Rising from the ashes of Vine and Musical.ly, TikTok has taken the world by storm.

The format is simple and used for many different genres of videos.

To make it easier for you to navigate between the millions of contributors, we have found the 21 most exciting TikTokers in 2023.

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1. Dimacciographics

Dimacciographics is a TikTok account that showcases the work of the artist Gérard Di-Maccio. The page is run by his daughter Mona-Lisa.

Their videos include showing off her father's incredible art. It also shows him in the act of creating it.

It brings a fresh twist to the showcasing of art, and it could be things like TikTok that brings more interest to the art world!

What is your Tiktok about?

My dad and I love creating TikToks together because not only is it fun, it’s also a way of spending precious time together and bonding with one another.

How much do your TikTok video ads cost?

That depends, I would say because we don’t post that many TikToks we aim for quality over quantity, so our videos end up becoming quite viral. One full TikTok ad could cost between £450-£1000. But it REALLY depends.

What is your engagement rate?

I think we have a rather high engagement rate as we aim for quality over quantity.

How often do you post?

A couple times a week. Whenever we get the time or feel a boost of inspiration. Normally about 2-3 times a week.

Do you have other social media channels?

Yes we have Instagram. My fathers art account is @dimaccio.graphics. And my personal account is @monalisa.dimaccio.

Where do you edit your TikToks?

On the TikTok app itself. Unless we are doing a specific video that requires more editing like animating the faces of my fathers painting for instance. Then I use Final Cut Pro X.

What is the secret of going viral on TikTok?

Aaaaah…yes….ummm haha not too sure to be honest. I don’t think anyone should aim to be viral. You should aim to create what you love whilst adding positivity to other people’s lives. And if virality comes with that…GREAT!

If this sounds interesting, then check out their TikTok channel here!


2. World.by.kseniia

Kseniia is originally from Ukraine but currently lives in London. Her TikTok is dedicated to sharing travelling tips from locations around London and occasionally the rest of the world.

Anything from an 1800-style trip around Greenwich to a James Bond exhibition, she tries to cover every area of the spectacular city of London.

She also recently shared videos from her travels to Austria, showing off the magnificent landscape.

If you want to learn more about hidden gems in London, go to her TikTok below.


3. Caressmd

Caress primarily makes TikToks about skincare and her experience with it. In her videos, she showcases different types of skincare products and how to apply them.

She also shares her experiences with poor quality products that damaged her skin and which products she believes you should avoid.

If you want to learn more about the best (and worst) skincare products, check out her TikTok below.

What is your Tiktok about?

My account is mostly about my skincare journey and I try to create content that is educational and entertaining.

How often do you post?

I try to post a few times a week but it’s sometimes more and sometimes less. I usually will get an idea and film and post then and there if I can.

Where do you edit your TikToks?

I usually edit the videos in bed with a snack and a Netflix show in the background.

What is the secret of going viral on TikTok?

I don’t think there is a secret to going viral I think you just have to create content you enjoy and think other people will benefit from. Following trends is a great way to increase your chances though.


4. Iamadzz

Iamadzz posts mainly funny videos like sketches and such on his account.

He makes many different types of sketches. This includes various trends that are going around TikTok. It also includes using soundbites for entertaining videos.

Adz always brings positive energy to his videos and generally tries to make the world a little more fun.

If you want to have some fun, check out his TikTok below.



5. Gavin.wren

When you think about TikToks about food, what do you picture? A nice steak is sprinkled with salt? Or perhaps a delicious cheesecake?

Well, forget all of that for now.

Gavin creates TikTok about food policy and how to make an ethical choice when shopping for groceries.

He also makes TikToks educating people on the differences in food products and general knowledge about food.

If you want to learn more, check out his TikTok below!


6. Cazzatime

Cameron is a TikToker who focuses mainly on educating his viewers.

He makes educational videos on finances and career-building, paving the way for young people to get an edge on their way to being an adult.

