Borrowing your dad’s camera for your yearly railroad vacay is one thing. Filming yourself hitting the road to seek offbeat adventures in a remote corner of the world, and then documenting it all for a binge-watching audience is something entirely apart. This is of course the reality for travel vloggers.

Unlike any other media, travel vlogs provide a captivating insight into the world of travel. Hearing about your cruise ship tour is not nearly as interesting as watching you discover hidden rooms, exclusive rooftop parties and underwater cults.

As a result, the list of travel vloggers grows as the storytelling techniques of its creators evolve. And we, the viewers, get to follow all their travel adventures.

To help you explore the best travel content out there, we've compiled a list of some of the best travel vloggers out there to keep your travel abstinences in check.

1. Suitcase Monkey

Boy and girl meet. They get married. They create a YouTube channel and start exploring the world. The Suitcase Monkey YouTube channel, is about two travel vloggers travelling the world, showcasing the places they travel to rather than showing themselves at those places, leaving you with nothing other than extreme vacation envy.

See Suitcase Monkey's travel videos here:

2. Joe Allam

Joe Allam is an independent travel vlogger from London. He posts weekly videos about creativity and travel, with a particular focus and nod to the world of photography and cinematography.

On his YouTube channel, you can find everything from travel adventures to his creative processes when doing these videos, including behind the scenes footage on his photography, travels, technology, and the gear behind it all.

Head over to his YouTube channel to see his videos:

3. FunForLouis

Meet travel vlogger Luis as he tours the world, providing you with some helpful tips on the way – tips that only a true travel maniac can provide. Follow Luis as he discovers romance in Italy, wild camping in Joshua Tree or as he goes road-tripping in Somalia. Ps. most of it happens in a bus he restored himself.

Stay updated on Loui's weekly videos here:

4. Debbie and Travel

Follow full-time travel vloggers, Molly and Matt – the people behind Dabble and Travel. The couple is London based but frequently travels all around the globe to provide tips and tricks on everything from how you find the best burek in Serbia to getting a Macedonian haircut, all the while keeping you in the loop of their couple goals.

Experience their travel bond here:

5. Jess Dante

Jesse is a dedicated London-holic and has dedicated her YouTube channel to celebrate the vibrant city. Jess' YouTube channel, Love and London, is for you who doesn't want to experience London as the typical khaki shorts and fanny pack tourist, but rather experience the city like a true Londoner. So, if you plan to visit London (or already live there) and want to avoid the overdone and overhyped, the Love and London channel is a good bet for you.

Discover all the diverse, local and exciting sides of London here:

6. Amelia Liana

Whether you want fashion tips, I-don't-want-to-loose-weight recipes or beautiful travel videos for inspiration for your next trip, Amelia has it. Amelia is a London based creator who posts lifestyle and travel vlogs. She releases new videos twice a week, including beauty tutorials, "get ready with me's", how-to, and of course, all the travel hacks you need for your next vacation.

Head to Amelia's YouTube for all of her best travel tips:

7.  Eva Zu Beck

With the motto "the world belongs to the brave", it seems as if travel vlogger Eva Zu Beck was destined to explore all the corners of the world. Eva aims to open her 2 million fans' eyes to new experiences and places typically underrepresented in the mainstream media. And she makes sure to keep us all updated with her solo adventures with a new travel vlog each week.

Stay updated on Eva's travel adventures here:

8. Sophia and Cinzia

I guess you can call travel vloggers Sophia and Cinzia for the influencers of travel (and friendship goals). They often post videos of them making fun of each other, hosting speed-eating contests and playing drinking games, together with their frequent travel adventures that the two friends often documents and shares with all their loyal followers.

Get your travel-with-friends cravings covered here:

9. Evan Edinger Travel

With the sturdy Sony A7S III camera in hand, travel vlogger Evan Edinger flies from country to country, sharing his travel experience every time he travels somewhere new or exciting. Whether that's exploring Machu Picchu, swimming in the dead sea or visiting the set of Lord of the Rings in New Zealand.

Check out Evan's travel adventures in his travel videos:

10. Karl Watson

Meet travel vlogger Karl Watson who, through a camera lens, takes you on a backpacking journey around the world through fun, entertaining and honest travel documentaries. So, you, the viewer, can escape the everyday hustle through his travel vlogs. Or you could back a backpack on your own and follow Karl's lead and start an adventure of your own.

