Live streaming has gained ground with the Covid-19 pandemic, and it seems like it is here to stay. Hybrid meetings, live conferences, live music, and more seems like it's a part of the future.

In this article, we have gathered the best live streaming production companies in Denmark there is right now. We want to celebrate their hard work and dedication to the field.

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1. NEP

NEP is a Danish broadcasting and live streaming company. Based in Copenhagen, they have over 20 years of experience producing broadcasts.

They have previously produced the Danish version of Dragon's Den and broadcast for the national football league 3F Superligaen.

They use this experience with TV production in their live streaming service. They primarily provide live streaming for corporations in many varieties.

They have live-streamed for the Danish Parliament and the eSuperliga. So it's safe to say that they have made some of the biggest productions in Denmark.

Learn more about their work on their website below.

2. Mediehuset København

Mediehuset København is a production company based in Copenhagen. They are also featured on our list of top live streaming companies in 2023.

Mediehuset provides live streaming and public institutions. Their services help their clients with spreading their message to their audience. It also helps their clients create debates and allow for a broader audience in general.

They have previously worked with national institutions of Denmark, producing meetings and live speeches about medical services.

Learn more about them and their work on their website.

3. NG Media

NG Media is a danish live streaming and video production company based in Copenhagen. They provide every type of video production service.

They have a lot of experience with live streaming, having produced 92 sessions currently. They have worked with lectures, festivals, award ceremonies and more.

They have previously worked with brands like Netflix, Vice, Sony Music and Novo Nordisk. They also produced the live stream of TEDxKEA.

You can learn more about them on their website below.

4. GotFat

GotFat is a film production company based in Aarhus. They make everything from documentaries to tv-shows.

They also provide live stream services for companies. They utilise their extensive knowledge in film production to make the best setup. They provide everything from a single-camera stream to a ten camera job.

They have previously worked with ECCO Shoes, where they produced a week-long online conference for them. It included, mainly, live streaming of different talks but also pre-produced video content.

Check out their website below to learn more about them.

conference live

5. Copenhagers

Copenhagers is a production company that works with anything video.

Their live streaming production works as a multi-platform setup. Copenhagers have previously worked with Red Bull for their Red Bull Music live show.

There they provided live coverage of the concerts and broadcast it to those who couldn't be there. Other than Red Bull, they have worked with Louis Poulsen, BMW, B&O and Rai5.

Check out their website below.

6. Copenhagen Streaming

Copenhagen Streaming is a Danish live streaming production company based in Copenhagen. They have over 19 years of experience working with live streaming.

They can do anything involving live streaming from 24/7 streaming, provide internet connection, stream on the relevant platforms and cater to mobile users.

They have previously worked with brands like Danske Bank, Danmarks Radio and Mærsk.

You can check them out on their website below.


PSAL, or Pro Sound And Light, is based in Herning. It provides both live streaming services and AV equipment.

They are experienced with every kind of live event, from conferences to theatre plays. Basically, everything that requires an AV setup.

They have taken this experience into their live streaming service and used it to enhance their productions. They can help make webinars, meetings, launches and more.

They have previously worked with the fan club of FC Midtjylland to provide a live stream for their fan forum.

You can learn more about them on their website below.

8.  CLSS

CLSS or, Copenhagen Live Stream Service, is another of the Danish live streaming companies based in Copenhagen.

It was formed in 2007 by Søren Pingel, and they provide live streaming and WEB-TV shows. All of their services revolve around live streaming.

They have previously worked with ISS and covered their NASDAQ listing. There they provided the services in cooperation with another company. They have also worked with the Danish film award "Robert" and the Danish Reality-Award shows.

You can learn more about them on their website.

9. Live Company

Live Company is a Danish company based in Skovlunde with years of experience with live services. They have helped make concerts, conferences and parties.

They also provide live streaming services and have a great variety of production sizes available. They can produce with anything from one webcam to a multi-camera setup.

They can also stream to countless live streaming platforms, so you can reach the right audience.

Learn more about them on their website below.

Closing thoughts:

We have now gone through the best live streaming companies in Denmark right now. I hope you enjoyed the list and found some inspiration for your next streaming project.

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