As society gradually opens up in Denmark during the coronavirus pandemic, the film industry is one of the first to set off again. But before you grab your camera, just hold on a minute and read through the lines below.

Getting started — it has to be done by the book

Besides Sweden, where the restraints during these times have been minimum, Denmark is the first to take baby steps towards re-opening the society, and now to give creativity a chance as well. However, it has to go by the book — most precisely, the New Rule Book.

The Swedish production house Hobby Film appreciates this situation to be a great advantage for you and the rest of the local producers, as it can be a time when different international industries will consider Scandinavian film making.

The New Rule Book

Hobby Film has put together a Nordic Film Guide in accordance with the local government and health officials. However, while reading, you have to keep in mind that the list is based on the general health safety guidelines. Until further industry-targeted solutions will be elaborated, the common goal is to revive the industry under as safe as possible measures.

  1. Individual responsibility
  2. Group responsibility
  3. Implementation
  4. Travel information

1. Individual responsibility

It all gets down to mutual respect considering the current situation and following the hygiene requirements that need to be fulfilled for the sake of others and ourselves. As in any other circumstances, while on set, you have to:

2. Group responsibility

Production companies where bigger teams carry out projects are responsible to follow two main directions: social distance & certain hygiene measures.

Social distance

  • People must have the possibility to maintain two meters between each other;
  • The number of people on the set has to be reduced as much as possible, and in accordance with the available space in the shooting location;
  • Arriving on set is recommended to be planned so that no groups are formed at the entrance.


  • Government’s guidelines regarding hygiene need to be followed;
  • Alcoholic hand sanitizer needs to be made available at entry points and common areas;
  • Any person showing the slightest signs of illness, or who has dry cough, fever, muscle pain, and sore throat will not be permitted to join the set.

3. Implementation

Among the practical recommendations that the Nordic Film Guide gives, we can list the main ones that have to be provided by production companies:

  • hand sanitizer + masks (for situations when social distancing is difficult to maintain, but not as a substitute for social distancing);
  • interior spaces need to be ventilated;
  • scenes that imply larger groups of people are not permitted;
  • strict guidelines for food need to be checked before bringing any on set;
  • all common areas and video village are recommended to be set up outside.

4. Travel information

“Non-essential travel should be avoided to aid the government containment and tracking efforts — both in Sweden and Denmark, as well as in your country of residence.” The Guide recommends that the agency or client supervises the shoot remotely. More information about this can be read on the Nordic Film Guide platform & World Health Organization travel advice section.

To sum up

  • It’s the time to think creative and catapult local film production into international markets;
  • Social distancing needs to be maintained, and whether you’re a filmmaker or a production house, you have to be able to offer that;
  • Shooting is ideal in open air, while for interiors a distance of 4m² around each person needs to be maintained;
  • Creativity plays a great role in planning the production workflow as well, not only the project in itself;
  • Stick to the government rules so that we all fight together towards minimising the spread of COVID-19 in all circumstances.

Now you can get it running. If you consider renting gear for your next project remember to read our recommendations for sharing gear safely.

For any queries you may have related to the New Rule Book and the film production workflow, the Nordic Film Guide invites you to send your thoughts here.

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