Watch Karl's videos and be inspired for your next backpack adventure:

11. Shu

Travel vlog or food vlog? Hard to tell. London based vlogger Shu is just as frequent in exploring new food and restaurants as she is in visiting new exotic places. Her YouTube channel, dejashu, is a visual sneak-peek into each chapter of her life and celebrates everything from food to travel.

Get your visual sneak peek here:

12. Sandymakessense

It makes sense for you to follow travel vlogger Sandy if you want all the insider tips of what you need to pray, eat, or love in London. Sandy is originally from Germany but has put down roots in the big city, London, while also travelling the world. On the Sanymakessense YouTube channel, you can find travel vlogs, food videos and London tips and tricks.

Join Sandy's journey at her inspiring travel videos here:

13. Where's Mollie?

Where is Mollie? Well, according to her YouTube channel, all over the world. Travel vlogger, Mollie, posts regular content on everything you need to know when planning your next adventure. Follow her as she documents and guides you through bucket list adventures in Bali or advises on how you can get started with farm work in Australia and much more. All the while never letting her audience down when showcasing all the beautiful places she visits.

Find Mollie on her YouTube channel:

14. Eva in the City

Meet travel vlogger, Eva who is in the city of London. Eva posts regular videos on tips and guides of what you could do when in London, whether you're a tourist or have been living there all your life. Follow her as she takes you through a day in Covent Garden, share some good food spots, and take you shopping in the city.

Follow Eva to get the whole package of travel vlogging:

15. Hannah Ricketts

As a true Disneyphile myself, Hannah is a must-follow travel vlogger. On her YouTube channel, she has dedicated several videos to showcase the Walt Disney World, first in 2018, then Florida in 2019 and again in 2021. In her latest visits Hanna even takes her viewers on a tour of the world's first Disney cruise, the Disney Magic at Sea. If you're not that into Disney, there's still plenty of inspirational travel tips and guides for you, including location tours, things to do in London city, shopping, and food.

Head to the happiest place in the world at Hannah's channel:

16. Tripsget Travel Blog

Meet Liza and Pepe, a couple of millennials based in London and the vloggers behind the Tripsget travel blog. Together they travel to every country Momondo sells tickets to. The couple shares their travel experiences, photography, videography, and valuable tips and advice on their YouTube channel. While they do explore the classic vacation destinations, their focus is to go to lesser-visited places.

Join Liza and Pepe exploring London, the UK and the world:

17. Scarlett London

Scarlett is a London based lifestyle, fashion, and travel blogger. She posts weekly content and frequently asks you to come on holiday with her. So, whether you're in the mood for joining Scarlett on her girl trip in Madeira, her eating spree in San Francisco or road trip tour in Las Vegas, you can follow her and get inspired every step of the way.

Travel the world alongside Scarlett with her travel videos:

18. Lucia Turok

Meet Lucia Turok, a travel vlogger who knows what it means to have a good time. Lucia posts weekly content on her YouTube channel, where she posts both tips and tricks for how you can enjoy your vacation as well as showing how she is enjoying hers. Watch Lucia swim with the dolphins in Cuba or party with David Guetta in Ibiza – either way; you're guaranteed a good time.

Head to Lucia's YouTube channel for some good-vibes-only travel videos:

19. Sophie's Suitcase

Here's an award-winning UK travel and lifestyle vlog, Sophie's Suitcase. Follow Sophie as she tours through some of the most incredible places in the world, Pisa, Montenegro, Venice, Portugal, Scotland, and many others. In 2015 Sophie's Suitcase won Best Travel Blog at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards and was ranked in the top #25 travel blogs in the UK – and now in Wedio's best travel vlogs.

Quite a resumé, I'd say.

Visit Sophie's Suitcase YouTube channel here:

20. An Adventurous World

If the name doesn't give it away – this is a travel vlog focused on scouting and outliving adventures all over the world and then share it with us viewers. Macca, the man behind, An Adventurous World, is a top travel vlogger. Macca seeks to get you out of your comfort zone and off on some incredible adventures around the world.

Follow An Adventurous World on his travel adventures:

21. World by Kseniia

Last but certainly not least – London based travel vlogger Kseniia.

Kseniia creates travel content to inspire you for your next and hopefully soon-to-be vacation. In her travel videos, she shares ideas of how you can spend time in London as well as other places she's visited over the years. Ps. If you're a Eurovision fan, this is the vlog for you.

Visit Kseniia's YouTube channel to see all her travel videos, or check out her Instagram.

Final remarks

Hopefully, this list of some of the best travel vloggers will provide you with plenty of inspiration for who you should follow to get your daily dose of travel envy.

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