What is burst mode?

Burst mode is a camera feature designed to take shots continuously to capture the perfect moment. It’s used often for action shots, such as wildlife or sports photography.

When activating burst mode, the photographer can choose the desired number of photos and the interval between. Then with one press of the shutter button, the camera takes multiple images, increasing the chance of catching that perfect moment.

When should you use burst mode?

Burst mode is a prerequisite for shooting sporting events or wildlife. In these cases, your subject won’t stand still for you, so you don’t want to leave anything up to chance! When you look to capture the perfect shot and you know you won’t have the chance for a do-over, this can be your solution.

It can also be your savior when it comes to taking pictures of bigger groups, pets, or children. Taking many shots at once will help you capture your subjects looking natural and at their best.

When should you not use burst mode?

Burst mode’s limitations come from the strain they put on your camera. Taking a great number of shots will fill up your memory card really quickly. Shooting in burst mode will drain your battery faster than single-frame shooting as well.

Depending on the processing power of your equipment, it might take a while for the images to be saved, forcing you to wait before taking more photos. You’ll also have to spend time manually reviewing the images and picking the best one. You can also use bracketing to take shots with different exposure that you can blend together later.

Burst mode can be a great tool for specific situations, but it shouldn’t limit your creativity. Make sure you don’t rely on it too much. Explore different techniques and find what suits your unique style best.