His TikToks are set up as a conversation with himself to make it more engaging for the viewer to watch.

If you have any doubts about finances or your career, check out his TikTok below!

What is your Tiktok about?

My TikTok is all about educating my audience on important and useful information that I already know, or that I have recently learnt myself. I really enjoy teaching people about things that were useful to know when I needed them, or that will be important to understand in the future.

How much do your TikTok video ads cost?

The cost of a collaboration or promotion is greatly dependent on the terms of the agreement; however, I only associate with brands that I would use myself, or currently use.

What is your engagement rate?

My engagement rates vary depending on the content which I upload, not every video will go viral and that's something every creator needs to understand, and that's partly a result of the way in which TikTok algorithm operates. I only upload videos that I enjoy creating, hence, whether a video gets 1,000,000 views or 10,000, it doesn't matter to me massively.

How often do you post?

My upload rate varies week-to-week; the number of videos I post every week depends on how many ideas I have, as well as the amount of free time I get at the end of the day. My schedule has become a lot busier since graduating from University, but I still try my best to make time for my TikTok account.

Do you have other social media channels (and why)?

I also have an Instagram account, however, this is mainly for personal use rather than for TikTok. I use my Instagram mostly for interacting with people I know and content that I enjoy.

Where do you edit your TikToks?

I edit my TikToks using Splice; it is very simple to use, and offers many editing features which make it ideal for editing TikToks.

What is the secret of going viral on TikTok?


7. Harry_bosh

Harry has appointed himself the CEO of gliding, and it is not the kind of gliding in the air like a maniac!

Using a product from the company Wonderglide, he has slid (or glided) into the FYP of many people on TikTok. While it may not be the original purpose for the product, Harry has several videos showing him attaching it to his shoes.

He then slides on different surfaces to show off the efficiency of the product!

How much do your TikTok video ads cost?

I charge £250 for a sponsored post with having over 260k followers.

What is your engagement rate?

In the past 7 days, I've had a good engagement rate. 4.5m video views, 40k profile views, more than 408k likes and more than 2.5k shares.

How often do you post?

Few times a week. As many as I have time for.

Where do you edit your TikToks?

I just mainly edit my videos on TikTok itself!

What is the secret of going viral on TikTok?

I have no clue what the secret of going viral is haha, I guess you have to be original and do something that you haven't seen before.

See it for yourself on his TikTok page here!


8. Typebeat_

A vibe is something difficult to describe. You either feel it or, you don't.

Well, Typebeat has created hundreds of videos showcasing different vibes and aesthetics for people to experience.

Their videos typically include different aesthetically pleasing images with a lo-fi beat playing in the background. They involve different scenarios or questions for the viewers.

If you are into specific aesthetics and vibes, check out Typebeat_ below!


9. Ringmybells

Ringmybells creates TikTok videos about fashion and adventures from her life. She makes fashion haul videos showing off her latest purchases and how she would style them.

She also makes OOTD, or Outfit Of The Day, videos where she showcases her different outfits.

If you want to learn more, go to her TikTok below!



10. X28sarahmep

Sarah Mepham primarily makes videos about cars.

And that is not so surprising, considering she's a car sales executive at a dealership!

She shares anything from funny short videos to videos about her loving Mercedes. I think it is also safe to say that she is not the biggest fan of BMW.

If you are a car lover like Sarah, then check out her TikTok here!


11. Xenia

Xenia's list of achievements is almost as extensive as it can be. Among other things, she has a bachelor degree in economics, she speaks 6 different languages, she is a model, an author and a public speaker.

She mainly makes TikToks about her experiences to help other people become a better version of themselves. She shares motivational videos and life advice.

She also occasionally shares funny and entertaining sketches!

So do yourself a favour and check out her TikTok below!


12. Bobiwilliams_

Bobi is a fashion influencer sharing different outfits and combinations. She also makes both funny sketches and relatable videos.

