Are you looking for the right corporate videographer to help strengthen your brand? Or are you here to find inspiration from your peers? Then look no further than this list, which goes over different creative individuals based in London.

Or get to know the ins and outs of a video production.

1. Leon Birger

Leon Birger has over 15 years of experience as a videographer, after graduating with a BA in Electronic Media Audio-Visual Production. Leon approaches each project with a new mindset, ensuring that he always gives 100% to his clients. He has previously worked on every type of project from Weddings to Music Videos.

Where can people find and hire you?

Using my website –

Where are you located in London?

Central London.

What are some of the best clients you’ve worked with?

Barratts, UEFA, World Remmit Bank, or Splento.

Is there a niche you focus on?

Product videography.

Check out his Instagram and his company website below.

2. Sergej Novosad

Sergej has experience handling several types of editing software, cameras, lighting equipment and audio equipment. Sergej has produced several videos for corporate events, meetings and conferences all over Europe. Sergej has a long list of videography jobs under his belt. One of the more commendable is his volunteer work for National Cat Adoption Centre, where he produces promotional videos for the cats.

Check out his Instagram and his website below.

3. Pav Giuliani

Pav Giuliani has a lot of experience creating beautiful wedding videos for his clients. He's also an avid drone pilot and has created several videos on his youtube channel from vlogs to tutorials. In February of 2020, he won an award for his 24 hours in London.

Check out his Instagram.

4. Khurum Khan

Khurum Khan specialises in both creating cinematic videos and photography. He has created several short cinematic videos of his travels, such as Morocco and Malta.

He has previously been nominated at the Raindance film festival for his short film "Musafir". He's also featured in our article about videographers.

Check out his Instagram and website below.

5. Simone Steenberg

Simone Steenberg is number five on our list of corporate videographers in London. She is a Danish videographer based in London & Copenhagen, who works with fashion, beauty and art. She loves to explore social issues as well as beauty ideals, and challenge the norms of society. She has previously worked with: Stella Magazine, Vogue Italia and Athina.

To see more of her work check out her Instagram and her website.


6. Matthew Somerville

Matthew Somerville is a director and videographer who founded his production company Sava Films in 2013. He has previously studied documentary photography, and he released a documentary in 2021, called Sava. He has used this experience to produce corporate documentary-style videos for his clients.

Check out his Instagram and his website below.

7. Max Thurlow

Max Thurlow has worked on documentaries for all major UK broadcast channels, as well as The Guardian, The Economist and VICE. He's also a licensed drone pilot, which he utilizes in his work. He loves getting the most out of contributors.

Where can people find and hire you?

What are your rates?

My day rate is 350 + kit.

Is there a niche you focus on?

I love working on all types of documentaries – from observational to reality to factual entertainment.

If you want to check out more of his work go to his Instagram or his website.

8. Matt Ben Stone

Matt Ben Stone is a videographer with a speciality in sports photography. A finalist in World Sports Photography Awards in 2021, Matt has created several videos documenting the sport of cycling. In 2018 he worked as the photographer in the Guinness World record attempt for the fastest bicycle. He has previously worked with brands such as McLaren, Hexr and Quoc.

Where can people find and hire you?

Where are you located in London and what are your rates?

I am based out of my studio in London Bridge, SE1. Rates depend on the project and deliverables on a case by case basis.

What are some of the best clients you’ve worked with?

I have had the privileged to work with the worlds best in sports and cycling from Specialized bikes to Mclaren Automotive, Vita Coco and Evans Cycles.

Are there any industries you specialize in?

I shoot within the sports sectors, in the studio, on location, moving image and stills. Shooting product still-life for clients, then out on location with there product shown in real world use.

Is there a niche you focus on?

A lot of my work is in the cycling sector where my passion blooms.

Do you have a special project you’d like to share?

A commission that will stay with me for a long time was in September, photographing Denise Korenek Mueller breaking the world speed record on a bicycle on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. The record was set during the Speed Week event, which is motorsport bucket list stuff. It’s an incredible place to visit, dead pan flat and rich sunlight makes for supreme conditions. It was a fantastic privilege to be embedded as the photographer for Denise, documenting her and the team’s time on the salt and the moment she broke the record. I still can’t believe it was/is an incredible feat- to be traveling at 184 mph let alone on a bicycle!

To check out more of his videos and photos go to his Instagram or website.

9. Andrew Broadhurst

Andrew Broadhurst focuses on photography and videography in the world of Fashion as well as doing Portraits. He has previously worked with brands such as Adidas, Specsavers and StockX. His work has been published in Indie Magazine.

Check out his Instagram or his website.

10. Fernanda Liberti

Fernanda Liberti is number ten on our list of corporate videographers in London. She was born in Rio De Janeiro but moved to London in 2013 to study. She takes inspiration from her upbringing, living between nature and a man-made metropol, she wants to explore the relationship between people and the ever-shifting environment. She has previously filmed an event video for RuPaul's DragCon in NYC.

To check out more of her work go to her Instagram or her website.


11. Gerard Puigmal

Gerard Puigmal works both as a Director of Photography and Camera Operator and has worked on films, TV, commercials and documentaries.  He has previously worked with brands such as Vodaphone and ESPN UK. He also worked as Director of Photography on the documentary "The Other Life Of Winston Churchill".

To check out his work go to his Instagram or website.

12. Maximilian White

Maximilian White is a freelance filmmaker who strives to create visually engaging content for his clients. He regularly travels to work on projects in different countries, exploring different cultures. Maximilian is trilingual and speaks English, French and Italian.

Other than creating videos he also writes about his experiences as a filmmaker on his blog.

He has previously worked with brands such as Microsoft, The Telegraph, Facebook & TESCO.

To learn more about him go to his website.

13. Julian Langham

Julian Langham produces, directs, films and edits videos for his clients in areas such as documentaries, theatre and more. He has more than 15 years of experience in video production. Utilizing this mixed with his passion for the technical and creative aspects of filmmaking, he creates high-quality videos for his clients.

Check out his Instagram or his website, where you're also able to find free video stock footage.

14. Nadya Gorodetskaya

Nadya Gorodetskaya is a freelancer from Novosibirsk in Russia, who moved to London in 2011. She has worked as a photojournalist in the past, before studying cinematography at the University of St. Petersburg.

She has experience working with things such as editing, filming and motion graphics.

To check out more of her work go to her website.

15. Paul Bates

Paul Bates is number fifteen on our list of corporate videographers in London. He specialises in genres such as corporate films, commercials and live streaming. He approaches projects with a passion for creating content that furthers positive social change.

He has previously worked with brands such as Nexus, Microsoft and Animal Aid through his company Paul Bates Studios.

To learn more about Paul Bates go to his Instagram or his website.

16. Chris Turner

Chris Turner is a freelance filmmaker who specialises in documentary-style videos. He's described as being a sensitive filmmaker who handles challenging situations well.

In the past, he has worked with brands such as Fujifilm, New York Times and Universal Music Group.

Learn more about Chris on his Instagram or website below.

Final thoughts:

Whether your needs lie within fashion or a documentary-style video for your brand, this list will help you find the perfect videographer for you. Are you more specifically interested in need of aerial footage, check out our list of Awesome Drone Pilots in London.

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