Hey there! So you want to fly a drone but aren't sure what the rules are when flying a UAV?

Fear not, here we have collected the danish rules and regulations of flying drones outside your garden.

General rules for flying a drone in Denmark

The rules for flying a drone in Denmark follow the regulations set to apply throughout the European Union, including the United Kingdom and the other member states of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein).

The rules have been underway for a long time and started applying from 31 December 2020.

The rules are based on a risk-based approach, and different requirements are applicable depending on the risks posed by drone flight. It doesn't matter whether you are flying privately or for commercial purposes.

The new rules apply based on two distinct categories.

  1. Class of your drone, based on its technical characteristics. The different classes are C0, C1, C2, C3, and C4.
  2. Future manufacturers must mark the drone with its correct category. A category speaks to the specific flight manoeuvre you're undertaking with your drone. These are open, specific and certified.
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You have to have a drone certificate to fly a drone in Denmark and the EU. There are three different drone certificates, A1, A2, and A3.

  • A1 is for drones in the C0 and C1 (the smaller weight classes) and allows you to fly over people, though not crowds.
  • A2 is the professional certification.
  • A3 will enable you to fly the big drones, but not within 150 meters of populated areas.

You need to complete A1 or A3, allowing you to fly bigger drones in city areas. However, you still need to keep your distance from civilians.

For flying a drone that is not defined as a toy, you also need to register yourself as a drone pilot. The definition of a toy drone is:

  • A drone under 250 grams
  • A drone that doesn't have recording capabilities, i.e. a microphone or a camera.

Insurance is needed when flying a drone bigger than 249 grams and is recommended for drones of all weights.

You need to be 15 or older to fly drones in the open category.

When flying your drone, you need to have your drone certificate, registration license, and insurance papers on your person.

Be sure to research which classes and categories apply to your use of a drone and what kind of certificates, legal papers, and permissions you need if you use a drone in your filmmaking.

In the next part, we'll dive further into the specific rules for flying drones in Denmark and check out the differences between recreational and commercial use.

Rules for flying a drone for recreational use

You are an operator of a recreational drone if you're not using your drone for commercial purposes.

Even still, if you are flying recreationally, you have to register your drone (online), have a drone certificate, insurance, and you always need to maintain visual contact with your drone.

And you need to be aware of where you are allowed to fly.

When flying recreationally, you cannot:

  • Fly above 120 meters vertically,
  • Fly closer than 150 meters to populated areas, i.e. areas with people and roads,
  • Fly over people,
  • Take pictures,
  • Impede aircraft,
  • Fly in clouds or restricted areas,
  • Endanger persons or things.

Rules for flying a drone for commercial use

If you use a drone for commercial purposes, you will need the proper drone certificates and courses.

Only professional drone pilots are allowed to operate a drone with a camera, fly within populated areas and fly close to people. You also need insurance and permissions.

Rules for flying a drone in built-up areas in Denmark

With the new EU rules, there is no separation between land and city areas. Instead, it's defined as either populated areas or non-populated areas.

So when flying in the open category, you are not allowed to fly anywhere where you expect there to be people.

There is also a designated rule that states that you cannot fly within 150 meters of buildings and populated areas.

no drones allowed sign

Airspace restrictions in Denmark

The first step when you are getting ready for takeoff is to check out the online map "Droneluftrum" to ensure that you are in an area where you are allowed to fly.

Here are the general rules on airspace restrictions, though conditions may vary depending on where you fly.

You are not allowed to fly over fenced-in private property without the owner's consent, and you have to respect the right to be left in peace.

  • You have to stay 5 kilometres away from commercial airports and 8 kilometres away from military airports.
  • You have to keep a 150 meters distance from trafficked roads, importance on traffic. You are allowed to fly over roads if there is no traffic.
  • You have to be 150 meters away from an accident site to allow emergency personnel to work in peace.
  • You have to avoid susceptible natural areas; they are marked on the "Droneluftrum"-map.
  • You have to stay 50 meters away from ships and offshore sites unless you have permission from the owner.

Depending on the category you fly within, you have to keep your distance from other people.

In A1, you can fly as close as you want, and in A2, you have to keep at least 50 meters distance from people you don't know.

In A3, you need to stay 150 meters away from populated areas.

Basic guidelines Trafikstyrelsen wants you to know

  • You need to register as a drone pilot
  • It's recommended that you have insurance for your drone and required if it is heavier than 249 grams.
  • You need to fly below 120 m vertical
  • You must always have a line-of-sight on your drone
  • You must follow all regulations on photography in public and private places
  • Remember to check the local aviation authority's website and review all necessary rules and regulations before flying
  • Remember to use the app (Droneluftrum) or online map to figure out where you are allowed to fly with your drone
  • Pilots must be 15 or older
  • Remember your registration papers, drone certificate, and insurance policy

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So now you have had an introduction to the many rules and regulations of drone flight.

Remember always to check if there are any local rules you need to follow.

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Denmark Drone Laws FAQ

Where can I fly a drone in Copenhagen?

You are not allowed to fly a drone within 150 meters of populated areas unless you have the required certificates and permissions.

Are drones allowed to fly over private property?

You are, of course, allowed to fly all you want on your property. However, you can only fly on another person's property with the expressed consent of the owner.

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