In this article, we feature the 10 best female directors in London right now. You can also check out our list of Top 7 Female Filmmakers in London.

So if you're looking for a director for your next project or perhaps inspiration for your work, then look no further.

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1. Amma Asante MBE

Amma Asante MBE is an award-winning director and writer.

Over the years, she has directed many exciting projects, and she is currently working on the movie The Billion Dollar Spy.

She won a BAFTA for the first film she directed, called A Way of Life.

She has won multiple awards for her work, and they speak for the quality of work she delivers time and time again.

Her work in film granted her the honour of being named an MBE by Queen Elizabeth II.

If you are interested in learning more, go to her Instagram or website below.

2. Anna Radchenko

Anna Radchenko is originally from Moscow in Russia, but she currently lives in London. London is also the place where she took her masters in photography.

She has since then moved on to directing films, and she creates short films, music videos, commercials and fashion films.

Her style is surreal, and she has worked with several big brands such as Vogue, Nike, Warner Music and Eurosport.

If you want to check out her work, go to her Instagram or website below.

3. Georgia Parris

Georgia Parris is a Director who has made several short films. In 2019 she directed her first feature film called Mari.

She has also directed five short films since 2012. A few of her movies are heavily inspired by a fascination with dancing.

She has previously mentioned that she is interested in the tensions of bohemian-leaning families.

If you want to learn more about her, go to her Instagram or website below.

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4. Abbie Stephens

Abbie Stephens is both a director and an animator, having worked professionally with films since 2009.

She has directed music videos, commercials, short films and, since 2012, fashion films.

With proficiencies in animation and filming, she can bring out the best of both worlds when needed. This makes for a magnificent cocktail in projects like commercials, where those two elements often intertwine.

She has worked with several large clients such as Nike and Playstation.

If you want to check out her work, go to her Instagram or website below.

5. Twinset

Twinset is a film director and cinematographer who works primarily with fashion, beauty and lifestyle films.

She has previously worked on dramas, indie films, documentaries, movies and so on. She has filmed with many big beauty brands such as Pret a Porter, Armani and Vogue.

Her adaptive nature leaves us guessing where she will go in the future, and we might just see her return to the big screen.

If you want to see more of her work, go to her Instagram or website.

6. Ali Alvarez

Ali Alvarez is both a filmmaker and a creative director.

She has worked in the creative industry for almost 20 years now. She has also worked as a filmmaker for 8 years now.

She has directed a few branded videos, but her main projects have been documentaries.

Before working on her first feature documentary Muerte Es Vida, she created several short documentaries. Muerte Es Vida won an award for Best Human Wildlife Interaction. It is the perfect projection of her passion for humanity and nature.

If you want to learn more about her, go to her Instagram or website below.

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7. Alice Felgate

Alice used to be primarily an actress, but she moved on to writing and directing as well.

She has written and directed two short films, Deuce and Little Hard. The latter is a film about mental illness and the monotonous suffering of a young woman.

If you want to check out more of her work, go to her Instagram or website below.

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8. Sharon Horgan

Sharon Horgan is a person with many talents. She is an actress, writer, producer and director, and has won multiple awards for her work. She co-founded the company Merman.

She stars in the tv-show 'Catastrophe', which she also co-writes. She has also guest-starred on shows like BoJack Horseman and Adventure Time.

Sharon currently has two directorial credits to her name, the latest for an episode of Modern Love. She is working on getting her feature film directorial debut. With her extensive experience in the film industry, I am convinced we will see way more of her directorial work in the future.

If you want to check out more of her work, go to her Instagram or company website below.

9. Annabel Jankel

Annabel has over 40 years of experience in the industry and has worked with several genres of film. She has worked with musical artists several times, counting names such as Massive Attack, Mary J. Blige, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Talking Heads.

In 2018 she directed the movie Tell It to the Bees, which won best feature film at Guadalajara International Film Festival.

Her project Max Headroom was groundbreaking for its time and stands as a cultural icon that still persists.

If you want to learn more about her, go to her Instagram or website below.

10. Ashleigh Jadee

Ashleigh started her career with photography, quickly gaining confidence with a camera in her hand. She has photographed several well-known artists like Skepta, JME and Wiley. She has also worked with several of the worlds biggest fashion brands.

She has not only photographed artists but also directed several music videos for various UK artists.

Her director career took off in 2019, where she started creating documentaries and short films. In 2020 she directed a short film called Blue Magic.

Check out her Instagram or website below to learn more about her.

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