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Canon EOS C200


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Shoots beautiful Canon Cinema RAW Light

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The C200 makes a lot of sense if you're shooting weddings, events, or content for the web - its remarkable autofocus abilities, long record times to reasonably priced SD cards, and long battery life make it a great option for this filming niche. Additionally, the C200 is a fantastic option for independent filmmakers who want to shoot high-quality content with small crews without shelling out a ton of cash for a camera. Because of its compact, portable size, you can utilize the camera on gimbals and drones even if you can't afford an Arri Alexa Mini or a RED.


With all of its superb features, the C200 isn’t suitable for broadcasting, so if you’re looking for this capability, it’s better to get an alternative. We suggest three similar cameras to look out for at the end of this article.

A steller quality cinema camera

Canon is known for its stellar quality cameras, and with the C200 model from the cinema line, the brand just kept at it: ergonomics, features, and footage quality are as good as ever.

Keep reading this Canon EOS C200 review to discover what’s hiding behind the solid body of this camera, who will find it most appealing, and how it compares to the C70!

The camera world is indeed profound, and it’s easy to get lost if you don’t know a lot about gear. We are ready to help you out: consult this ultimate camera equipment guide to learn all about gear.

Product review photo of Canon EOS C200 by Wedio member, Lucas Pelizaro
Product review photo of Canon EOS C200 by Wedio member, Lucas Pelizaro

A pro-level camera

This Canon camera has practically all the features a movie camera shooter might want for $5,000, which is a great price for such a pro-level camera. The C200 can record to CFast 2.0 cards and makes the RAW process simple by requiring only a third of the storage capacity of uncompressed RAW. Additionally, this camera boasts exceptional low-light capabilities, a sturdy, dependable, ergonomic body with up to 10 stops of built-in ND, face detection, the Focus Assist feature, and the stellar autofocus of any movie camera now available.

You can always give Canon C200 a test drive - rent it through Wedio and decide if this camera is going to join your kit.


Compact and easy to carry around

Impressive autofocus

Awesome 4K footage

Can easily be used handheld

Great low-light performance

10-stop in-built ND

Decent battery life


No image stabilization

The menu system might take some time to get used to

No 120fps recording without crop

Canon EOS c200 in-depth review

Build and ergonomics

Compared to the C100, the Canon 200 is larger, weighs 1.43kg, and appears and feels more substantial. The body includes controls, an SDI out, and an XLR audio input. To get pro audio inputs, you no longer need to attach the handle as you had to do with the C100.

Product review photo of Canon EOS C200 by Wedio member, Lucas Pelizaro
Product review photo of Canon EOS C200 by Wedio member, Lucas Pelizaro

The design of the top handle unit is also updated. It may now be mounted to the body using two screw mounts, making it extremely sturdy. The LCD monitor, which is no longer affixed to the body's back permanently, is the design part that has changed the most. As an alternative, it can be positioned in various ways thanks to the attachment unit arm. It is now a touch screen as well, but if one wishes, it may also be used with buttons and a joystick.


For more accuracy, the focus point's size and location can be changed on the screen. Framing and focusing are now simpler than ever thanks to this update. If you prefer to shoot in Manual Focus (MF) but want to be certain the focus is exact and sharp, there are Face Detection and Focus Assistance functions. The touch screen may also be used to simply touch an area you wish to be in focus or even tap an object to lock focus on it while moving the camera.

Video capabilities

The C200 can capture images in full HD, Ultra HD, and 4K resolutions. It records footage in native Cinema RAW Light format at 4096x2160 for 4K (DCI) resolution and 8bit H.264 MP4 format at 3840x2160 for Ultra HD. The camera produces outstanding 12-bit RAW files - the quality is natural, the roll-off is gentle, and most significantly, there is a substantial amount of shadow data. Although the dynamic range of the Canon C200's RAW files may not quite match that of the Arri ALEXA, they nevertheless scream quality, making the camera an unquestionable high-end cinema tool that you should try.

10-stop ND filters

There are two distinct rotating filter stages on the Canon C200 which give a lot of versatility and a 10-stop ND filter. There’s no need for an additional filter: you can enjoy a shallow depth of field even in very bright sunshine thanks to this in-built feature. Additionally,  the properly balanced internal NDs allow for zero color shift.

When it comes to run-and-gun filming, these built-in ND filters are complete lifesavers since you don't have to screw on filters to the front of your lens. The ND filter really fits between the sensor and the rear element of the lens.

Product review photo of Canon EOS C200 by Wedio member, Lucas Pelizaro
Product review photo of Canon EOS C200 by Wedio member, Lucas Pelizaro


The battery for the Canon C200 is identical to that for the Canon C300 Mark II, and is available in two sizes. The BPA 60 is the larger one and lasts for almost four hours. The smaller ones last for approximately two hours.

Final verdict

The Canon C200 offers you a chance to capture 4K RAW for $5,000, and the fact that the camera can capture 60p RAW and up to 120fps in HD makes it quite practical. For many filmmakers, purchasing this camera is a no-brainer thanks to the rich package that includes superb features, great ergonomics, and stellar quality.
The C200 supports MP4 with a 150 Mbps compression rate, which is the same as the modern standard for entry-level consumer cameras, h.264. However, it might appear that this does not deliver high-enough quality for some experienced creators. As a result, this camera seems to offer features that are suitable for both high-end and low-end consumers, but there is a certain “void” in the middle-end users.

Canon EOS C200 vs. Canon EOS C70

Canon EOS C200

Canon EOS C70

Sensor size

24.4 x 13.5 mm

26.2 x 13.8 mm

Dynamic range

15 stops

16+ stops




ISO range



Max fps at 1080p






Capture type

Video only

Stills and video

Focus type

Auto, Manual

Auto, Manual







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Shoots beautiful Canon Cinema RAW Light

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Canon C200 a good camera?

This camera has practically all the features a movie camera shooter might want for $5,000, It boasts exceptional low-light capabilities, a sturdy body with 10-stop built-in ND, face detection, the focus assist feature, and stellar autofocus.

How old is the Canon C200?

Canon C200 was released in 2017.

Does the C200 shoot 4K?

Yes, the C200 shoots in 4K resolution.

Where to rent the Canon C200?

You can rent Canon C200 through Wedio - visit our main page for more information on gear rentals.

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Canon EOS C200 Alternatives

Canon EOS C70

The Canon EOS C70, with its hybrid design and incredible capability, both democratizes the world of movie cameras and provides experienced videographers with a new, small-but-powerful solution for indie and run-and-gun filmmaking. For anyone who shoots video professionally, the combination of the C300 Mark III's capability, the RF mount, and the touch input and ergonomics of a mirrorless camera is a compelling proposition. Read more

Buy at Wedio $70/day at Wedio

Canon EOS C300 Mark III

A pricier alternative to the C200, the C300 Mark III is a potent tool for cinematic productions with a Super 35mm Dual Gain Output sensor and up to 16 stops of high dynamic range for enhanced HDR recording and minimal noise. To achieve the most realistic color reproduction, the camera allows user-created LUTs that may be applied to display, LCD, or viewfinder, and comes with a mighty autofocus with face detection.Read more

Rent from $200/day

Sony FX6

The Sony FX6 is a full-frame cinema camera designed to deliver premium image quality in a remarkably compact and small form. It features great low-light performance, DCI 17:9 C4K video capabilities instead of just 4K, XLR audio, and built-in ND filters. All this at an affordable price - a good competition to the Canon C200.Read more

Buy at Wedio Rent from $120/day

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Shoots beautiful Canon Cinema RAW Light


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