Interested in earning a little cash or perhaps spending a little? We get it, it’s not only Jordan Belfort who enjoys the circle of trade – we all enjoy the occasional shopping spree and then hauling in the money we spend one way or another.

Enter: peer to peer camera rental.

Whether you want to rent out your gear or pick something up – peer to peer camera rental houses are a great option.

What separates peer to peer camera rental houses from the regular rental houses? Well, if you noticed the peer to peer-part you already have a pretty good gist. These types of rental houses build a community around their members, where they can connect and evolve their creative possibilities and skills together.

If you’re either a person who recently bought a high-end camera and is looking to earn a little money on the side or a person looking for high-end equipment for an upcoming project that doesn’t break the bank. Here are 10 online marketplaces, where you can do just that.


KitMapper was established in London by artist and curator Dave Charlesworth. They provide production services, such as design and installation for both medium- and large-scale creative projects, as well as, kit hires.

Alongside their kit hires, they also specialize in supporting emerging creative talents. They aim to support beginners who work within a small budget and employ these young designers and artists to help foster a career in the creative industry.


Cammunity set out to be the go-to marketplace in helping creatives create. They offer secure peer-to-peer camera and equipment rental, through a platform where their members can connect and benefit from sharing not only gear but advice and potential opportunities within the community.

Within Cammunity you can also look for various freelance positions. Verified members can post jobs listing on the platform with relevant information about what sort of freelancer and with what skillset they are looking for – if you’re just that one, you can apply and negotiate a rate which works for both of you.

Cammunity also offers location hire. Select the space you’re after, book the time you need and start creating. This also goes the other way if you’re a landlord who would like to make some extra cash you can enable creatives to shoot some amazing vantage places.

To get access to any of these features, you will need to sign up on their page.


FriendWithA is a marketplace set up to connect creative of all sorts, including outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. Who then can share their gear between each other.

FriendWithA isn’t only limited to camera gear but also has a broad selection of rental items, such as electric skateboard, snowboarding and bicycle. You can find their broad selection of items on their site.


Sharegrid is another peer-to-peer camera sharing community. If you’re already familiar with ridesharing and home-sharing concepts such as Uber and Airbnb this is probably not new territory. They are a U.S. based marketplace for sharing, buying and selling film and photography equipment as well as studio space, locations and production vehicles.


KitSplit operates a large network of production houses and individuals looking to rent or lend camera equipment. They recently acquired CamerLends and now serve a huge community of artists and filmmakers.

They have a large arsenal of equipment ready to rent and offer on-demand delivery and pickup. You can read more about their rental concept on their site.


Since it was founded in 2007, Borrowlenses has grown to become one of the biggest players in the industry. They now deliver to all 50 U.S states and offer local pick-up at several local camera stores. They offer a selection of high-quality gear, such as cameras, lenses, lighting kits, audio equipment and production support systems. You can read more about their rental process on their site.


Just like many of the above-mentioned rental houses, Fatllama focuses on the concept of peer-to-peer rental. However, unlike many of the above sites, Fatllama offers various rental opportunities, such as sewing machines, electric scooters, and of course, camera equipment. They have created an app for you to get easy access and easy overview of their range of rental opportunities. Check out their site for more information.


Joymode is mostly focused on renting out to retailers or brands with long-term gear needs. If you’re part of a brand or a retailer and in need of camera gear you can contact them on their site and see how they can help accommodate your specific needs.


And just to wrap this up real nice… Wedio.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming, ha.

Much like our fellow camera-geeks mentioned above, we specialize in peer-to-peer camera rentals. So, you can either access your needed gear cheaply and effective or, if you want to rent your gear out, give you a nice little extra cash flow – safe and completely insured. Our focus is on our awesome community of Wedio members and to keep doing our best in keeping their great stories alive.

Psst… We have also just launched the world’s first subscription for professional camera equipment.

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