Thinking about attending film school?

In an era where movies like Parasite, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Avatar keeps popping up. It's no wonder why film production has become one of the most attractive careers to pursue.

Entering the filmmaking industry isn't easy. Still, for many people, it's an industry that compels you to enter, and the thought of flying blue apes and murderous hippies is stuck on your mind like parasites.

The filmmaking industry is changing fast, so it can be challenging to keep up – unless you have a comprehensive grounding in this profession. Luckily, UK offers some of the best film school options for you to get your career started.

Here's our list of the best Film Production schools in the UK:

1. London Film Academy

2. University of Kent

3. University of Warwick

4. King's College London

5. University of Stirling

6. University of Westminster, London

7. National Film & Television School

8. London Film School

9. MetFilm School

Best Film School in UK

1. London Film Academy

As of 2001, a new film university surfaced in the middle of London – The London Film Academy. With its academic excellence in teaching and research, the academy has been internationally recognised as an innovative film school that focuses on offering you a personalised, practical, and hands-on learning experience.

The London Film Academy offers a range of professional filmmaking diplomas and a full bachelor or master's degree in filmmaking and all its facets. The university focuses on honing your craft in small groups within a collaborative, nurturing environment, so you get to develop and evolve your skills and knowledge. Moreover, the London Film Academy also offers private training and support on a consultancy basis, both in the UK and internationally.

These are the film courses available at LFA:

  • Filmmaking Professional Diploma (Preparatory course)
  • Filmmaking BA (Hons)
  • Filmmaking MA
  • Screenwriting MA

Additionally, the London Film Academy offers various short courses in Filmmaking.

Visit the London Film Academy here.

UK Film production schools

2. University of Kent

The University of Kent was founded in 1965 and has become one of the best film schools in the UK. It consists of more than 20,000 students and over 4,000 staff members to provide high-quality education in the filmmaking industry. The university's department for film studies is acclaimed as being a leading institution in the industry.

Depending on whether you want to apply for their undergraduate or postgraduates programmes, you'll face different entry requirements as well as tuition fees. You get taught by experts in the filmmaking industry and presented with key elements that make up the diverse nature of the film and moving images industry.

Study film production in one of these programs:

  • Art History and Film – BA (Hons) at Canterbury
  • Film – BA (Hons) at Canterbury
  • Film and Drama – BA (Hons) at Canterbury
  • Film with a placement year – BA (Hons) at Canterbury
  • Film with a Year Abroad – BA (Hons) at Canterbury
  • Media Studies – BA (Hons) at Canterbury
  • Film – MA at Canterbury
  • Film – PhD at Canterbury
  • Media Studies – PhD at Canterbury

And many others.

Visit the University of Kent here.

3. University of Warwick

Another golden gem when it comes to film schools UK. The University of Warwick has one of the UK's leading departments in film and television research and teaching, combining traditional learning methods with digital production to elevate your understanding and your way of working with movie production.

As a student at the University of Warwick, you'll be supported by state-of-the-art facilities where you can practice and test your skills and conduct research activities. Its study curriculum is highly ambitious and innovative and ranges from early cinema, the theory behind Hollywood blockbusters and a wealth of independent cinemas. All courses have their unique entry requirements, which can differ depending on the filmmaking courses you choose.

Here are the available courses this film academy offers:

  • Film Studies – BA
  • Film and Literature – BA
  • Film and Television Studies – MA
  • Research in Film and Television Studies – MA
  • MPhil & PhD in Film and Television Studies

Visit the University of Warwick here.

King's College London as one of the best film schools

4. King's College London

In the heart of London, you'll find one of the most reputed and acclaimed universities in the UK (you did ask for the best film universities in the UK, so here they come).

King's College London is an internationally renowned university that delivers excellent education and praised research. Their department of film studies is no exception. Just because this school is Betty White kind of old (which I say in no disrespectful way), it still offers top-notch, modern facilities so you can experience a hands-on education in film production.

What's more? In their offered courses, there's the possibility to include a placement year, which you can later use as a solid reference to find an excellent job in an otherwise competitive industry.

Filmmaking courses at King's College London include:

  • Film Studies – BA
  • Film Studies Research – MPhil/PhD
  • English with Film Studies – BA
  • Comparative Literature with Film Studies – BA
  • Spanish with Film Studies – BA
  • French with Film Studies – BA
  • German with Film Studies – BA

Visit King's College London here.

5. University of Stirling

Undoubtedly, the University of Stirling is the best Scottish university for film studies and deserves a spot on the best film schools in the UK. Film and Media courses at Stirling are consistently ranked among the best in the UK. The school covers a range of aspects within movie production, including audio and video production, programme development, editing, scriptwriting, global film and many more.

At the University of Stirling, the aim is to create a dynamic subject area where theory and practice are combined. So you will gain a thorough understanding and knowledge about the world of film.

You can choose to seek a single honours degree, or you can learn film in a different format by attending joint degree courses.

Here are the movie production courses available:

  • Film and Media – BA (Hons)
  • Digital Media – BA (Hons)
  • MSc Digital Media and Communication
  • MSc Factual Television
  • MSc Media Management
  • MRes Media Research

Visit the University of Stirling here.

