Podcasts, formerly known as "audio blogs", have existed since the 1980s. The first podcast launched was in 2004 with a computer program that could download internet radio shows to iPod MP players.

As the internet became more widespread, electronics took up more space in our everyday lives.

Podcasts have become more popular and are still increasing in popularity as an entertainment and information-sharing platform.

Podcasts are easy to access and easy for on-the-go listening; that's probably why we all love to listen to them; it is an easy way of being enlightened and entertained.

This article will inform you of what a podcast is, how it works, why it has become so popular, and the purpose of a podcast.

Podcast definition

What is a podcast?

A podcast is audio recordings that you can subscribe to for free.

The word podcast is originally a contraction of iPod and Broadcasting and was first used in 2004. The internet entrepreneur Adam Curry made it possible to subscribe to audio files online.

The following year, the word podcast was voted Word of the Year by the Oxford American Dictionary.

Pod stands for "personal on-demand", and the word podcasting means "personal on-demand casting." This means you can choose what you want to listen to and when. You don't have to record specific episodes or listen to them when they are broadcast.

Podcasts come in many genres. For example, it can be two or three people sitting down, turning on the microphone and talking about something that interests them, or a storyteller who cuts and pastes many audio recordings together into a single narrative.

There are no rules of how long a podcast should be or what it should include.

What is a podcast episode?

A podcast usually podcasts a new episode every week. Sometimes it's a follow-up to the previous podcast episode, and other times it is a new subject.

In the podcast app, you can subscribe to your favorite podcasts and ask for a notification every time a new episode of those podcasts is released.

What is a podcast network?

A podcast network has the function of promoting and monetizing your show. If, or when you join a podcast network, your performance gets boosted on other shows similar to your content in your podcast. This structure benefits advertisers because it allows them to spread their ads across one show and multiple shows.

Podcast episode vs. podcast network

What is the difference between a podcast and an audio file?

What is the difference between a podcast and an audio file?

Here is the most simple explanation, an audio file and a podcast are technically the same. But if you download a podcast episode from a podcast site, you are downloading an audio file.

The difference comes when you add the subscription option for a series of audio files. So if you get people to subscribe to your series of audio recordings, then you have transformed into fully functional podcasts. It will still be audio files, but you can also call them podcasts with a subscription.

How do podcasts work?

This section will guide you through how podcasts work for podcasters and listeners.

It is a conveniently accessible medium for both listeners and creators. It is always important to put oneself in another's shoes to understand where they're coming from and what they do.

The podcasters and listeners will benefit from reading the following in this context.

For podcasters

Podcasters interested in creating their podcast can publish their work without as many rules as the radio stations and tv-network have.

As a podcaster, you will need some equipment. A USB microphone, pop filter, headphones, and access to audio recording and editing software so you can produce your audio content.

Remember that it is possible to rent this equipment if you don't have the luxury of buying it right now.

When you decide to create your podcast, you should brainstorm about your content and what kind of audience you want to attract.

Later in this article, you can find inspiration for what kind of podcast type you would prefer.

For listeners

For listeners, a podcast works as an on-demand radio program. There are many different types of podcasts, and you can choose to listen - and subscribe to all of them if you want to.

You can listen to episodes on a podcast app on an iPhone; the app is called Podcasts. The app Podcasts will give you access to subscribe, stream or download podcast episodes. It is also possible to listen through RSS-feed.

When you have downloaded the app, you just need to find the podcast you find interesting, put some headphones on, and do whatever you feel like while listening to your favorite podcast.

3 types of podcasts

This section will explain some of the three most popular styles of podcasts.

Types of podcasts definition

1. Scripted fiction

A scripted fiction is a kind of similar to a book. The only difference is that in a podcast, someone reads the book for you. A scripted fiction podcast allows your brain to fill in the visual blanks and dream about how the fictional world is. Some fictional podcasts might tell a single serialized story - like an audiobook - or tell a new story in each episode.

2. Interview

The second type of podcast is interview-style. It usually requires the host and co-host of the podcast to interview a person their listeners would find interesting. For example, if the podcast were about sport, they would probably interview Michael Jordan or someone familiar with the sport.

When interviewing, remember that it is essential to have a script with some questions ready. In this way, you will be prepared for anything and take advantage of your time with the person you are interviewing. This will benefit you, your listeners, and the person you're interviewing.

3. Nonfiction storytelling

Last but not least, we have nonfiction storytelling. Nonfiction storytelling is one of the most popular podcasts because it retells true stories. These podcasts may contain interviews with the people involved or an expert with knowledge of the story. Nonfiction storytelling is a great way to keep updated with the latest news or crimes.

Best microphone for podcasting

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What is a podcast?

A podcast is a free digital audio file that you can download and listen to on-demand.

How does a podcast work?

Search for the app and download it. Once you have opened it, you can find the search box inside the app. Here you can search for all podcasts. From there, you can either subscribe (for free) to the individual podcast or just listen to a single episode that interests you.

What is the purpose of a podcast?

A podcast is another way to educate, humor, and entertain people.

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