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A device that can help filmmakers record, monitor, playback, edit, and color grade is definitely a dream to have on set. The Australian manufacturer Atomos makes sure this little dream becomes a reality.

Welcome the monitor/recorder Atomos Sumo 19 - in this review, we discuss why this gear is so good to have in your productions. Read on to discover all about it!

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The Atomos Sumo 19 is more than just a camera monitor and recorder – it’s a valuable tool, applicable for many types of production. It would be a great fit for anyone involved in multicamera work on set.


For small crews working in a fast turnaround environment, the Sumo 19 might not be ideal. This monitor comes with many useful features for factual shooting, but it’s quite bulky and heavy.


Intuitive menu and touchscreen

Bright monitor allows for HDR workflow

Includes preset LUTs

Can be used for editing and color grading



Size won’t fit all

SDI is required for ProRes RAW capture

Atomos Sumo 19 vs Atomos Shogun 7

Atomos Sumo 19

Atomos Shogun 7







Aspect ration



Built-in battery



Power consumption






Real-time LUT monitoring






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Atomos Sumo 19 Review

Build and ergonomics

The Atomos Sumo 19 keeps the same 4K recording, monitoring, and switching features as its predecessor. The original Sumo 19′′ only had one 12G-SDI and three 3G-SDI inputs. The Sumo 19 adds four 12G-SDI inputs and offers one HDMI 2.0 input that supports live quad-channel switching and video transmissions up to 4K60.

Five-channel recording records both the live switching and the input feeds to provide a single output video for effective viewing. The HDMI 2.0 and quad-SDI connections additionally enable genlock and LTC timecode.

Ten mounting points around the bezel, top, bottom, and sides, a back panel VESA mount, and an integrated stand are all located on the aluminum alloy chassis with built-in armor.


An enhanced 19-inch 1920 x 1080 SuperAtom IPS panel touchscreen display with an optically bonded quantum dot backlight is featured in the Sumo 19. Atomos claims it is crisper and brighter than its predecessor thanks to its 1200 cd/m2 brightness.

Recording and features

When utilized as a field monitor, this camera monitor's brightness cannot be overstated. The brightness makes HDR operations possible, and when combating the intense sun, the extra brightness is invaluable. The attached hood intensifies that use even further. For a director or a group that wishes to observe the same screen, the size of Sumo 19 is just perfect.

The live switching and recording is another dimension again adding the flexibility to live switch between four 1080/60p channels, record 4 x ISO channels, and mix a live record complete with cueing, crossfade, and hard cuts.

Like other Atomos monitors, the Sumo 19 includes preset LUTs for previewing log footage from most camera brands in Rec. 709 and other common gamuts. A slider feature helps compare the look before and after the LUT application, which is helpful when setting the exposure for log footage.

ProRes RAW and 10-bit 422 ProRes/DNxHR encoding types are both recordable on the Sumo 19. The device can analyze and map RAW, Log, PQ, and HLG outputs from multiple cameras or gaming consoles to show 10+ stops of dynamic range HDR in real-time.

Final verdict: Who should get the Atomos Sumo 19?

The Sumo 19 is an ideal tool for bridging your 4K HDR workflow across various cameras, audio, and Atomos devices. It is more than just a monitor. A Monitor-Record-Switcher, Sumo 19 is highly flexible to fit a variety of applications. includes 1080 60p live switching and recording, 12-bit Raw, 10-bit ProRes/DNxHR up to 4Kp60, and a 1200-nit brilliant screen appropriate for monitoring in strong sunshine.

This dual-purpose monitor can capture dailies, proxies, or 4Kp60 masters in addition to giving you a high-quality preview of your on-location video. Atomos gives you the option to rapidly analyze clips and takes and then apply metadata tags or markers as you might do in a traditional paper edit by integrating recording functionality right into the monitor. delivers balanced audio recording while using outside equipment. You can incorporate the Sumo 19 into your studio setup with ease thanks to a variety of power supply options.

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Beautiful Canon colour science. The dual card slot means you get that reassuring backup file.

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It's a bit on the old side.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Atomos Sumo 19 without SSD?

You will have to purchase an SDD to use Atomos Sumo 19 correctly.

Can Atomos Sumo 19 record 4K 120fps?

Yes, Atomos Sumo 19 can record 4K at 120fps.

How long can you record on Atomos Sumo 19?

As the batteries aren’t included in the Atomos Sumo 19 package, so the running time will depend on the battery you get.

What is Atomos Sumo 19 used for?

The Atomos Sumo 19 HDR is a Monitor, Recorder, and Switcher used in film productions for recording, monitoring, playback, editing, and color grading.

What is the difference between Atomos Sumo 19 and Ninja V?

Sumo 19 and Ninja V share many features, however, the Ninja V is a lighter, more portable, and affordable version.

How much does the Atomos Sumo 19 cost?

Atomos Sumo 19 is available for $1995.

Where can I rent the Atomos Sumo 19?

You can rent Atomos Sumo 19 through Wedio and other camera rental houses.

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Samuel Ridge

London, United Kingdom

It's suMOper!



Olz McCoy

London, United Kingdom


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