Think outside the home!

Or rather, think secret gardens, stunning cathedrals and grand music halls.

We've asked 10 professional photographers where they go to do the deed.

The result? A long list of some of the best photoshoot locations in London you can try out. So, read on and get ready to pack your camera bag and get that perfect shot of yours.

1. The South Bank & Borough Market with Kristian Leven

Looking for an iconic photoshoot location in London? Photographer Kristian Leven might just have the spot for you.

Best location for photo sessions in London

What is your favourite photo shoot location in London?

South Bank
South Banks as one of the best photoshoot location in London

What unique places do you find for your photoshoot?

Borough Market
"My recommendation would be to arrive super early before the crowds swarm the area. If you do, you'll be richly rewarded."
Borough Market is one of the best location for photography shoots

2. Hacknet & Walthamstow Marshes with Marcus Hessenberg

Once a city boy – always a city boy. Photographer Marcus Hessenberg brings us his choice of best photoshoots location that you can find in London city.

What is your favourite photo shoot location in London?

Hackney Walthamstow Marshes
Find the best photo location in London at Walthamstow Marshes
One of the best photoshoot locations in London at Hackney

Find more of Marcus Hessenberg's work at his website or his insta :mh_photos_london

3. City of London with Stuart Bailey

Stuart Bailey is a London based commercial, advertising, and lifestyle photographer.

He started his professional photography career in 2015 when he was working as an in-house photographer for the commercial airline British Airways.

In December 2019 he made the move to go freelance and start his own commercial photography business in London, and has since done work for some of the top creative agencies in London and large international and national clients.

To check out some of Stuart Bailey’s work visit his website, or Instagram.

Closing thoughts

Hopefully, you've found one (or five) locations fitting for the atmosphere you want to convey on your next photo shoot.

Not enough to fill your photography bleeding heart?

Discover some of London's top video creatives spill the tea on their favourite film locations in London.

Ps. You might want to hit that quickly; you might not be the only one reading this article, after all.

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