Film academy in the UK

6. University of Westminster

Get a future in film and TV production at the University of Westminster with this school's high-quality and praised teaching and research methods. Their Television, Film and Moving Image department lets you gain a well-rounded understanding of filmmaking and all its facets.

The university's film lessons focus on film and TV production rather than acting. This film university offers modern facilities, which means you get to evolve and refine your craft – filmmaking here you come!

The University of Westminster offers the following filmmaking courses:

  • Animation – BA Honours
  • Contemporary Media Practice – BA Honours
  • Film – BA Honours
  • Television Production – BA Honours
  • Film, Television and Moving Image – MA (Part-time)
  • Film, Television and Moving Image – MA (Full-time)

Visit the University of Westminster here.

7. National Film and Television School

In Beaconsfield – a little ride on about 90 minutes from London, you'll find the National Film and Television School – a film academy that contains a bit of all worlds when it comes to film production and television.

In terms of whether this film school can be rated as one of the best in the UK? Well, I believe their string of alumni success speaks for itself. These include alumni's who has been part of big blockbusters such as Cruella, Loki, The Crown and The Handmaids Tale – praise be.

Students at this renowned film academy are taught by industry professionals, where they get to work in modern studios with dubbing theatres, edit suites and three cinemas. Christopher Nolan has also been known to stop by occasionally to give students master classes in filmmaking.

As you may have guessed by now, this film school isn't easy to get into. Students are often required to interview, provide showreel material, and attend weeklong workshops for a shot at entry. They also have an entry requirement stating that you have to be a minimum of 21 years old to study there.

Film courses at National Film and Television school include:

  • Cinematography; Editing; Producing; Screenwriting; Directing Documentary – MA (and many others)
  • Cameras for Television Production; Model Making for Animation; Sports Production – Diploma (and many others).
  • Casting, Character Animation; Filmmaking; Location Management for Film and TV Production – Certificate (and many others)

Moreover, they offer a wide range of short-, online-, and BiteSized courses.

Visit National Film and Television School here.

8. London Film School

How could we ever list the best film production schools in London, and not mention London Film School? – I mean, it's in the name, after all.

With more than 65 years of experience, the faculty at London Film School knows what they're doing. MA Filmmakers gain key credits on a minimum of ten exercise films and graduation work, so you're ready to get to work as soon as you finish your degree. The school also offer various postgrad degrees, a PhD and short courses focusing on filmmaking.

The film academy functions as a working studio, allowing students to get a hands-on education, producing around 180 films a year – built on sets, shot on professional level cameras, recorded on professional digital recorders, edited on Avid and given a professional dub in Soho. Students at London Film School are taught by working, professional filmmakers.

Do be aware that the price of these facilities doesn't come cheap. Still, in turn, you get 260 other students to work with, 30 full-time faculty, scores of visiting lecturers and more student-lecturer 'face-time than any other graduate film school in London.

Some of the film courses offered includes:

  • Filmmaking – MA
  • Screenwriting – MA
  • International Film Business – MA
  • PhD Film by Practice

The London Film school also offers various masterclasses, workshops and sessions.

Visit London Film School here.

9. MetFilm School

Placed in the historic Ealing Studios, you'll be part of a thriving environment where high-profile productions such as The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything and Notting Hill were filmed. If you listen real close, you can still hear echoes of a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

The MetFilm School is a world-leading film, television and online media school that offers undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses in London (and Berlin if you're up for an abroad movie adventure).

Students at MetFilm School will receive a practical, high-quality learning experience. Although its alumni list may no be as star-studded as other schools, the Met prides itself on making graduates industry read with learning experiences grounded in professional industry practice and preparation.

New to this best UK film School is the partnership MetFilm School recently entered with the University of West London, launching ScreenSpace – a practical undergraduate degree course immersed in creative industry practice.

Film making courses at MetFilm School, London includes:

  • Practical Filmmaking – BA (Hons)
  • Screen Acting – BA (Hons)
  • Content, Media and Film Production – BA (Hons)
  • Film and Screen Business – BA (Hons)
  • Screenwriting – MA
  • Directing – MA
  • Producing – MA
  • Cinematography – MA
  • Postproduction – MA
  • Film and Television Production – MA

As well as various short-, weekend-, young people's- and company courses.

Visit MetFilm School here.

Should you attend film school

To film school or not to film school

If you've read through the list of best film schools and must conclude that school life just isn't for you, yet you still want to be part of the industry. Don't worry; you can still make it.

Learn how English director and editor Tom Andrews broke into the industry without attending film university.

Film School FAQ

Are there film schools in the UK?

Yes, for over 60 years, film classes have been offered in universities in the UK.

What is the best film school in the UK?

The best film schools in the UK are:
  • London Film Academy
  • University of Kent
  • University of Warwick
  • King's College London
  • University of Stirling
  • University of Westminster, London
  • National Film and Television School
  • London Film School
  • MetFilm School

How much is film school in the UK?

The yearly tuition fee for an undergraduate at a film school in the UK is £9,250 in 2021/2023.

Is a film degree worth it?

There are pros and cons to taking a film degree. For the most part, a film degree is worth it.
You get an extensive amount of film knowledge. You also build a large network which is vital if you want to make it as a filmmaker.

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