Occasionally she shares videos from her personal life, going out with her friends or videos of her and her boyfriend!

If you want to learn more, check out her TikTok here:


13. Kateehutchins

Katee is in the TikTok fashion category, sharing her knowledge of fashion with her viewers. She makes different outfit videos for her audience and gives inspiration for them to style their own outfit.

Katee is descriptive with her outfits, often explaining which situations they fit for and how to style different pieces of clothing.

If you want to check out her outfits, go to her TikTok below!


14. Mollybrooks21

Molly shares different videos in the genres of Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle.

She shares videos from her everyday life, showing her food, her activities and different adventures. She also shares videos from her travels, filming the landscapes and the different cuisines she experiences.

If you want to see Molly's videos, check out here TikTok below!


15. Evie

Evie is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle TikToker.

She shares different fashion tips and beauty routines. She also makes travel videos and shares videos of her and her friends having fun.

Evie has her own fashion brand called Neomie.

If you want to learn more about Evie, check out her TikTok below.



16. Jaro.london

Jaro makes TikToks about makeup and the different applications.

He makes a variety of creative videos in different styles that are always surprising!

He also gives away tips for his viewers to do it themselves!

If you want to learn more about makeup, then check out the king below!


17. Imdanielsimmons

Daniel makes videos about men's fashion, occasionally sharing other tips and tricks such as camera poses. He makes a lot of videos showing outfit ideas and how to properly style them.

He also occasionally shares videos of his own wardrobe and his favourite pieces of clothing.

If you want to learn more about men's fashion, check out Daniel at the link below!


18. Daniellemarcan

Danielle is a self-proclaimed makeup guru wannabe.

Her account is mainly focused on sharing different types of makeup styles. She also occasionally shares short videos of things like her personal life and such.

Her makeup videos often include a specific theme. This theme helps her viewers understand which occasions the style fits for.

If you want to check out tips from the makeup guru, go to her TikTok here:


19. Daliawainx

Dalia makes videos about university and London lifehacks.

She shares different tips and tricks on how to save money when you are on a tight budget. She also shares videos about cool places to visit around London, including cool dating spots and restaurants.

What is your Tiktok about?

My TikTok is about helping everyone find the best spots in London! I know how expensive living in London can be but I don’t want that to stop everyone from enjoying the best city, so I like to post some hotspots and hidden gems for everyone to discover, especially those on a student budget. I also like to make the occasional fashion post because the fashion in London is one of the best reasons to live here 🤩

How often do you post?

I try to post a couple times a week but sometimes I don’t always have the time as I also work full time in a hospital.

Do you have other social media channels (and why)?

I’d love to start a YouTube soon where I can make slightly longer videos, and I’d like to start making my videos more personal so my followers can get to know me a bit better.

What is the secret of going viral on TikTok?

I’d say the secret of going viral on tiktok is to create something shareable – the sort of video you’d send to your best friend saying ‘let’s try this’!

If you live in London and want to know of hidden gems and the like, then check out her TikTok below!


20. Elisabethhuijskens

Elizabeth makes fashion and lifestyle videos.

She shares videos of her everyday life in London and the different adventures she is up to. She also shares different fashion videos like her capsule wardrobe videos.

She also has a Master in Communications for Social Change and founded her own company at 15 years old.

If you want to learn more about Elisabeth, check out her TikTok below.


21. Sarah_ann.f

A Tik Tok list can't be complete without a dancer. And the talented Sarah is a great person to end this article on!

Sarah creates a variety of different dancing videos, doing her own choreography.

She occasionally shares videos of her dancing alone, but she also shares videos of her and her friends doing different dances.

If you want to check out Sarah's dancing videos, go to the link below.


Closing thoughts:

Whether you are looking to be entertained or learning how to better dress, this article features a little bit of every genre.

So there you have it, the most exciting TikTokers in London in 2021.

If you want to learn more about creating videos yourself, you could start by learning the basics from our article on Filmmaking 101.

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