Are you tired of struggling to look for clients or just starting out doing photography on a professional level? Then you need a portfolio.

A portfolio showcases your best work to make it easier to convince potential clients to go with you! Read this article to learn how to make a photography portfolio!

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What should be in a portfolio for photography?

When picking photos for your portfolio, you should select your best pictures and those that show your versatility.

Think of your portfolio as a marketing campaign for your work. Take the position of a person who doesn't know you or your work.

What can you show them in a couple of pictures that tell them everything they should know about your photography business?

That's what should be in your portfolio.

Photography portfolio guide

How many photos should a photography portfolio include?

It is difficult to give an exact number of photos there should be in a portfolio.

Some people have over 50 pictures in their portfolio, and some have around 10-20.

You have to remember that your portfolio should show off your best work and your versatility.

Your best option is to be critical in your selection and use fewer pictures. After all, the more pictures you include, the more you'll probably have some similar to others, which is redundant.

Potential clients most likely do not have time to sit through 50 pictures. They usually look at the top 10 and judge based on that.

How do I market my photography?

Find your niche or genre of photography, and stick to it!

It is much easier to find work if you specialize in, e.g., wedding or portrait photography than if you are all over the place.

When people look for a photographer for their wedding, they are looking for a wedding photographer specifically. This is not to say that you can't do different types of photography.

Still, if you work in several genres, creating several portfolios for each would be a good idea.

9 steps to create a photography portfolio

How to create a photography portfolio

1. Take plenty of photographs

The first step to creating a photography portfolio is to have something to choose from. So go out and shoot some photos.

If you do not have any clients, ask friends or family if you can use them as models. The more you shoot, the more you will have to show potential clients, and the better you'll get at your craft.

2. Make your artistic style unique

Try not to impersonate other photographers, but find your own unique style.

It is okay to be inspired by others, but one of the unique selling points of your photography brand should be your unique style. So try to find your style and stay consistent with it.

3. Consider your target audience

It is essential to consider your target audience when making your portfolio.

Suppose your target audience is people planning a wedding. In that case, your portfolio should show what you can do in wedding photography.

If your primary audience is actors looking for headshots, that's what you have to show!

Always try to put yourself in your audience's place, and consider what they would think when they see your portfolio.

4. Ask for others' feedback

Asking others for help is always a great idea.

You can ask your friends and family what they think about your portfolio. You could also ask fellow photographers what they think or even message clients what they think you could do differently.

Feedback is part of what improves your business, so use it!

How to design a photography portfolio

5. Make careful considerations

Make sure that you carefully consider what photos you put in your portfolio. Be critical of your own work, and really consider whether it fits or not.

It is also a good idea not to have too many similar images at the top. After all, if you've already shown the best, the others will pale in comparison.

Make sure your selection shows off your versatility because it gives your clients some reference points and signals that you're pretty darn good at your job!

6. Consider the order of your images

It is not only vital that you pick your best images, but it is also important to order them in the best way.

You can not expect your potential clients to look through your entire portfolio.

Remember, you're not the only photographer they're looking at! So make sure that your best images are near the top, making people instantly impressed with your work.

How to make a photography portfolio

7. Keep your portfolio simple and user-friendly design

Don't be too extra when designing your portfolio.

Make it simple enough so people can easily browse around your photos.

Remember, people are not there to judge your digital design skills; they are there to see your work.

8. Invest in high-quality prints

One way to sell your work is to invest in high-quality prints of your photographs.

This is a sign of your investment in your career and makes you carefully consider what images your portfolio needs to consist of. After all, printing pictures is no cheap task anymore.

Having a printed photography portfolio makes you look more professional and gives you something to show clients in real life that is much more personal than just showing them images on a computer screen.

9. Update your portfolio regularly

Make sure to update your portfolio regularly.

You do not want people watching your portfolio and seeing your most recent work is from two years ago. They'll think you stopped doing photography or don't care about your presentation.

It is also not crazy to think that you get better over time, and this growth is something you should show your potential clients. Try to always give yourself the best chance to get business.

Photography portfolio tips

Become a better photographer

I hope you learned a thing or two about how to make a photography portfolio. Hopefully, you're ready to give it a try yourself!

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How to make a photography portfolio?

1. Take plenty of photographs
2. Make your artistic style unique
3. Consider your target audience
4. Ask for others’ feedback
5. Make careful considerations
6. Consider the order of your images
7. Keep your portfolio simple and user-friendly design
8. Invest in high-quality prints
9. Update your portfolio regularly.

What should be included in a photography portfolio?

Your best work. Try to show your unique style and versatility in as few photos as possible.

Where can I create a photography portfolio?

Squarespace, Wix, Format, and Canva.

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