In 2005, Youtube was launched. Today, 16 years later, The YouTube channel is the second-largest search engine globally.

YouTube has more than 2 billion active users and more than 50 million subscribers, making YouTube a perfect social platform to communicate with the rest of the world.

This article will teach you how to film, set up, and publish your first video on YouTube with these 11 practical strategies.

If you're completely new to the YouTube universe, let's take a step back and ease into it and learn how to become a YouTuber.

11 Effective Strategies to Create a YouTube Video

Here are 11 effective strategies to make the most successful YouTube video.

1. Decide on the type of video content

Decide on the type of video content you want to produce

The first thing you need to do is decide what type of video content you would like to have in your YouTube video.

Video content is any content format that features or includes a video. The most common form of video content comprises vlogs, live videos, webinars, and recorded presentations.

2. Perform competitor research

When learning how you make a YouTube video, it's essential to research your competitors.

Look at how your competitors use video content in their marketing strategy and then use it as inspiration to create your own.

If you want to make it easy for yourself, create a list of every competitor, review their YouTube channel, find their strongest and weakest sides. Take a look at what videos have the most views, what makes the successful videos stand out from the other videos with fewer views.

This process will help you understand what appeals to your audience before spending time and resources creating your content.

3. Perform keyword research

While researching your competitor's market, notice what keywords they use. The Youtube keywords research is an SEO tactic that includes using the best search terms in your video content.

When you add search terms to your video title and meta description, you can improve your performance. Start by thinking in the same way as your audience and who you want to compel to.

What would your audience search if they wanted to see your YouTube video? What do they need to know? What will they learn from your video?

Do some research of your own by searching for those keywords on YouTube. If you see videos from your competitors, you know you're on the right track.

4. Pick the idea, script it & create a shot list

Write a video script

When making the perfect YouTube video, it is crucial to pick the right idea, script it and create a shot list.

When writing your idea down, draft a rough script with an intro, your main point, and an outro. Keep in mind that the viewers lose their patience quickly, so you need to state the purpose of the video fast.

Do yourself a favor and make a shot list; it will map out precisely what will occur and what will be used in your video. You can use it as a checklist during filming or when you are done filming.

If you publish your script in the video's description, your viewers will be more likely to see your video when searching on keywords.

5. Include an attention-grabbing intro and compelling outro

A YouTube video should always have an attention-grabbing intro and compelling outro.

Today's viewers are very particular about what they are looking for in a video, and therefore you have to grab their attention in the first five seconds. You could start with a preview like," today, I'm going to show you how to….." That will give the audience confidence to think they found the right video.

Or else start your video with a question. Asking your viewers to think about the specific topic is a great way to prepare them to hear more. When you speak, use descriptive words; creating a picture in the viewers' minds can make them feel connected when pointing out something important. When speaking facts, use statistics, and most importantly, encourage questions from your viewers. This will make them feel like a part of something bigger.

A compelling outro is a captivating conclusion. Summarize the main ideas, appeal to the reader's emotions, and include a strong closing sentence. Compel your viewers to take action, for example:" visit my website to read more about…" or" Subscribe to my channel to keep up with the latest news about…", or something else where they take action.

Just make sure that you don't leave the viewers hanging at the end.

6. Select your filming location

Choose a location for filming YouTube video

When you are filming, it's essential that your setting supports your content.

Find somewhere quiet to film where the environment matches the goals and story of your video.

7. Setup your video recording equipment

When filming a YouTube video, it is vital to have the right equipment.

Your laptop usually has an integrated webcam. Webcams tend to have poorer quality than a standard video camera, but they'll do if you don't have anything else. If you want mobility in your YouTube video, a smartphone would be ideal, but use a video camera if you want a video with high quality. Video cameras often have better display quality than smartphones and webcams.

Find great lighting

Before filming, make sure you have plenty of light. Your viewers need to see what or who you are filming. If you are recording yourself, face the light with the camera pointing towards you.

Capture clear sound with audio equipment

It's crucial to capture a clear sound when filming.

We've all tried to listen to recordings, where it's difficult to hear what the person in the video is saying. It's disturbing, and some will lose focus.

Therefore, your viewers should hear what you or the person speaking in the video. A built-in microphone may not be ideal to rely on. Consider buying or renting a microphone. It will improve your video's overall quality immensely.

If you can't afford it, just make sure to sit somewhere quiet, with no disturbing background sounds. Also, speak loud and clear and directly into the microphone.

8. Edit your youtube video

Edit your YouTube videos for best results

Now you've reached the point where it's time to edit your YouTube video.

First, upload your footage to a Dropbox folder. Assemble your clips in the order you want them. Cut anything you don't want to use. Select the best clips and drop them into your timeline. Keep cutting and rearranging until you feel it's right. Add interviews, photos, etc., in the video. Compile transitions, color correction, and audio adjustments. Add sound effects, music, title, or logo.

Now lean back on your chair and enjoy your video before uploading it.

If you want dedicated softwares to help you in editing your YouTube videos, check out our article of the best editing softwares for YouTube.

9. Upload your video on youtube

The first step to uploading your video on YouTube is creating an account.

After you have made your account, create a channel. It's not possible to upload a video on YouTube without a channel.

You need to customize your channel, name it, and upload a profile image, just like Facebook. Your profile is also a great place to boost your channel, so write some content that will include keywords to boost your SEO. This will hopefully lead to more viewers.

Now it's time to upload your video. Click on the video icon in the right corner, then press "upload video."

When you are finished uploading it, it's time to add the title, description, and tags.

10. Add title, description & tags

Type a title on your video in the "title" box, then a description where you briefly explain the content in the video, and at last, tags. For example, if your content is about Albert Einstein, write" Albert einstein." If it's about peace and love, write that in tags.

11. Select an eye-catching thumbnail

Attention grabbing thumbnail for YouTube videos

The last thing you should do is choose an eye-catching thumbnail. Something that will attract viewers and is compatible with the content of your video.

It would be a great idea to include the video's title in your thumbnail. In this way, there's a bigger chance to gain more viewers.

Learn how to become a YouTuber

If you found this article enlightening and want to learn more about how to become a Youtuber, press here.

For help in creating high-quality videos, learn the details of filmmaking and find ways to shine through the vast content on YouTube.

How to make a YouTube video FAQ

How to make a youtube video?

Create a YouTube video strategy. Choose the right topic, research your competitors, understand the market of the subject/message you want to film, captivate your audience, use the right equipment, create a channel, upload your video.

How to make a youtube video your ringtone?

Step 1: Download the video to your phone.
Step 2: Download GarageBand and Ringtone Maker in the App store.
Step 3: Open the Ringtone Maker App and press the plus sign to import the video.
Step 4: Press ”i” and press ”make it a ringtone”. It will not make it a ringtone, but the GarageBand app will open, and transfer the video.
Step 5: Press the inverted triangle and choose ”my song”, that will save the file/video.
Step 6: Hold your finger on the file and then press ”share”.
Step 7: Now you can save it as a Ringtone, call it whatever you like, now save it on your phone, and then press ”standard ringtone.”

How do you make a youtube video for free?

Making a YouTube video is still free and will not cost you anything.

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