alessi will tell you more about it in this chapter.

Timelapse workflow

Researching your location is a good start for timelapse photography. You can also go online and find inspiration from other photographers. Once you have your inspiration, go on a recce.

Reconnaissance means observation of the land you will shoot at to see what to expect. Alessi will also show you how to predict where the sun will be on the day of your shoot.

Tips and tricks

Alessi will share some of his best tips, such as shooting in manual mode and RAW. Planning your shot is also essential for a good outcome. On top of shooting in manual mode, you should also use manual lenses.

Biggest mistakes

There are some common mistakes you can make with timelapse photography. As tempting as it might be, do not touch the camera during the shoot. Remember to charge your batteries before shooting.

Two other common mistakes are shooting in JPEG and setting the wrong interval. Alessi will raise awareness of more timelapse photography mistakes in this chapter.

Timelapse production

Alessi will go through the steps of timelapse project production. He will show you two types of timelapse photography. The static timelapse is where you only need a camera, a tripod, and an intervalometer.

The other one is motion controlled timelapse. Here you will need a rig and a motion controller for the camera movement. Watch the video to see how to do both types of timelapse photography.

Timelapse post-production

Post-production is an exciting part of timelapse photography. This is where you will see your timelapse come to life or crash and burn.

Alessi will use LRTimelapse Pro 5, which works in conjunction with Adobe Lightroom. This software acts as a quality control feature and has a simple workflow. Alessi will show you how to edit timelapse footage from A-Z.


Always be on the lookout for new ideas and techniques. A few creators Alessi recommends following and gaining inspiration from our Michael Shainblum, Drew Geraci, and Marc Donahue. Social media is also a good way of getting inspiration for your next timelapse project.

About Your Instructor

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Alessi Heitman-Rice

Visual storyteller

London, United Kingdom

“I am always experimenting with new ideas.”

Nicknamed the timelapse kid growing up in Australia, Alessi prides himself on being a visual storyteller. He specializes in documentaries and integrated advertising campaigns.

After moving to London and working for several agencies as the social powerhouse, That Lot, Alessi has become an expert in all things social.

Alessi has directed long-form and social content for companies such as Caterpillar, Amazon Prime, and Mobil1 and has filmed and edited multi-award-winning campaigns for the world’s biggest brands.

If you want to learn more about photography? Make sure to check out our article about photography for beginners.

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