If you are into first-person video games, FPV drones might be just the thing for you. A lovechild of VR and the newest drone technology, these aircraft caused an up-and-coming trend that doesn't show signs of stopping.

Wedio teamed up with Adam Sadílek for an exclusive masterclass about FPV Drone Flying.

FPV Drones 101:
Learn FPV Drone Flying with Adam Sadílek

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Adam Sadílek

FPV Drone Guide: Everything You Need to Know by Adam Sadílek

FPV drones are a trending hot topic for quite a while now and we’re bringing you the heat. Find the best tips, discover the best drones, learn different flying styles and techniques and much more...






What is FPV?


Analog vs digital


FPV Flying styles


FPV drone equipment


Drone restrictions & licenses


FPV drone simulator


Drone flight modes


Preparation & workflow


FPV on location


FPV drone insurance


Improvement & Inspiration


Skills needed


Favourite projects






Meet Adam


What you’ll learn

Analogue drones have better latency & are lighter which means more speed and agility.

Bring enough batteries with you as one lasts only for a couple of minutes.

Learn the different drone laws and restrictions applying to YOUR location.

Spend at least 30-40 hours in the simulator before flying in the real world.

Scout the location beforehand to get the best flight path possible.

Digital drones get better reception, range, and image quality.

Every time, bring a spotter with you to the location.

Always, ALWAYS, back up your footage!

Masterclass Chapters

Adam Sadilek shares our knowledge when it comes to FPV Drone Flying. In this masterclass, he will define the basis of FPV, how you can get started, and finally, he will share some tips and tricks.

What is FPV?

Adam defines FPV as standing for First Person View. When you fly an FPV drone, you use a VR headset instead of a screen...

Analog vs. digital

There are two video transmission systems in the FPV world: analog and digital. Adam then proceeds to give us the pros and cons of each.

FPV Flying styles

In this chapter, Adam describes the flying styles you can use for your shooting: FPV freestyle, cinematic FPV, and FPV race.


FPV drone equipment

Later on, Adam describes the different drones he uses. He states that when it comes to FPV drone equipment, drones come in different shapes and sizes, each having pros and cons.

Drone restrictions & licenses

Adam tells us that owning a flying license is highly important to pursue this hobby. He describes how you can get one and reassures us: that this license is easy to get.

FPV Drone simulator

Adam then recommends spending time in the simulator before going outside to test the drone. He recommends spending around 30-40 hours until feeling comfortable with flying the drone.


Drone flight modes

Adam tells us about the drone flight modes he mainly uses and for which scenario.

Preparation & workflow

Then, Adam describes his approach when working with a client. And he reminds us that preparation work is essential.

Filming with FPV drones

In the next chapter, Adam takes us to Bulbjerg in Denmark for a day of filming to show us how he films with drones.

FPV drone insurance

Adam tells us that it is a good idea to get insurance. Accidents can always happen, whether it involves your drone or someone else.


Improvement & inspiration

The step from amateur to expert pilot is only achievable through intense practice. He then shares some accounts from which he draws inspiration.

Skills needed to fly FPV drones

Then, Adam shares the skills he believes are crucial before flying FPV drones. These include patience, creativity, etc.

Favorite projects

In the next chapter, Adam shares with us the projects he preferred working on, such as the Norway Project, where he crashed his drone and lost a lot of footage.

About Your Instructor

Photo of the instructor

Adam Sadilek

Video producer

Aarhus, Denmark

"When planning for a shoot, think of how long you think the shoot will take. Then double it. 😂"

Adam is a videographer, photographer, and drone flyer based in Aarhus, Denmark.

Adam has a video production company. He helps with video campaigns, video business cards, and music videos.

He works with small and large businesses to help them achieve their goal and visualize the powerful stories they like to tell.

Adam has worked with clients like Uber, BoConcept, Smuk Fest, Mahalo, Business Academy Aarhus, Gaff, etc.

If you enjoyed this masterclass, check out our detailed guide on FPV Drone flying. Head over to our gear guide if you're looking to learn more about camera gear and what shouldn't be missing in your bag!

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