Are you tired of the hassles of deposits when renting film gear on Wedio? We have heard you loud and clear! We've rolled out a significant update — say goodbye to the hassles of default deposits!

We've Listened to Your Feedback: Deposits Have Been Removed

Your feedback has been invaluable. Acting on it, we've decided to remove the default deposit requirement, streamlining the rental process, and making it more user-friendly for everyone involved.

For Borrowers: Hire Film Gear with No Financial Barriers

Filmmakers, rejoice! With no deposits, accessing the gear you need just got easier. This update significantly lowers financial barriers, allowing you to focus on what truly matters — your creativity and projects.

Hire Film Gear with No Financial Barriers.
Hire Film Gear with No Financial Barriers.

For Lenders: Attract Clients with Ease

Our update is a win-win! You as a lender can now attract a wider range of clients. Removing deposits from the equation means your listings are more accessible, making it easier to attract new renters or bring over your existing renters to the platform.

You're in Control: Enable Deposits If You Prefer

We believe in flexibility. While we've removed default deposits, lenders who prefer to use them can opt back in. Just contact our support team, and we’ll tailor this aspect to suit your preferences.

Questions lurking? We thought as much!

Can lenders still charge deposits? Yes, this is now an optional feature. Just contact our support to enable it.

Why were deposits introduced and now removed? Deposits were initially introduced to provide security for lenders. However, to reduce the financial burden on filmmakers, we've now made them optional.

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