The "big day". The ceremony of spoken promises. The officialization of a love bond. Also, the day that took too much time, effort, and energy for you not to make the most of it.

Flowers, music, tables, guests, napkin color, are all taken care of.

It is now time to think about how you will perpetuate this day and remember it forever.

Looking for a general guide to wedding photography? Look no further than our article on wedding photography.

44 wedding photo ideas

1. Invitation suite

Make the invite peek of the envelope. Either lay it on a decorated table and capture an aerial perspective or make it stand against a wall or a small tripod.

2. Beauty moment

Invite your photographer to the bridal suite. Capture the beauty of a bride about to be revealed (such as the hair and makeup).

3. Accessories

Details are everything. Lay them on the bed or capture the moment you put them on (like on your neck, ears, feet, etc.).

4. Getting ready moments

Invite your photographer to capture the behind the scenes. This includes the makeup process, hair being done, clothes being zipped, shoelaces being tightened, and more.

wedding preparation

5. Wedding shoes

The shoes are almost as important as the clothes. Shoot them by themselves, while they are being put on, and after they are on your feet. You will get a lovely sequence.

6. Bridal portrait

This is your Vogue Cinderella moment - cherish it. Show off your stunning dress and especially your gorgeous smile and sparkling eyes.

7. Father seeing bride(s) for the first time

Do not miss the "my little girl is now a woman" moment.

8. Groom portrait

Prince charming deserves his moment in the spotlight too. Careful: he may receive a Hugo Boss phone call afterward.

9. Veil

Laying on the bed, on a chair, or even better: on the bride's head. This is a key element you will not want to miss.

10. Bridal bouquet

Shoot the floral arrangement laying on the bed or being held by the bride.

wedding bouquet

11. Bridesmaids

You will want to remember how beautiful and proud your best friends looked. Tell them to have fun and ignore the lens.

12. Flower girl

This angel deserves a picture of its own. Disclaimer: there might be a cuteness overload.

13. Boutonnieres

It is not only the bride who has beautiful details. The groom's boutonnieres allow a lovely close-up shot as well.

14. Couple’s first look

You will want to document this reaction. Depending on your preference, this can happen on the aisle or before.

15. Candid moment

There is beauty in the unplanned. Capture spontaneous expressions, emotions, and even accidents.

16. Portraits

There is so much you can do when posing with your loved one. Use nature and the elegance of your wedding facilities (large windows are always a great background and source of light). Kiss, hold hands, exchange looks. Above all, show your personality and have fun.

17. Wedding party/cocktail hour

Nothing more satisfying than throwing a pleasant party. Capture people while eating, drinking, conversing, and having a good time.

wedding party

18. The young attendees

Children bring so much cheerfulness to wedding pictures. Make sure you capture all the leaping and playing around.

19. Ceremony site

The place where it will all happen. Ask the photographer to capture it in its entirety (in a panoramic way), with and without the guests.

20. Walk down the aisle

This is the red carpet of love and undoubtedly an epic moment. Capture the bride from front and back perspectives and all the reactions.

21. Ring exchange

Zoom in to shoot the rings sliding into the fingers.

22. Laughs

This day is about happiness. Ask your photographer to be agile in capturing all loud, silly laughs.

23. First kiss

I doubt you have a picture of your first kiss together as boyfriend and girlfriend. But I am sure you will want to register your first kiss as husband and wife.

wedding first kiss

24. Groom waiting at the altar

The anxiety mixed with happiness - what a nice combination to capture.

25. Vows

This is an iconic moment. It will evoke all types of emotions, and you will want to apprehend them all. Catch the audience's reaction as well.

26. Just married

The next chapter of your fairy tale has officially begun. Hug tight and smile!

27. Couple close-up

The outfits and surroundings have all been captured. Now you will want to have detailed evidence of how your smiles and eyes shined.

28. Bride(s) and bridesmaid

You do not want to miss this powerful squad. Hug each other and smile, laugh, walk and pose with your flowers. Do not forget to include a backward perspective.

29. Groom(s) and groomsmen

The ladies took care of the glamour part. Now it is the time to be as goofy as possible. Pick up the groom, toss him to the air, role play. Ridiculousness is allowed.

30. Guests mingling

Nothing more pleasing than seeing your guests getting along. Capture hugs and joyful conversations from people of all ages.

31. Speeches

These evoke so many emotions. From chuckles to tears and even blushing - you will not want to miss any of these.

32. Toasts

Ensure the photographer catches those glasses up in the air—both the couple and the guests.

33. Tossing the bouquet

The flying bouquet, the hands in the air, the fuss, and the eager faces. All great things to capture.

wedding throw bouquet

34. Entertainment

Whether it's a band, a DJ, or a singer - you will want to remember who entertained your event.

35. Under the bridal veil

Besides being an iconic element, the bridal veil is also a beautiful light filter and accessory for pictures.

36. Firework

These light explosions provide a background that is too astonishing to neglect. You can capture the guests looking at the sky with sparkling eyes or even a magical kiss between you and your partner.

37. Tables

Shoot these before they are crowded with people and delicious food.

38. Place setting

Each sit was planned with care. Photograph what each guest will see as they approach their chair.

39. Cake

An artwork of love made of sugar and eggs. Make sure you capture it.

40. Cutting of the cake

Once you have photographed the cake, it's time you wreck it (in a beautiful way). Hold the knife together and smile as you cut the first slice.

wedding cake

41. First dance

You don't need to be Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey for these to be stunning. Just have fun!

42. Dance party

Dance moves provide amazing captures (especially the wacky ones).

43. Last kiss

There is nothing better than a "goodbye" kiss of the fulfilled couple to seal such a happy day.

44. The big exit

The grand finale. Wave at your guests or simply look at your partner with gratitude and love.

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